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20 Best Treks in India: Venture Out into the Wild!

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Don’t we all want to venture ourselves in the wild and see the magic that goes around in nature? In a vast country like India, there are so many beautiful trekking trails which comprise of both adventure and nature. Trekking in the Himalayas or for that matter in any region of India comes with its own unique experiences and this cannot be explained in words but can only be witnessed when you climb the peaks and enjoy the trail especially the best Treks in India! 

At times the happiness that one gets by sipping a hot cup of tea on a snow-clad peak and munching on piping hot savories or feasting on a plate of classic Masala Maggi has no competition to anything fancy that you do in your city life.

So if you are craving for the much-needed break then we suggest you eye for the mountains! We bet you will feel rejuvenated with just one visit (don't blame us if you get hooked on trekking the majestic summits and peaks of India). From picturesque landscapes, crystal clear waters, lush green forests to astounding heights and the amazing history these treks come along with, you would take umpteen memories and experience of a lifetime.

So gear up folks let's take you on a trek ride and give you a feel of what John Muir said-  

"The mountains are calling and I must go"

Trekker's Bucket List: 20 Best Treks in India


We plan to give you a glimpse of the top 20 best treks in India that you should plan with your fellow hikers soon. These treks are extremely popular and loved by the trekkers in the country. These treks vary in terms of remoteness, religions, difficulty, duration, and culture! So, let’s begin and take you closer to nature by listing the best treks in India:

1. Chadar – The Frozen Zanskar River Trek

Elevation- 11, 123 ft
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Enthusiast, Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- January to February

best treks in india
 Chadar Trek- Painting of Mother Earth

Want to conquest the Himalayas? Then start your trekking journey with the blissful Chadar trek! The ‘Chadar’ means a blanket in the local language and as the name suggests this place is a blanket of snow on which you can walk! The route to this surreal land would take you to a whole new world. Trust us, after a strenous trek the view will be a reward to your eyes and soul. 
Located in Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, this trek goes along the frozen river of Zanskar and gives you a glimpse of the ancient culture followed in this region. This trek is at an altitude of 3390mts. and takes about 9 days to complete it. The thrill of the trek is to walk on the frozen crystal-clear ice of the Tsarap River. The tranquility will make you forget the world around you and we strongly recommend a night camp under the starry nights with silence as your perfect company. The best season to do this trek is January to February. 

Did you know?
The Chadar trek is an endangered activity and within 5 years will cease to exist the way it is.

2. Kuari Tapovan Trek

Elevation- 4,264 ft
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Beginner, Enthusiast
Best time to visit- April to June and September to November 

best treks in india
Kuari Tapovan Trek- Enchanting Peaks

Nuzzled in the surreal region of Garhwal the Kuari Tapovan trek is a challenging yet triumph for avid trekkers. It is considered as one of the best treks in India and wouldn't you want to know why?

High on cultural values, when you walk on this trail you are literally walking under 7000+ peaks! The main attraction of this trek is the incredible Kuari Pass which is at a high altitude of 4264 mts. This trek is abode to fauna and on your way, you will meet a lot of musk deer and snow leopards.

Don't miss the fascinating stories by the locals that will transport you to a different world.

There are two seasons when you can do this trek: April to June and September to November. The duration of this trek is for close to 6 days and is easy to do.

Did you know?
This trek is also called as the ‘Curzon Trek’ as it is named after the Viceroy of India Lord Cuzron

3. Gangotri Gomukh Trek

Elevation- 4,464 ft
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) -  Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- May – June or August – October

best treks in India
Gangotri Gomukh Trek- A trek for nature lovers

If you have a long vacation and wondering where to go for your next long trip, then this is the ultimate destination!

The origin of Bhagirathi river, in the Gangotri glacier, marks the importance of this trek. Gomukh means ‘Mouth of the Cow’ and is a very sacred place. This trek along with the adventure also has immense holy sanctity. The milky white glaciers are surrounded with glorious mountains which are a total delight to watch. We bet you wouldn't want to leave this fabulous place! This trek takes a total of 12 days and its maximum altitude is 4464 mts. It's a moderately difficult trek and the best season to go is May – June or August – October. 

