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10 Best Hiking Boots for Mountain Trials: Pick the Right One!

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Are you feeling grumpy, unmotivated and in the need of a mental break? Well, a rejuvenating hike into the wondrous outdoors is probably just what you need. Hiking includes everything right from a two-hour walk into the woods to climbing some major mountains. For the professional hikers, it is an activity that makes the adrenaline rush and gives them the chance to explore and discover the beauty of nature. And when you plan to go on a hike, best hiking boots is undoubtedly the most important gear. And as a hiker it’s essential, we suppose, to know about the 10 best hiking boots.

You are going to walk and by walk, we mean to walk a lot and therefore it is important that you own some good pair of boots. In case, you are planning to go on your next hike and are therefore looking for the best pair of boots, you have landed at the right place.

Hiking Boot Categories

Let’s understand and know the types of hiking shoes that are available in the market.

Day Hiking Boots

These kinds of boots vary from mid cut to high cut ones and are generally intended for hikes in the day or short backpacking trips that require you to carry light loads. They are rather flexible.

Hiking Shoes

These are low-cut shoes which have flexible Midsole Types making it excellent for day hiking. Most of them appear more like trainers making it perfect for long-distance journeys which require you to carry little weight.

Backpacking Shoes

The best backpacking boots are designed to carry very heavy loads. Most of these boots have high cut ankles that provide optimum support. They are supportive and durable making it suitable for on or off trail journeys.

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10 Best Hiking Boots to Choose from!

Now, that you are aware of the kinds of hiking boots, the next thing that you would want to know is the 10 best hiking boots that you can choose from. Choosing the right one is extremely important as a calloused foot is the last thing you would want when you are miles away from home in the woods or in the mountains. Hence, choose the kind that fits your hiking requirements.

1. The Salomon Quest 4D II GTX

This Solomon hiking boots had to make it to the top 10 best hiking boots. In case you are wondering why it is because it can deliver an amazing performance for a serious day hiking and backpacking. The boot has been made neither too heavy nor too light and is extremely comfortable. The shoe is supportive and tough and yet is surprisingly light. It also has a wonderful lacing system. Flexible outsoles and traction along with a supportive fit is a great advantage. However, heavy hauling backpackers might have to look for some other boot as this one may cause soreness in the foot when carrying rather heavy loads.

solomon hiking boots
Salomon Quest

2. Keen Terradora Waterproof Boot

Keen Footwear is known for their quirky and fun style and that is clearly evident in their new Terradora. These boots are designed in absolutely vibrant colors which is a stark contrast to the usual monotonous black and brown hiking boots. It is considered as one of the best hiking boots for women as it is comfortable, waterproof, copes well with the mountainous trails and has cushiony soles. It comes in mid-length providing extra support to the ankle. This is undoubtedly a great choice if you plan to go hiking in the summers. Plus point is you can also wear this to work.

best hiking boots
Keen Terradora

3. Scarpa Peak Gore-Tex Boot

Rated as one of the bests in the hiking boots reviews, the Scarpa’s peak truly can brave the test of time. These boots can withstand all weather conditions while also providing absolute ease and comfort just like a fabric boot. Having a high-cut, it would also provide optimal support to the ankles while you decide to conquer the mountains. The lace might seem a bit complex, but once you can sort it out it would remain as it is even on long-distance walks. Undoubtedly the shoe has amazing features and therefore has been able to make it into the 10 best hiking boots.

hiking boots

4. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Boot

Another hiking shoe from Lowa had to be included in the list of top 10 best hiking boots. In case you are wondering why it is because there is a lot of stupendous stuff that is packed into Renegade. Having a seamless lining and extremely cushiony and soft insoles, these would keep your feet comfortable even when you have to walk for miles. The shoes are exceptionally tough and yet rather lightweight. Having Gore-Tex leather outer and higher cut ankles, this boot is definitely an all rounder.

lightweight hiking boots
Lowa Renegade

5. Hanwag Women’s Tatra Gore-Tex Boot

Hanwag is known for manufacturing superior quality, durable boots that are lightweight, versatile and look appealing and therefore has to be on the top 10 best hiking boots list. If you have a good budget and want the boots to last you till the next decade, this is the one to invest in. Vibram soles and Gore-Tex would keep your feet dry and warm.

best hiking boots for women
Hanwag Boots

Being one of the best leather hiking boots, it has a buttery soft leather outer and a ball baring lace system that makes it quite easy to get the precise fit. The softly padded high-ankles would keep your ankles secure and comfortable.

