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22 Best Mountain Passes in India for Adventure Enthusiasts

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India is a country where you would find diverse natural beauty. However, there are myriad challenging aspects as well. This is why the Indian trekking passes are always a delight to the people who are nothing but passionate about trekking. If you are interested in exploring both scenic vistas and challenging paths, then you must try the best Mountain Passes in India. India can boast about its innumerable trekking routes. The Himalayan range is one of the key resources of these trekking routes. If you and your companions are geared up to challenge the challenging mountain passes in India, then visiting the following spots will be simply ideal for you. 

22 Best Mountain Passes in India to Add in Your Bucket list

The Northern region of India is decorated with mountain passes that will astound you. And if you are an adventurous soul, then these 22 best mountain passes in India is sure to satisfy your soul. Check out these mountain passes and start conquering them one by one. 

1. Borasu Pass

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

Borasu Pass is one of the notable trekking routes in India. It is located in Uttarakhand at an altitude of 5450m. There are two routes to reach the Borasu pass. The first starts with Osla, crosses through Manandi Tal, Lamjunga, Pass ke Neeche and finally reaches to Borasu Pass. The other route starts with Sankri, covers Seema, Har-ki-Dun Valley and then ends at the Borasu Pass. The path till Manadi Tal is difficult. The route from Manandi Tal to Lamjunga is steep and pretty challenging to the trekkers. Reaching the axis of the pass, you would get a panoramic view of the Kinnaur Kailash Mountain and Kinnaur Valley.

Borasu Pass
Borasu Pass- Challenging trek for trekkers (source)

2. Dhamdhar Kandi Pass

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Another arduous trekking pass in the region of Uttarakhand is Dhumdhar Kandi Pass. Its altitude is 5300m. Considered one of the best trekking places in India, you would experience geographical diversity while reaching to this place. The trek starts from Jhala and the trekkers are asked to cover a steep route until Durai Gaad. You can find an easy path at the base camp of Dhumdharkandi Pass after crossing the Sian Gaad River. The acme of the pass lets you see the breathtaking view of the Gangotri mountain ranges and Banderpoonch Glacier. You can complete trek at Yamunotri but you can go further Ruinsara Valley and Bali Pass too. 

dhamdhar kandi pass
Dhamdhar Kandi Pass is a snow treat to the eyes (source)

3. Parang La

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Located at an altitude of 5500m, the Parang La pass links Himachal Pradesh with Ladakh. It is one of the most challenging as well as splendid passes in India. The trekkers cover the Spiti and Leh during their trek at this place. Starting from Himachal the trek ends at Karzok. You will find difficult trails from Dumla to Thaltak Meadow, Thaltak to Jagtha and then to Bongrojen. You would enjoy the scenic beauty of Changthang Valley and some of Spiti Valley during this expedition. You would fall in love with the view of Pare Chu River while moving forward to Karzok. 

Parang La
Panoramic view of Parang La (source)

4. Karakoram Pass

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

The Karakoram Pass is definitely one of the best trekking places in India that is famous to the trekkers worldwide. It is 5,540 meters high from the sea level. The route is pretty challenging and the trekkers. They often find skulls and skeletons at the nukes and crannies of the very route. The rough climb is always appealing to the advanced and experienced trekkers. The trek starts from Nubra Valley. Multiple cuts and bends and steep trails will be your companions in this expedition. The pass is also known as the significant way that helps the trade exchange between India and China. 

 Karakoram Pass
Karakoram Pass- The Silk Route (source)

5. Saser La

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

The elevation of Saser La Pass is 5,540 meters. You can plan a trek at Saser La ideally during the season of summer. The journey starts from Leh and ends at Yarkand in Tarim Basin. It takes at least 15 days to cover the whole expedition. Trekkers can take the route of Karakoram pass to accomplish the very journey. 

Saser La-mountain passes in India
Saser La is the toughest trek

6. Phirtse La

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The altitude of Phirtse La Pass is 5,450 meters. You can keep it on the list of best Mountain Passes in India. The trek for Phirtse La begins from Darcha village. It is a famous camping spot as well. The route covers eminent passes such as Baralacha La, Phirtse La and Padum valley. The route is difficult. Both beginners and experienced trekkers are guaranteed to have a great time trekking on this route. 