This trek is in the Uttarakhand state of India. The beauty of this high-altitude trek is that once you reach the summit, you will be at the Gangotri Glacier at Goumukh; which is the source of the holy river Ganges. You would be surrounded by frosted dense forest, vibrant flowers and of course the rare mountain goat! 

4. Nanda Devi Trek

Elevation- 4,150 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- May – June or September – October   

trekking in himalaya
Majestic Nanda Devi (source)

Want to push your limits? Then Nanda Devi is your go-to challenge!

This grandiose peak is the highest peak in the Garhwal region and 23rd highest peak in the world!

Wildlife lovers will love this as the visual treat of rich flora and fauna of the Himalayan region is outstanding. After the summit, you can visit the Nanda Devi National Park which is an abode of flora and fauna. 

Until the year 1934, the area around the peak and the gorge of the Rishi ganga river were the most inaccessible region in the Himalayas. There are two summits in this region – The main summit which is 7816mts. and the Nanda Devi East Summit which is 7434mts. While you trek here, you will be walking across many glaciers, streams and rivers which are in the foothills of Himalayas. While you trek here, you will be walking across many glaciers, streams and rivers which are in the foothills of Himalayas. This place is a treat for photographers from all over the world because of its enchanting beauty. The maximum altitude of this trek is 4150 mts. and it takes close to 10 – 11 days to complete this trek. This is a moderate to difficult type of trail and the best season to do it is May – June or September – October. 

5. Ladakh – Markha Valley Trek

Elevation- 5,150 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Beginner, Enthusiast
Best time to visit- Mid June to mid-October

trek the Himalayas
Escape the chaos- Ladakh – Markha Valley Trek (source)

This is one of the most popular trek in the Leh Ladakh region. This trek has sprawling fields of barley, wheat and mustard as you walk along. You will also see a lot of dry mountains, streams and villages on your way on this trek. This region has high Tibetan influence and on your way, you will also see a lot of Monasteries and will love every bit of it. This is a remote trek and is of moderate difficulty. This trek takes about 10 days to complete and is at an altitude of 5150 mts. The best season to do this is from mid-June to mid-October.

"Every mountain top is within the reach if you just keep climbing"- Barry Finlay

6. Roopkund Trek

Elevation- 5,150 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Enthusiast, Advanced
Best time to visit- mid-May to mid-June and September – October

best treks in india
Trekker's Paradise- Roopkund Trek

This trek is famous for the lake called Roopkund that has human skeletal remains in its bottom. Strange, isn’t it? It is said that the lake has over 500 skeletons which belong to the Palaeolithic age in it.

Roopkund trek is also very popularly called as the ‘Mystery lake’. It is believed that the skeletons found here are from the 12th and the 15th century and are of the heroes who fought for the nation. It is due to the cold and chilled weather that the skeletons have been around for so many years in this region. You can also find some animal skeletal structure around this lake. This is a trek that will make you cover a lot of thick forests and rivers.

This trek is remote and is on an altitude of 5029 mts and is home to vibrant birds! From lush green grasslands to ancient Hindu temples you can experience everything in just one trek! This trek is in the Uttarakhand district and takes about 1 week to complete. Its moderate in terms of difficulty and the best season to plan for this trek is mid-May to mid-June and September – October. 

7. Valley of Flowers

Elevation- 3,658 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Beginner, Enthusiast
Best time to visit- July to September

Valley of Flowers
Paradise of North- Valley of Flowers

As the name states, this high-altitude trek (3658 mts.) located in the Himalayas of the Uttaranchal region is home to a plethora unique and colourful flowers. This is a sight to watch as this floral valley is surrounded by mountains from all the sides. 

Want to know the USP of Valley of Flowers trek?

The rare and gorgeous Himalayan flower ‘Primula’ can be seen blooming here in plenty. Rich in flora and fauna, the other interesting sights in the valley are of orchids, poppies, calendulas, daisies!  Dense Alpine forests of Birch and Rhododendron are also seen in plenty here and are home to a huge and rare variety of butterflies, the Himalayan Black Deer, Snow Lepord, Tahr, Red Fox, Musk Deer and Serow. This is a sight to watch as this floral valley is surrounded by mountains from all the sides. Due to countless flowers, this place has an amazing aroma and makes this 6 days’ trek memorable! As this trek is remote there is no accommodation that this place offers and the difficulty level of this trek is easy to moderate. To see this beautiful heaven on earth the best time to visit it is from July to September. Visit the awesome paradise of  Valley of Flowers  right away!

