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Camping Basics: Cool Things to Bring Camping for Complete Fun

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In the times of hectic routines and a poor work-life balance, nothing rejuvenates you like camping with the family. Whether it is a weekend trip in the woods or a longer trip in the countryside, camping is a sure shot way to bring your family closer. There is no doubt about your camping trip being a source of joy. However, it is important to prepare a camping packing list because forgetting an essential item back home will cause discomfort. We have compiled a list of cool things to bring camping with you, and we believe that this list will be useful for everyone. In addition, we discuss the various ways by which you can plan and arrange a camping session with ease.

Gearing Up for the Camping Trip

The first step is to get things ready for the big day/ weekend. Here is a step by step guide to the things you need to plan and prepare weeks ahead:

  • Choosing a Day and Venue

It is difficult to predict the good weather, but camping grounds tend to get pre-booked for those seasons of the year when the weather is generally good. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a convenient and mutually suitable day well-ahead in time.

At this stage, it is also prudent to already choose the campsite. An ideal campsite will be in the proximity of a water body and a public restroom. A great way to shortlist a camping site is to read online reviews and asking people who have previously been to those sites. Once you have an idea about the camping site and the facilities available there, it will be easier for you to choose the cool things to bring camping along with you.

Camping with proper planning (source)
  • Confirm Availability with Family Members (and Friends)

Once you have shortlisted the dates and a suitable venue for camping, double check it with your family members and friends with whom you are planning to go. Confirmed participation will allow you to plan better and more efficiently.

  • Prepare the List of Items You Will Carry

People tend to put this step at the very end, but we feel that a list of essential items and supplies should be prepared well in advance. It should be updated or modified as-and-when you want. This way, you will get ample of time to think about even the trivial things to take on camping with you and enhance your camping fun.

Once you have done the three things mentioned above, it is time for you to start arranging for the items that are on the list. By the time your camping day arrives, you should have everything in tow. As you start shopping, you will find a lot of cool things to bring camping, even those that were not on your list. That’s why we asked you to modify the list when needed.

What are the Cool Things to Bring for Camping 

When you start arranging and packing your camping packing list, you will realise that there are two categories of these items. The first category is those items that are absolutely essential for your camping trip. Without these items, your camping is likely to suffer. The other category of items is of those that will make your camping more enjoyable and comfortable.

Let us start with the equipment and things that are camping basics and eventually we will move on to some latest and super cool things to bring camping.

1. Portable Cooking Arrangement

The first item that is on our list is basic equipment for cooking. After you indulge in some adventurous activities in the woods, hike or take a dip in the nearby waterfall, you will come back to the camp with a ravenous appetite. With a portable stove, it will be easy for you to cook a quick meal and satiate those hungry taste buds.

A portable cooking stove will also be handy when you need boiling water for making a refreshing cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Make sure that the fuel tank is refilled before you begin your trip. Because of its critical importance, the portable cooking stove features on the top of our packing list for camping. Don’t forget to make a list of the food items you want to carry for cooking! Perfect for pizza lovers, portable pizza domes like BioLitePizzaDome are among the really cool things to bring camping. This lovely little device uses twigs, fallen branches and small pieces of wood to generate heat and provides you with fresh pizza and bread. You can use the top for cooking hot meals. A really cool feature of this product is that it also has an attachment that lets you charge your phones and tablets. You may also bring your best camping grill along.

cooking stove
Cooking stove during camping

2. Sleeping Bags

The best way to spend a night outdoors is to sleep in a good quality sleeping bag. Regardless of the weather during the daytime, the temperatures tend to drop substantially during the night. This effect is even more pronounced outdoors in the open. Therefore, a good sleeping bag is the key to have a good night’s sleep away from your cosy bed.

When you go to a store to buy a sleeping bag, you will find that different models are categorized according to their comfort in different weather conditions. Each bag will indicate a comfort temperature rating and an extreme temperature rating. The comfort temperature is the temperature at which the bag will keep you cosy. The extreme temperature is the minimum outside temperature that allows the use of the bag.

Most experienced campers recommend carrying a foam mat along and putting it below the sleeping bag. This gives an extra layer of barrier between the cold ground and your body. Another cool thing to carry along with your sleeping bag is a warm blanket like the Rumple Down Puffy Blanket. 

sleeping bag
Sleeping bag

3. Lightweight Outdoor Tent

While sleeping under the stars is definitely a surreal experience, most of the times, the weather is capricious and doesn’t allow you this pleasure. Therefore, don’t forget to include an outdoor tent on your packing list for camping. These tents are good for keeping out cold wind, but generally, they do not serve you well in extreme cold.

