Technically a long walk activity along the countryside, hiking is now more than just “long walks or climbs.” Trekking, Camping, Mountaineering, are all various facets of hiking on meandering landscapes and uneven terrains. To understand hiking more than just as vigorous walking, read here. 

Among the most wholesome ways to explore the Himalayan range is by trekking. Conquering the expansive stretch of the mountain ...
Take a new route, explore in the wild and forget the world behind with these best hiking apps
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Get inspired by the amazing story of Katie Levy a professional hiker who adores the outdoors and wants the world ...
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Ultralight backpacking is a holy grail for trekkers and backpackers and is an ultimate way to minimize your burden during ...
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Night hiking is an adventure in itself. If you're new to it, there are few things you must remember.
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India has some of the best trekking trails which comprise of both adventure and nature. Trekking in the Himalayas or ...