8. Goecha La Trek

Elevation- 4,940 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- Mid-March to June and September to mid-November

Goecha La trek
Challenge your Limits Goecha La

This is a trek in the beautiful Sikkim region of India. The biggest attraction of this trek is that once you reach here you will see the third highest peak on earth Kanchenjunga! 

Goecha La trek is a paradise for nature lovers. Clear blue Himalayan water, scenic landscapes and snow clad mountain ranges, this trek offers whatever you want. Who can indulge in this trek? This is a high difficulty level trek but once you reach finish this 10-day long trek all your efforts will pay off well. The maximum altitude of this trek is 4940 mts and the best duration to visit this remote trek is mid-March to June and September to mid-November.

9. Stok Kangri Trek

Elevation- 6,153 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Enthusiast, Advanced
Best time to visit- July to September

Stok Kangri trek
Stok Kangri trek- The highest peak in India

Say hello to the highest climbable peak in India which stands tall at an altitude of 6153 mts.

If you want to rendezvous with your soul then this is the place to escape to! The majestic Stok Kangri is moderately difficult trek is situated in the Leh Ladakh region and takes a minimum of 9 days to complete. This is a remote location trek and the best time to plan it is between July to September. This trek is an ideal of experienced trekkers and you will see the majestic Himalayas on your way which is a beautiful sight that will be etched in your memory forever. 

10. Dodital Trek

Elevation- 3,310 meters
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Beginner
Best time to visit- April to November

Dodital Trek
Dodital Trek- Explore the beauty of Earth (source)

Novice trekkers this trek is for you! Have you and your buddies decided to head off to the larger than life mountains? Then book your tickets to Dodital!

This is an easy 1-week trek which is situated in the Uttarakhand district of India. The maximum altitude of this trek is 3310 mts. and it gets its name from the fresh water lake in this region. This is a holy place with immense traditional and cultural importance. The best season to visit this place is April to November. 

11. Kedarkantha Trek

Elevation- 12,500 ft
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Beginner, Enthusiast
Best time to visit-  December to April

trek the Himalayas
Snow Cladded Kedarkantha Trek (source)

If you want a piece of fairyland, then this trek should be on the top of your list. Considered as one of the best treks in India the Kedarkantha trek should be visited in the month of April. This Himalayan region trek is an extremely enchanting trek with a lot of greenery and snow as you make your climb. The snow and greens play hide n seek here and that is the most exciting part of this beautiful trek. 

12. Gaumukh Tapovan

Elevation- 14,202 ft
Livingit Rank (Suitable for) - Enthusiast, Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit-  April to October

trekking in india
Gaumukh Tapovan

This is a trek which should be planned in mid-May. This trek is known for the scenic views of Bhagirathi sisters and Mt. Shivling. 

Why should you visit this stunning place? Once you reach here you should stay for either the sunrise or the sunsets that look mesmerizing from this point. Gaumukh is the source of the river Ganga and thus has a great religious value attached to it. Many huge majestic glaciers are found here which is a beauty to behold!

13. The Buran Ghati Trek

Elevation- 15,000 ft
Suitable for- Enthusiast, Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- May to October

best treks in india
Captivating Mountains

This trek is getting popular amongst hikers because of the elaborate views this trek offers. The camping site is called as the Meadow of Dayara. 

This place is God's creativity- sunshine seeping in through the mountains and the blooming flowers with chirping birds will reawaken your soul! As you move forward to Litham and more ahead to Dhunda, you will see some eye catching alpine visuals. As you climb higher you will reach the vertical wall, and this wall is called as the Buran Ghati.  

14. The Pangarchulla Summit

Elevation- 15,069 ft
Suitable for- Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- April to June and September to October

mountains in india
Blanket of Snow- The Pangarchulla Summit

Want to visit Switzerland without a hole in your pocket? Then my friend Pangarchulla Summit will curb your desires!

