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5 Ways to Discover Offbeat Locations

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“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

All great discoveries happen by having the heart and courage to embark on the journey of exploration. Getting a break from our busy work schedule is what we all long for. The last thing we want is to use this holiday to go away from a crowded city to a crowded tourist destination.Therefore it is necessary to discover offbeat locations where you can sit back and relax.

We want to find a place where we can feel relaxed and calm while we enjoy the beauty of nature. The mere thought of escaping the concrete jungle for a while and going closer to nature is relaxing in itself. Most of us tend to use well-known tourism websites to plan our holidays as they provide us with tempting offers. Does buying these offers and ending up in crowded commercial tourist places really help us enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest?

Probably not. There are many more beautiful places out there that are untouched by tourism. Their discovery definitely makes the exploration worth it. You see thousands of beautiful pictures clicked by travelers all over the internet of the same place that you’ve already been to, but you can’t recognise it in the pictures.

This is because of their ability to explore. So let’s understand what exactly you need to do to discover offbeat destinations to make your next trip a rare experience.

How to Discover Offbeat Locations

Start Exploring Nearby

Begin exploring natural places near you that you’ve already visited more than a few times. As you know the area a little, it makes it much easier to start exploring what you don’t know. Take paths that you haven’t taken before. You never know what path will lead you onto your next adventure or expose you to breathtaking views. Even if none of this happens, and it’s just another path that leads to the same place, you’ll have gained a little courage to take unexplored routes in the future.

Get the Right Gear

5 Ways to Discover Offbeat Locations
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Before you begin exploring the world, having a few things can help you make your journey to discovery more enjoyable.

  • A good pair of shoes (preferably all terrain). Having these will make it much more comfortable for you to travel under tough Whether it’s a climb, a hike, or just walking in the rain, these will make your explorations worth it.
  • A backpack is a necessity as this is where you will keep all the stuff that you might need while travelling. Wherever you go, carry this with you. There are many good backpacks available out there that don’t tear easily and are waterproof.
  • A camera can help you capture the exquisite places you visit and share them with your family and friends.
  • Carry a bottle of water so you can remain hydrated all the time.
  • A small mat can come in handy when you find a beautiful place and you just want to sit down and enjoy the view.
  • A torch can be quite useful as it helps you navigate in the dark. Make sure your torch has charged batteries so you can rely on it completely.

If you need more check out our list of Must Have Gear for your next Trek .

Believe in the locals

Planning your vacation according to tourism companies is only going to take you to places which are crowded with tourists. Speaking to the locals, on the other hand, can lead you to much more beautiful places that are less frequented by travellers. Before planning a trip to a place, ask the locals for the lesser known treasures of that location.


5 Ways to Discover Offbeat Locations
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It’s highly advisable that instead of planning your entire trip, you only book the travel and figure out the rest when you get there. This does put most of us out of our comfort zones but is necessary to discover offbeat locations. Backpacking helps you remain flexible while travelling so you can make better decisions about the places you want to see when you get there.

Learn to Camp

5 Ways to Discover Offbeat Locations
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Camping is an experience that gives you a taste of the raw life. Barbeques, living in tents, campfires- all bring you much closer to nature. By going for group camps, while you can enjoy the experience of camping, you can also gain the skill to eventually do it on your own. Most of the offbeat places are generally far off from human habitation and tourist destinations. Getting there may take several days.

So be prepared! Read: Love Hiking? Essential Tips for Camping like a Pro.

By using your knowledge of camping, getting to these places becomes much more possible. Remember, the places that are the hardest to get to turn out to be the most beautiful of all. For some tips and tricks to improve your camping experience, watch the following video:

Exploration will more often than not put you out of your comfort zone. You must be brave enough to discover offbeat locations because in the end it will all be worth it. Just keep in mind what Confucius once said – “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.

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