6. Brasher Men’s Country Master Walking Boot

This is one of the 10 best hiking boots and classic hiking shoes for a good reason. This boot is more than often listed on top of the hiking boot categories for its timeless looks, cushiony foot beds, amazingly soft leather uppers and for being waterproof. Even though it is sturdy and solid-looking, it is surprisingly breathable. It can withstand difficult trails and is worth every penny you spend on it. It couldn’t be considered as one of the best men’s hiking boots for no reason, right?

best hiking boots
Brasher Country Men Boots

7. AKU Alterra GTX

The newly launched Alterr GTX is a rather appealing boot considering the fact that it is a summer hiking boot. Counted among one of the best Italian trekking boots it is not only waterproof but is comfortable as well. Having retro looks, this is a great pair if you are prone to rolling your ankles. The boot has a great lacing system and can provide matchless comfort on uneven terrain.

best hiking boots
AKU Alterra GTX

8. Adidas Terrex Swift

If you someone who doesn’t like the feel of solid and heavy hiking boots, then this lightweight pair of Adidas Terrex might just be the best option for you. When you look at them, it might seem like running trainers but they are actually hiking shoes. It has Gore-Tex and amazingly grippy soles. This, in fact, works great even on slippery rocks. Wear them during trail running, hiking, cycling or literally anywhere you wish to.

best hiking boots
Adidas Terrex Swift

9. Merrill Moab Gore-Tex

Merrill strictly means business when it comes to hiking boots. When deciding between Keen vs Merrill, it is definitely a tough choice as both of them have amazing functionality. These boots have Vibram soles that are hard wearing, thick and provides a lot of grip. It also has Gore-Tex which makes it a favorable choice. This shoe is highly functional and its tough outer layer is not only breathable but dries quickly too.

best waterproof hiking boots,
Merrill Moab Gore-Tex

10. Lowa Innox mid GTX

The brand is popularly known for more traditional kind of hiking boots and is one of the 10 best hiking boots. The Innox Mid GTX are lightweight hiking boots and are perfect for those who tend to move quite fast on the trail ground. These shoes are comfortable, light on the foot and offers optimal support. The shoes are also breathable and waterproof. The only problem is that there isn’t any rubber toe guard. However, these are great for established trails that aren’t too rocky.

best hiking boots
Lowa Innox

All of these were the top 10 best hiking boots that you could choose from. They are water-proof and you can pick one depending on your budget and the usability. For instance, some of the shoes are specifically made for the purpose of hiking on established trails while with some you can climb the most complex mountains and they can withstand all weather conditions. It all depends on what you want to use it for. Choose wisely and you would be good to go on your next exciting hike!

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Hiking Boot Buying Advice: Buying Summer Hiking Boots

Now that you decided to purchase a summer hiking shoe and have gone through all of the customer reviews, you mustn’t forget that there are a few things that you need to consider when investing in one.

But, why it is so? Because as a hiker you are investing in shoes that are quite expensive and therefore you do expect them to last you for a long time. A good pair of hiking shoes that have proper Outsoles and Traction would not only provide insulation from moisture and cold but would also provide an enhanced grip.

When you are confused between Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes, you need to determine which one of it would give you a superior performance on all surfaces. These days there are several type, kind and design of shoes and this makes it harder to pick a pair that would suit you in the best possible way. So, to ensure that we have some Hiking Boot Buying Advice for you that would definitely help.

The Fit of the Shoe

After you have picked your favourite shoe, the next most important thing that you would want to consider is the fit of the shoe. An improper fit would not only be uncomfortable but would also make the hike unpleasant. It would stand as a hurdle from you getting to experience the best hike of your life.

You as a hiker are going to be spending several hours in your shoes and therefore it is worth spending some time in finding the perfect fit. But, how would you determine if the shoe is perfect? Well, a well fit shoe would be snug but not too tight around the heel while also providing enough wiggle space to your toes. Never buy shoes that fit you too tight as that would only get worse with time.

