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Top Celebrities - Movie Stars - Who Love to 'Go Fishing'!

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When we think of fishing, most of the people picture coastal men and women in their traditional garb, ushering in fish with their sprawling nets. However, fishing is not just limited to a source of livelihood; the sport of recreational fishing or angling is a booming industry and reels in aristocrats and commoners alike. There are many celebrities who fish and enjoy this sport in their leisure time. We bring you a list of celebrities especially movie stars from Bollywood and Hollywood who are hooked on to the sport!

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Top Celebrities who love Fishing

1. Salman Khan

Whether you live up in the Himalayas, where the might Mahseers live in the spring-fed rivers, or down south, where Trouts rule the streams of the Nilgiris – India is a fishing heaven. Though recreational fishing is not big in India, it is definitely catching on! If you are a beginner in angling in India, who better to look up to than the Bollywood icon, Salman Khan! He is one of the top celebrities who fish and has a deep connection with fishing. His love for the sport goes back to his childhood days.

A few years back, he was invited by the politician Raj Thackerey to inaugurate Kohli Mahotsav, a three-day fishing festival held in Mumbai. Held on Mahim beach, it showcases the fishing community of the area, with mouth-watering food stalls and vibrant dance performances. The Bollywood star regaled the fishing community present there with tales of his childhood days. He spoke of his parents, who met and fell in love in Mahim. As a child, Salman Khan used to park his jet ski on Mahim and used to enjoy fishing on the beach. His fishing endeavours aren’t a thing of the past, though, as he was spotted enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, fishing on the sets of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, as can be seen in this news video –

2. Rajpal Yadav

Known for his quirky roles and excellent comic timing, another one of the celebrities who fish is Rajpal Yadav. When he is not acting, this Bollywood actor loves to take his daughter out for a fishing day out. His reward, however, is not the fish itself, but the feeling of safely releasing it back to see. His compassionate daughter does not allow her father to keep a fish out of water for a long time, and together they form a responsible fishing team!

rajpal-yadav celebrities who fish
Rajpal Yadav – An angler by heart! ( Image Source )

3. Shammi Kapoor

This mysterious black-and-white picture of Shammi Kapoor holding a giant fish has been making rounds on the internet. Nobody knows the true origin of the photograph, though it looks quite old. Could this mean that the Elvis Presley of India was also dabbled in the sport of angling?

shammi_kapoor_holding_fish celebrities who fish
Shammi Kapoor – a rockstar of sorts in his heyday ( Image Source )

4. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt learned to fly-cast for his role in the 90’s movie – A River Runs Through It, which is based on a novel of the same name. His role was that of Paul Mclean, who, along with his brother, learns to fish for trout in the Blackfoot River in Montana from his father. To prepare for this role, the actor was taught fly fishing by long-time friend and singer, Melissa Etheridge, in her swimming pool! Brad enjoyed the sport so much that he did not give it up after the movie ended and continues to fly fish till date. He has even passed on the passion by taking his kids fishing with him.

brad-pitt- celebrities who fish
Brad Pitt fishing with his daughter ( Image Source )

The Oscar –winning movie changed the sport of angling and continues to inspire fly-fishers, decades after its release.

5. Oprah Winfrey

When this American actress and talk-show host decided to go fly-fishing with her friend Gayle King, who is also the O-magazine editor, journalists deemed it the best thing to have happened to fly fishing in years. This was back in 2010, which was Oprah’s first time fly fishing, but she instantly got the hang of it and vowed to continue the sport in Montana.

oprah-celebrities who fish
Oprah Winfrey with friends ( Image Source )

6. Kevin Costner

Apart from being a Hollywood sensation, Kevin is an angler by heart. He enjoys everything about fishing – be it spearfishing or fly fishing.

kevin-costner celebrities who fish
Costner loves to spend his time fishing ( Image Source )

“I am not a purist. I’ll fish with a bobber. I don’t think there’s any greater thrill than seeing that red-and-white bobber go shwwwwwomp down,” said Kevin, the two-time academy award winner! This 1994’s Waterworld actor and veteran confessed that he has been fishing since his childhood days. His passion for angling has grown over the years and he can even go to the extent of fishing in a mud puddle if he knew that there are “gems” in it.

7. Liam Neeson

One of the top celebrities who fish includes Hollywood veteran and Academy award winner Liam Neeson. The Taken star is known for his acting skills, but his off-screen status as a meticulous angler is well accepted.

liam-neeson-fishing Celebrities who fish
Liam Neeson goes fly fishing to escape his Hollywood life ( Image Source )

IrishCentral reports the actor saying: “I try to take July and August off every year, do a little bit of fly fishing, I went trekking with my eldest through Utah which was so much fun. It’s beautiful. There’s a place in Southern Utah called the Grand Steppes, very very, America is so beautiful.”

8. Harrison Ford

Another celebrity who loves fishing is Harrison Ford and he needs no introduction. The Indiana Jones star loves sportfishing and his fishing gears! Whenever he gets time, he flies off to his Wyoming ranch to fish for hours on the Snake river.

Ford Celebrities who fish
Harrison Ford – The face of Indiana Jones, used to be an avid fisherman. ( Image Source )

If you have a busy schedule and wish to wind-down and be one with nature, what better way than to grab a friend and a few beverages, and head out to the nearest lake, river, or pond. Fishing lets you escape from a mundane life in the cubicle and embrace a world of camaraderie, patience, and being one with nature. Step away from the buzzing of the computers and office chatter, and immerse yourself in the lap of nature, where, as said by Oprah Winfrey, it is so quiet that you can hear yourself breathe. So plan a fishing trip your next weekend and reel in the goodness of life!

If you are new to the fishing community and are looking for advice and ideas, head over to LivingIt.

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