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Best Fishing Footwear for Anglers and How to Choose Them

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In the good old days, if you ever had plans of spending time on a boat or wished to spend your time by slinging baits from your wonderful boat, you didn’t really have much option than those clumsy old fashioned leather shoes. However, times have changed and for the best. From sandals, flip-flops, boots and boat shoes, the fishing footwear options today are extensive. The anglers these days do not want to go through any kind of pain, soggy feet or skidding on the deck. The fishing water shoes are rather functional and you can easily find for any of your angling ventures.

When you are out and about on the water for fishing or kayaking, you have to ensure that you own the ideal gears. The fishing footwear is one of them as it offers the necessary traction that is required to keep you in place on slippery surfaces. Listed below are a few pairs of men and women’s fishing shoes which would help you in finding the perfect for yourself.

How to Pick the Best Fishing Footwear

However, are you aware of all the things that would help you to pick the best shoe? Probably not. Therefore, we have listed four important things that you would need to consider. Read on to know more.

Fishing Footwear
Fishing Footwear


Looks don’t matter? Think again. You would definitely want a stylish pair of fishing shoes that you can flaunt after a big catch. Wouldn’t you?

These fishing and kayaking shoes might not seem fancy but that is because they were built to be more rugged. Now, what you choose would completely be dependent upon your liking and requirement. Whatever, you choose; you need to ensure that it is appropriate for the situation.

Also, you would want to consider if you want slip-on or lace-tied shoes. Slip-on is definitely more convenient but you would have to be extra careful or it might fall off. Lace-tied shoes, on the other hand, keep your feet all cozy and comfortable and of course, would never fall off so you do not have to worry about that.


The big thing on how to pick the fishing footwear is material.

As is quite obvious, the best shoes for deep sea fishing would definitely get wet. Therefore shoes are made of materials which are waterproof and are suitable for such situations. The soles are designed with thick rubber for that strong grip that would keep you stable and prevent you from slipping.

The three materials that are used mostly for the best shoes for bass fishing are Canvas, Leather and Synthetic mesh. Canvas offers comfort and protection from the components in the sea. Leather would keep your feet absolutely dry while the synthetic mesh allows water to seep away and thereby keep your feet dry.

Flexible or Versatile

As the name suggests, fishing footwear is undoubtedly ideal for fishing or boating and even for kayaking. However, some of the best boating sandals do have soft padding and support for the arch which offers an individual the chance to walk, hike or run in them.

But, you must remember that they aren’t made for the rugged surfaces. You might choose them if you want but if you are choosing it only for the purpose of fishing or boating; you might get minimalistic designs.


You must be well aware that the prices of specialty items are definitely more than utility items. Fishing footwear is a specialty item and therefore their price is ought to be a bit expensive. The price would be completely dependent on the model of footwear that you choose. Some of the best shoes for kayak fishing might cost you over hundred dollars while some might be available under seventy or fifty.

When looking for fishing flip flops or shoes, you would need to consider how often you plan on to use them and for how long you hope them to last. This would help you in choosing best fishing footwear for yourself.

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Top Fishing Footwear to Select from

Now that you are aware of all of the factors to be considered, let’s take a look at the most popular fishing shoes for men and women available.

1. Sperry H2O Escape

When you look at these shoes first, they might seem like they have been made for running. But, the shoe was actually designed for kayaking and is considered as one of the best kayak fishing shoes.

These shoes are all-synthetic and have adaptive wave-siping that disperses the underfoot water and thereby enhances stability on wet and dry surfaces. It has EVA midsoles with internal channels for water which are durable, comfortable and water drains pretty quickly and hence keeps your feet dry. It also has low-cut heel collar which offers freedom of movement while the bungee lacing system is of great help for on-off.

Fishing Footwear
Sperry H2O Escape

This Sperry fishing shoes have a seam that is padded and the shoe remains snug around your feet so you do not have to worry about losing your fishing footwear.

2. World Wide Sportsman Newport

These World Wide Sportsman shoes combine a relaxed Caribbean feel with an amazing design that would perform excellently well on the water. The shoe has soft leather upper features as well as a hand sewed, moccasin-style stitched toe for that classic look and comfortable feel.

The shoe also has antimicrobial Poliyou foot bead with memory foam which provides wonderful cushioning. It has a molded, low-profile EVA midsole which absorbs shock with each and every step that you take.

Fishing Footwear
World Wide Sportsman Newport

A non-marking rubber outsole and slip-resistant feature mean that you would be able to maintain your stability on the boat. The shoe is resistant to salt water and that makes it one of the best salt water fishing boots. The nylon lacing system means that it would fit you perfectly and securely and this is why it is one of the best fishing footwear.

3. Keen Gallatin CNX

Looking for lightweight shoes? Then, Keen, Gallatin CNX is the one you should pick.

It is a ultralight, minimalistic water shoe that offers the protection that your feet need. These Keen wading shoes have more of a natural, low-profile midsole drop and a bit of metatarsal support and a contoured arch. Their upper portion of the shoe is made from a spongy mesh material and polyester webbing. The best thing about the mesh and webbing design is that it provides good ventilation and drainage.