If you find a tent that is specific for winters and are wondering what to bring for camping between the two tents, here is a tip. Unless your plans are to go camping at sub-zero temperature, an all-weather tent will serve you just right.

Also, remember that bigger tents that can accommodate multiple people take a significantly longer time to set up and remove. Sometimes, it is better to buy smaller tents than a big family tent. These days you also have the option of some super cool LED lit tents, for example, the Big Agnes Rattlesnake SL2 mtnGLO Tent, that allows you to play cards, read books and sort out your stuff inside the tent after dark.

4. Warm Clothing

Your camping packing list is incomplete without warm clothing. Regardless of the weather and season when you plan to go camping, it is always a good idea to carry enough warm clothing. This is because you just need one exposure to cold wind to ruin your health and spoil the camping experience for everyone. It is better to stay warm and cozy especially during night time. Thermal wear is one of the many cool things to bring camping because it can be your lifesaver in case there is a sudden dip in the temperature and is an essential for winter camping list too.

5. Portable Solar Powered Charger

If you are planning a camping trip that will last more than 2 days, then don’t forget to carry a portable solar powered charger with you. This is because you will need to charge your phone or GPS and this device will come in handy. A point to remember is that when you are outdoors, it gets pretty dark after sunset as there is no electricity. Make sure that the charger saw enough sun during the daytime!

6. A Torch Light or Headlight

This simple illuminating device will be important because there will be no other way of looking at things after sunset. Especially when you are in a remote, unknown forest, you definitely want to have a strong source of light at your command. A headlight gives you the advantage of keeping both your hands-free. You can thus do some activities like hiking or walk even after dark. 

Livingit Tip-
Make sure that you carry spare batteries. 

Headlight for night camping

7. Toiletries and Medical Supplies

Personal hygiene is not to be neglected when you are camping. Don’t forget to carry soaps, shampoos, deodorants, shaving kits and other essential items of grooming. Also, remember to keep your regular medication and a first-aid kit with bandages, antiseptic cream, painkillers etc. Also, don’t forget to add an insect repellent on your camping packing list!

Our list of things to take camping will now proceed to those latest, smart products that are very useful for outdoor trips. 

8. Ergonomic High-Back Chairs

While camping includes a lot of walking, swimming, and hiking, there are moments when you want to lit a campfire and sit around it. One of the camping tips that we would like to share is that stones and tree stumps are not the most comfortable things to sit on, hence, you should carry a high-back chair like the Eureka Curvy High-Back Chair. Your back will thank you for this.

Learn all about How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

high back camping chair
Enjoy on a high back camping chair (source)

9. Devices for Entertainment

To make your camping more fun, you could carry devices like the Braven BRV-XXL Bluetooth Speaker with you. This waterproof device has up to 14 hours of battery back-up and is ideal for outdoor trips. It enables you to play some foot tapping music as the whole family gathers around the camp-fire. Alternatively, play some romantic songs to woo your sweetheart once again. Keeping some playing cards, board games, books, a Kindle etc. is recommended if you are wondering what to do while camping.

10. Ice is Nice

Camping fun is impossible without ice storage box. Carrying a good quality chiller and ice storage box will ease your camping trip a lot. Not only will you be able to keep food fresh for longer, you will have a long-lasting stock of potable water frozen as ice. A very useful tip is to arrange the cooler so that the items that you need later are stacked at the bottom, and the items that are perishable and need to be eaten first are arranged on the top. This simple arrangement will save a lot of time when you prepare a meal.

11. Eating Utilities

Yeah, you don’t need fancy cutlery on a camping trip. But it is always good to carry camping cookware such as some plates, forks, spoons, and knives, in addition to cooking equipment like pots and pans. Unless you plan to eat processed food all the time, of course. A can opener and a Swiss knife are few other cool things to bring during camping.

Cookware Essentials 

12. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

There is no doubt that you are going to have a lot of fun on your next camping trip. But don’t forget those cleaning supplies and equipment like dish wash soap, spare garbage bags, scrub, rubber gloves, spare rags, and towels etc. An important camping tip is to leave no trace behind. Always clean the campsite before you head back, this way you keep the Mother Earth clean and easy for other campers to use.

It is not difficult to plan and execute a perfect family camping trip. With our camping tips and the above-mentioned cool things to bring camping, we are sure that your next camping trip will rock.