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Waterproof and Breathable Boots

Breathability and being waterproof are usually opposite of each other and therefore it becomes quite difficult to find the best waterproof hiking boots that are breathable as well. It is important to remember that when you are going to be using heavyweight hiking boots, one of the primary things that you need to consider would be the breathability.

However, when you have a look at the 10 best hiking boots, you would see that most of them are waterproof as well as let your feet breathe. This makes sure that your feet are absolutely comfortable and the hike is enjoyable.

best Waterproof boots
Waterproof boots

Weight of the Hiking Shoe

The thing with hiking shoes is that the lighter it is- the better. The total weight that you have on your feet would translate to several folds of the total weight on your back. Therefore, as a, hiker your primary objective should be to find shoes that are lightweight.

best hiking shoes
Weight of shoe

The midweight hiking boots would also give you the chance to be swift and move quickly which is, of course, a great advantage. But, it is also the fact that heavier boots offer a more stable platform when hiking on a rugged or snowy terrain. You need to choose one depending upon the usability. The best option would be to spend some time trying and walking in the shoes. This would help you in deciding if the hiking boots are perfect for you.

Hiking Boot Midsoles

A midsole of the boot is the one that provides cushioning to the feet. It buffers the feet from shock and determines the stiffness of the boot. Of course, stiff boots do not in the least sound like an exciting thing especially when you have to walk for long hours. But, they are actually perfect when you have to walk on an uneven and rocky terrain. In such situations, they wouldn’t let your foot wear out and keep them safe. Polyurethane and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) are the most common materials with which the midsoles are made. Polyurethane is durable and firmer and therefore most usually found in backpacking boots. EVA, on the other hand, is a lot lighter and soft and use several densities to offer a firmer support.

Ankle Protection

Hiking boots usually have higher-cut ankles while the hiking shoes have a lower ankle. The ones with higher ankles usually indicate better protection to the ankles which is actually required when you plan to walk for a really long distance.

summer hiking boots
Ankle protection Boots

Ankle protection is also required when you are hiking on a loose terrain with a heavier load. This helps in ensuring that you do not get a sprain in your ankle that is usually common when walking on uneven grounds. But, this is also a fact that shoes with very high ankle can restrict your movement. A mid-ankle length shoe would be perfect but you can opt for lower-cut ones on an easy day trip.

Flexibility and Stiffness

As is quite obvious the shoes that have flexible soles would be more comfortable and lighter and would enable you to move quickly. But, then again boots that are stiffer are known to protect your feet in a better way, create a stable and firm surface and allow you to travel through. Again, these are contrasting things and yet are required in the hiking shoes.

However, boots that are stiffer are known to protect your feet in a better way, create a stable and firm surface and allow you to travel through the snowy and steep terrain. Flexible hiking shoes would be perfect when you are planning to head out on short hiking day-trips as they would provide you all the comfort that you need.

Stiffer boots would be great when you heading out for a challenging, multi-day trip wherein you would need to carry heavy backpacks. These would provide all the support that your ankle would need.

best hiking shoes
Stiffness and Stability

Outsole Grip

Other than stiffness and stability, the grip is also one of the most important factors. Slipping down because of a shoe that doesn’t have proper grip isn’t a fun thing especially when you are on an exciting hike. When you have a look at the top 10 best hiking boots, you would notice that most of them excellent grips. You should ensure that the boot has deep outsole thread and massive lugs.

Shoes that have well-defined edges are also very advantageous for kicking steps in loose and softer ground and especially essentially if you are hiking somewhere in the snow. Look for shoes that have heel split as they turn out to be rather beneficial when you are walking downhill.


You would undoubtedly want your hiking boots to be durable when you are spending so much on them. What you should know is that some of the materials are more durable than the others. It is not just the Hiking Boot “Upper” Materials that you should consider. You should also make sure that the inner material is comfortable. Leather hiking boots are considered to be the most durable of all. You would want to make sure that your boot or shoe can withstand the test of rugged terrains and time.

Other than all of the above, make sure that your shoe has proper cushioning so that your feet can remain absolutely comfortable and you do not get any unwanted bumps or sprains. Find the most suitable hiking boot from the list of the top 10 best hiking boots by considering all of the above factors and you would be good to go on your next hike.

Happy hiking!

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