Fishing footwear
Keen Gallatin CNX

Razor siping and flex grooves allow you to bend your feet freely. This men’s fishing sandals front has the classic Keen’s rubber toe box that offers plenty of protection from the rocks. Also, the bungee lacing system allows quick and accurate sizing adjustments. The Fishing footwear has been designed to last for a really long time and is, therefore, a wise investment.

Livingit Tip
If you are suffering from Plantar fasciitis, use these fishing shoes as they provide good arch support.

4. Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure

How about investing in a shoe that would let your feet breathe? Sounds comforting right?

A lightweight, minimalistic shoe that lets your feet breathe well and offers excellent ground feel- that’s exactly what Vivobarefoot is all about. The shoe has a sole that basically wraps your entire foot. The Ultra Pure shoe is almost completely made up of molded EVA and this makes it super lightweight.

Fishing Footwear
Vivobarefoot Ultra Pure

Want to know the good claims from the brand? Then, it almost feels like you are wearing nothing at all. The honeycomb upper allows drainage of water and lets your foot breathe. The shoe doesn’t absorb moisture and is therefore rather comfortable.

These rubber boat shoes with holes have bungee cord and work quite nicely in tightening the shoes. All in all, it’s a multi-functional affordable shoe which you can definitely purchase.

5. Columbia Bonehead Vent

Wondering what’s so great about this fishing footwear? Then it is definitely high on breathability. The shoe’s classic design and style are perfect for those casual summer fishing days. The highly ventilated construction and high drain-ability make it one of the best shoes for wade fishing. With these shoes, you can be absolutely sure that your feet are going to be dry, cool and comfortable.

Fishing footwear
Columbia Bonehead Vent

The footbed can be removed which makes it rather easy to clean. The responsive Techlite midsole has 3 medial and 3 lateral ports so as to facilitate water drainage and air circulation which means that they are quick dry boat shoes and are ideal for fishing.

Livingit Tip
Do wear socks with these shoes else the wet canvas can bite your skin.

6. OluKai Nohea Mesh

When you are in waters, you definitely need breathable shoes. OluKai Nohea Mesh is the go-to shoes for anglers.

These shoes have a synthetic upper that is rather breathable and is sewn to a thick non-marking outsole. The rubber soles offer an excellent foundation while the washable and removable foot bed of this flats fishing shoes have been designed for optimal comfort.

Fishing Footwear
OluKai Nohea Mesh

Also, it has a minimalistic design and an easy on and off system means convenience. With the collapsible heel, you can quickly slide your feet in. The extremely soft Dri-Lex lining has been designed for an active lifestyle and wicks moisture away from the wearer’s feet thereby keeping them dry.

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7. Rugged Shark Men’s Tidal Wave Boat Shoe

Looking for a shoe that works nicely both on and off water?

Well, the Rugged Shark Tidal Wave shoe might just be it. The shoe is made up with all of three materials which are considered best for fishing footwear: leather, rubber and synthetic mesh.

The mesh on its sides helps to drain water quickly, the leather makes the shoe durable and the rubber helps in maintaining traction so that you can be stable in the most slippery of conditions. Considered as one of the best waterproof fishing shoes, it truly does it work amazingly well.

Fishing Footwear
Rugged Shark Men’s Tidal Wave Boat Shoe

The shoe also has an extra layer of padding and arch support which makes your feet feel comfortable. The 360-degree natural lacing details is also a plus point and ensure a snug fit.

8. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe

Ask any angler and they would recommend this brand for all fishing activities. Columbia never fails to impress when it comes to surf fishing shoes.

This is the reason as to why it has managed to retain the top position for outdoor gear and clothing. The shoe is of superior quality and is rather durable.

The shoe is made up of a synthetic mesh and excellently discharges water even when it is submerged. The sole is made up of a rubber while the midsole is drainable. You would notice small drainage ports on the side of the shoe, forefoot, and heel to be precise. The toe cap is translucent and the shoe overall allows less water to be retained.

Fishing Footwear
Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe

The shoe is very sturdy and prevents you from slipping even in the most slippery conditions. However, it is a bit on the pricey side but considering all of the features that it has to offer it definitely is worth it.

9. Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe

Who said boating shoes can’t be chic?

Sebago’s Men’s Dockside shoes look all fancy and are perfect style conscious anglers. It might look more like a loafer but you can wear it on the deck and it would keep your feet absolutely comfortable.

The shoe being versatile, you could also choose to wear it town on a casual day out. The shoe is made up of leather and is a slip on. You cannot essentially call it an ideal fishing footwear but it does work really well as a shoe that can be worn on the deck.

Fishing Footwear
Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe

The shoe has a lacing system for that extra support so that you do not lose your shoes in rough situations. Here is the interesting thing about this fabulous footwear- the non-marking and non-slip soles would prevent skidding in wet situations. The insole has soft molded EVA foam which would keep your comfortable. Available in a wide range of colors, you can choose any color according to your preference.