Phirtse La
White beauty at the altitudes (source)

7. Kalindikhal Trek

Livingit Rank: Advanced to Expert

The Kalindikhal Pass is the highest mountain pass in India that is famous to the trekkers. The trek starts from Gangotri, covers Chirbasa, Bhojwassa. The route and moves through the meadows of Tapovan and Nandanvan. Then it covers Khara Pathar, Sweta Glacier, and Kalindi Bhamak. The total route of Kalindikhal Trek is full of risk factors. The route after Nandanvan turns exhausting as it turns and steeps up to the lethal glaciated tracks. 

Kalindikhal Trek
Kalindikhal Trek- Highest Mountain Pass in India (source)

8. Manirang Pass

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Manirang Pass is not that famous among the trekkers. But there are many trekking enthusiasts who like to try covering the 5,335 meters high Manirang Pass. Manirang Pass connects Kinnaur, Lahaul & Spiti region as a bridge. Puh is located on the Hindustan Tibet Road, from where the trek starts off. You will find your way through villages like Ropa, Rusklang, Giabong and Rankali during the trek. 

Manirang Pass
An adventure trek for enthusiasts (source)

9. Ghunsarng Pass

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Located in Himachal Pradesh, the altitude of Ghunsarng Pass is 5,600 meters. You can take the route of Manirang Pass to enjoy a trek to Ghunsarng Pass. The paths are uneven and thrilling. You will find both steeps and slope in this route. Once you reach to Sopona, you will be welcomed by the steep ascend to Ghunsarng Pass. 

Ghunsarng Pass
Ghunsarng Pass (source)

10. Dungri La Pass

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If you are aiming to experience trekking in the best Mountain Passes in India, then you must not give a miss to the Dungri la pass or Mana Pass. It is also the highest vehicle road in the very location. This pass works as the bridge to connect Tibet and India. Zanskar mountain range in Uttarakhand is the location where this pass is located. 

mountain passes in india
Best route for bikers- Dungri La Pass (source)

11. Khardung La Pass

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

You have to visit the Jammu and Kashmir region to experience trek in the great Khardung La pass. The very pass connects Shyok and Nubra valleys. You can find the highest motorable road here. This is why a lot of biking expeditions get organized here every year. 

khardung la pass
Khardung La Pass- Highest motorable road in world (source)

12. Chang La Pass

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Your wish to get a glimpse of the best trekking place in India can get an answer once you visit the Chang La Pass. The altitude of the place is 5,360 m. You can notice Chang La Pass on the way to Pangong Lake from Leh. It is also the second highest motorable road in the world that links Indus Valley to Pangong Lake region. You will be charmed to see the lakes and highlands of the region. 

Chang La Pass
World's third highest mountain pass (source)

13. Debsa Pass

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

The altitude of Debsa Pass is 5,360-metre. This pass is responsible for connecting the Kullu and Spiti valley. You will get to see the desert mountain of Spiti Valley and Parbati River valley of Kullu while enjoying the trek. You will get the glimpses of Tibet and India during this memorable trek. 

Debsa Pass
Debsa Pass (source)

14. Lipulekh Pass

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The Lipulekh Pass is not only a strenuous trekking trail; it has a spiritual significance to the Hindu pilgrims also as the pass gets used by them during the walk to Mansarovar. The elevation of this pass is 5,334 m or 17,500 ft. The pass acts as a bridge between the Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand to Purang in Tibet. 

Lipulekh Pass
Lipulekh Pass, the route to Kailash Yatra (source)

15. Nathu La Pass 

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To a lot of trekkers, Nathu La Pass is the best trekking place in India. The very pass links Sikkim and Tibet region. It is also the trading medium between China and India. This high altitude (14,140 ft) pass is located in the Himalayan mountain ranges. You can spot many Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries at this location. The scenic beauty of the place is outstanding. Hence, you must carry your camera while visiting the Nathu La Pass.  

Nathu La Pass
Panoramic view through the Nathu La Pass (source)

16. Jelep La Pass

Livingit Rank: Beginner to Enthusiast

You can easily include Jelep La Pass to the list of best Mountain Passes in India that is located in the East Sikkim District. The altitude of this pass is 4,270 m or 14,009 ft. the pass links Sikkim, India to Lhasa in the region of Tibet.  It is a photographers’ paradise as the pass offers a scenic spot full of rhododendrons. Spotting the beauty of the Chaumbi Valley is the added attraction of this trek. 