This is a trek which can be done only at a certain time of the year as you will need snow to climb and make the most of this trek. It is considered as the best winter treks in India and is a must visit. 

As this place has big boulders on the path, it becomes very difficult for trekkers to make the climb without snow. This is a difficult trek and it requires stamina and strength to be completed. The trek is for 7 days and the average temperature is around  14°C-18°C during the day and -3°C to -6 °C during the night.

15. The Rupin Pass

Elevation- 15,380 ft
Suitable for- Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- April- September

Rupin Pass
Heaven on Earth- Rupin Pass Trek 

The beauty of this trek is that it changes every hour! A perfect getaway in the month of June this pass is a beauty that can only be realised when you see it on your own. This trek offers one of the best campsites as you are staying at the Rupin waterfall Foothill! Ronti Gad is also a campsite which is very beautiful but is on the other side of the pass. Rupin Pass too is a difficult trek and mountaineering expertise are needed to complete this one.

16. Hampta Pass Trek

Elevation-  14,035 ft
Suitable for- Beginner, Enthusiast
Best time to visit- Mid June-Mid October

best trekking tours in india
Enthralling beauty of Hampta Pass Trek

Want to know why this is one of the best treks in India? This trek starts from Manali and is very close to the Bhrigu Lake. This is a stressful trek but as you continue your climb you will fall in love with the scenic beauty and would just want to continue! Once you cross the Hampta pass you will be in Lahaul. This other side is completely different from where you started. This is a dry mountain range and is beautiful to look at. 

17. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Elevation-  13,800 ft
Suitable for- Enthusiast, Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- June to September

best treks in india for beginners
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

This trek is called as Tarsar Marsar. This trek is on a very high altitude and has a very different landscape and terrain. This trek is covered by lush green land throughout! 

The campsite is near the lake which is what you should think of when you begin this trek. Want a surreal experience? Then spend few hours at the lake The lake is surrounded by greenery everywhere and when you reach here you feel extremely relaxed and calm. 

18. The Sandakphu Trek

Elevation- 11,941 ft
Suitable for- Enthusiast, Advanced, Expert
Best time to visit- March to May and October to December

Sandakphu trek
Walk through the clouds- Sandakphu Trek

Want to know the best thing about the adventure filled Sandakphu Trek? This is a trek from where you can see a lot of other magnificent peaks! People come here to see the Mt. Kanchenjunga and on the other side, you can see the Mt Everest, Lhotse and Makalu! Hence, it is of utmost importance to time this trek correctly so that you can see all of this when you take up the task of completing this difficult trek. 

Sandakphu is a place which mostly witnesses a lot of fog and mist and hence this trek is open throughout the year. 

19. Brahmatal Trek

Elevation- 12,250 ft
Suitable for- Beginner, Enthusiast
Best time to visit- January and February

best treks in india in march
Brahmatal Trek - View from the Top

This is a snow-clad trek and once you reach the top of this trek you will see the beautiful Mt Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, and Chaukhamba. You would get a visual treat of Oak trees, dense forests and a lot of snow. The entire trek would be a magical experience! Located in Uttarakhand, this trek can be done any time in the months of January & February. Since beginners can indulge in this trek, we suggest you tag your adventure filled buddies with you

20. Har Ki Dun

Elevation- 11,700 ft.
Suitable for- Enthusiast
Best time to visit- April to June and August to September

This is one of the best treks in India and is in every trekker's bucket list! The beauty of this trek is that it can be done in both summers and winters. 

This trek offers moderate difficulty level and here you will see a cradle shaped valley which is pristine and takes you back in time. This valley has ancient villages which are close to 3000 years old. While doing this trek, you can visit these villages and have a closer look in the lives of the locals. Interested in visiting this spectacular place. Well read the detailed itinerary for Har ki Dun and get head over heels in love with the place!

We’re sure after reading this article, the adventurous streak in you has risen and you just want to pack your bags and leave for a memorable experience with your favourite people. These treks are by far some of the best treks in India for beginners! As amazing and beautiful as these treks look it is a lifetime experience to do them and cherish the memories. Although the country has so many beautiful landscapes and uncommon treks, it has been very difficult to limit the list to the best of the lot!  So, when are you packing your bags and checking off the treks on your must-do list? 

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