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10 Fishing Myths Busted

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Are you an avid angler who is unable to dedicate time to it? Does it make you happy every single time that you get your catch? Though you love fishing, you might at times get caught up in its myths. Sometimes, it so happens that when you fail to catch any fish, people demotivate you by saying “you’re not lucky enough” or “you’re not dressed right for fishing”. It is disappointing and limits you from enjoying the activity. Therefore, it’s best you understand the major fishing myths and why they are not to be believed.

The Truth behind Fishing Myths

Sport fishing is an interesting activity to take part in. Just grab a fishing rod, bait and bring along some companions or do it on your own. It is a good way to spend time by yourself, with your family and friends. However, ever wondered why are there so many fishing myths around this activity? Ever thought of busting them?

It is a Country Thing

It is true that the best places to fish are usually far from the city, where there are a good number of water bodies and areas for fishing. But this doesn’t mean that it is only a country thing and not suited for the city. If fishing is your passion, the place will not matter.

10 Fishing Myths Busted - Livingit
If fishing is your passion, the place will not matter. ( Source )

Fishing is Based on Luck

If you are a regular angler, you might have heard this myth very often. But when right skills and passion come together, luck becomes the last important thing. So, forget your worries about not being lucky and gear up for your fishing adventure!

You end up Eating Lots of Fish

As per myth, all the fish we catch goes onto our table. Of course, we all love to savour freshly caught fish. But many of us go fishing to have a good time, making sure that the fish are released back into the water.

Fishing is Boring

If you are amongst the competitive lot who enjoys waiting for the next catch then you’ll never associate boredom with fishing. As Washington Irving said, “There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind”.

10 Fishing Myths Busted - Livingit
Respect your passion ( Source )

You can’t Fish During Off-season

Is it off-season again? Don’t worry! Fish are always present under water irrespective of the season. However, in cold weather, they tend to move closer to the bottom, which makes it look like they have disappeared. All you have to do is learn new tricks to catch fish from even the deepest areas.

You end up Drinking lot of Beer

We love our beer sips while waiting for the big catch, don’t we? A can or two won’t do any harm but more beer can take your focus away. Then there are non-drinkers who enjoy fishing all the same which means it is about time that you stopped paying heed to these myths.

It is not all about the beer! ( Source )

You sit All Day

Some feel that fishing leaves you sitting in one place until you’ve caught a fish! Contrary to the myth, fishing requires alertness and change in position after every cast to find a good catch. And you must be skillful to catch different types of fish and need to move your arms quite a bit, especially for the big ones. Techniques like Popping and Vertical Jigging are extremely demanding and requires you to be in peak physical condition.

Fishing checks your fitness levels too! ( Source )

Fishing Costume is Necessary

Fishing isn’t about your outfit or fashion accessories. Every passionate angler knows that there are no rules for the kind of clothes to be worn when going for fishing. Just some common-sense clothing to protect you from the extremities of weather will do. So, just move ahead and take part in your favourite activity.

10 Fishing Myths Busted - Livingit
Go ahead and be comfortable ( Source )

Need a Coloured Hook

Some claim that red hooks resemble the blood of fish and help attract extra bites. This is not always true as there are many fishes that don’t have the neurological capacity to attack on the basis of colour. Also, most of us are unaware of the fact that colours get lost as you go deeper in the waters and everything starts appearing grey.

Noise can Scare Away the Fish

“Be quiet, you’ll scare away the fish!” is a prolific myth about fishing. Yes, sudden explosions may disturb them for a while, but it really depends on the daily sounds heard by the fish. Fishes in water bodies around cities where human interaction is high will be used to voices etc, whereas deep in the wild, music and human conversation might be a disturbance. Few sounds can attract the fish like small pops of something falling in the water will cause them to investigate if it is something worth eating dropped from a tree or by a bird.

Get going for the adventure! ( Source )

Several fishing myths have been believed to be true from the past, keeping away truly passionate anglers from enjoying the activity. It is high time you stop believing these fishing myths and get going with your adventures. Have you ever come across any other crazy fishing myths? Let us know through the comments.

Once you’ve got the myths cleared from the facts, it’s time to test the waters!

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