Jelep La Pass
The dangerous route to Jelep La Pass (source)

17. Sela Pass

Livingit Rank: Advanced to Elite

The chilling Sela Pass is located in the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh. This pass is the route that links Tawang to the whole country through the routes of Tezpur and Guwahati of Assam. You can trek at this pass any time of the year. But if you wish to see the snow-white beauty of the place, you can visit it during the winter. The difficulty level is high on this route. You can reach to the famous Tawang monastery by trekking at this pass. 

Sela Pass-mountain passes in india
Snow-laden Sela Pass (source)

18. Rohtang Pass

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced and Expert

According to many, Rohtang Pass is the best mountain pass in India. With an elevation of 3,978 m, this pass links Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti Valley. You can reach Rohtang Pass taking the Manali-Leh Highway. The time between May to November is ideal to trek at this pass. Apart from this frame of time, the pass remains difficult for trekking due to avalanches and heavy snowfall. 

Rohtang Pass
White beauty of the mountains- Rohtang Pass (source)

19. Chanshal Pass

Livingit Rank- Beginner

If you are a beginner and have dreams of reaching the highest peak of India, you can start making yourself accustomed with trekking by visiting the Chanshal Pass. Its elevation is 4,520 m. This pass is also scenic and both beginners and expert trekkers enjoy a trek at this place. 

Chansal Pass
Chanshal Pass- Trekker's Paradise (source)

20. Kinner Kailash Circuit Trek

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

Kinner is the certainly one of the best Mountain Passes in India where trekkers not only from India but from all over the world come to trek. This pristine place is located in Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers get exceptional terrains here. Not only trekkers but students studying Buddhist culture also come here as the place has immense Buddhist influences to spot due to its close positioning with Tibet. You have to take the Indo-Tibet route to accomplish the trek. You would get standard paths during the first half of the trek and to cover the other half, you would have to go through boulders. Charang temple and icy streams are the attractions of this trek.

The journey will make you crave to see more of the natural beauty of Zanskar, the Greater Himalaya and the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. As the Kinnaur Kailash Parbat is known to be the abode of Hindu God Shiva, a lot of Hindu pilgrims come to this route too. 

Kinner Kailash Trek
Pious Kinner Kailash Trek (source)

21. Stok Kangri Trek 

Livingit Rank: Beginner to Enthusiast 

Stok Kangri may not be the highest mountain peak in India, but it is one of the best Mountain Passes in India for sure. This trekking pass is picturesque that is why, apart from trekkers, a lot of tourists also visit the very spot. 
Your trek would start from Leh and it takes approximately 100 days to accomplish the whole. Snow-capped mountains, thriving greenery, and unusual natural beauty would be your companions throughout the expedition. You would get to spot mountain peaks like Gulap Kangri and Parcha Kangri during the trek.  

You can plan a trek at this place during the time between the months of June – October. As the difficulty level of this trek is medium, both beginners and advanced trekkers enjoy their expedition here. 

Stok Kangri
Stok Kangri- A Must Visit

22. Khatling Glacier Trek

Livingit Rank: Enthusiast to Advanced

You can expect an elevation of 4200 m while planning a trek at the Khatling Glacier. You have to start your journey from the beautiful Ghutu village. Alpine trees, lush green meadows, exceptional forests and Hindu temples will be accompanying you through this route. Once you reach to the Khatling cave, you will start on the final path to reach the Khatling Glazier. This trekking region is splendid in a word. As mass tourism is still not regular at this place, you would experience exceptional serenity here. The difficulty level of this trekking region is medium. You can plan a trip here between the months of May to October. 

Khatling Glacier Trek
Serene Heaven of Himalayas (source)

Trekking in the Indian trekking regions is quite popular among trekkers as the routes are full of beauty and challenges. Both medium and high difficulty level can be found in these locations. The spots also make people aware of the local culture and heritage which is surely an added attraction to the trekkers. If you have an interesting travelogue worth trekking experiences in these routes, you can feel free to share the same with us.

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