10. Freewaters Charger

There are days when you just want to hand out at the deck after a long day in the sea or ocean or aren’t going for an intense fishing session.

For all those days your feet don’t really need much protection from the outside components and you can easily opt for those boat flip flops. The Freewaters charger is just that and is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable slip-on you would ever lay your foot on.

Fishing Footwear
Freewaters Charger

The foot bed is all ribbed and squishy which means that your feet are going to be absolutely comfortable even if you decide to walk. The molded heel cup and the arch support cushion strides are also worth mentioning. The straps of the flip-flops are also ideal for securing the foot.

11. Xtratuf Performance Ankle Deck Boot

If you are into some serious angling, the Xtratuf Performance Ankle Deck Boot is exactly what you need. Considered as one of the best rubber fishing boots, they do not allow even a drop of water to touch your feet.

This is especially beneficial for those winter days when the water is beyond cold. This boot has been made from lightweight EVA material and would keep you stable even in the wettest and slippery of situations.

fishing footwear
Xtratuf Performance Ankle Deck Boot

The breathable XpressCool lining is antimicrobial so as to protect your feet against bacteria and fungi that might cause odor. This also makes it the best deck boots as it is lightweight and the ankle-height length makes it easy to walk.

12. Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

The Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes is considered as one of the top-rated jetty fishing shoes. This shoe is an excellent combination of style and functionality and is made up of a synthetic mesh. What makes it different from other brands? Then it’s the mesh design that is incorporated on the top as well as in the rubber sole.

Anglers looking for swanky shoes can definitely invest their money in this fishing footwear. The shoe is extremely lightweight which makes the wearer feel as if he/she is wearing nothing at all.

Fishing Footwear
Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This shoe works perfectly well on and off the water. You could even walk in them comfortably as the insoles are cushioned. The shoes have an excellent bounce back and are rather durable. The lace-tied system means that it would keep your feet all cozy and secure. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can choose the one that suits your preference.

13. Tommy Hilfiger Bowman Boat Shoe

This shoe is a loafer design model that you can wear it while on the deck or while you are chilling with your buddies. The shoe sole is made up of sleek leather while the whole shoe is of leather having rawhide laces.

Looking for long lasting shoes? Then this shoe is made of pure leather, which means that it is going to last you for a really long time while the rubber sole means that it would prevent you from falling on slick surfaces.

Fishing Footwear
Tommy Hilfiger Bowman Boat Shoe

The heel of the shoe measures approximately 0.5” while the shaft measures about 3” from the arch. The shoe also has a 360-degree lacing system which means that it is going to fit you securely. Also, it is very convenient as all you need to do is slip them on. Available in beautiful colors like gray, brown and navy, you get the chance to make your pick.

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14. Simms Vapor Boot

The Simms Vapor Boot has a minimalistic design and whether you are into angling or hiking, this is the best shoe for you.

Being so versatile, this is surprisingly lighter and shorter than most of the other models. The upper cover is made up of ripstop nylon, synthetic leather along with a durable triple-stitched rubber rand. The shoe has padded collar and neoprene liners that not only keep your feet snugly and comfortably but also offers superior ankle support.

fishing footwear
Simms Vapor Boots Source

Considered as the best offshore fishing shoes, these are definitely worth investing in if you want the functionality of hiking as well as angling shoe in one. The cool thing about this shoe is that no matter what happens, it is going to last you for a really really long time.

15. Shimano Evair

Having lower limbs trouble? Worry not, Shimano Evair is the brand that you should go for if you have any foot problems.

It is an ultra lightweight (Weighing less than 9 oz/shoe) which is completely waterproof. The shoe has been designed and made from molded EVA which means that it is well capable of absorbing heel shocks and thereby reducing foot fatigue.

Fishing footwear
Shimano Evair

Check out the shoes closely, you would notice that the top of the shoe has seven holes. There are additional holes that circle the sole, heel and ball. With so many holes present in the shoe, your feet can breathe easily.

Would you want to know the best thing about this fishing footwear? Then it is so light that anglers almost feel like they are wearing nothing on their foot. The shoe has an Ergonomic arch design, non-marking rubber outsoles and inner sole that can be removed quite easily. Water can easily get drained from such a shoe and that means that your feet would dry rather quickly.

16. AFTCO Beachcomber Sandals

Do you hate wearing shoes that keep your feet enclosed? Then how about this super cool flip flops?

These flip-flops are nothing too fancy and serve their purpose quite well. If you too are into flip-flops, you might want to consider this one from AFTCO. They reveal a lot of your foot but do you know why anglers opt for them? Then the simple reason is that the shoes are extremely comfortable.

Fishing footwear
AFTCO Beachcomber Sandals

These flip-flops have leather straps and upper, a footbed that is molded, skid-resistant rubber outsoles and an arch support. This is the perfect combination of a practical design that is comfortable and functional. You can wear it when you go fishing and be sure of not skidding off.

17. Simms Currents

How amazing would it be if you had fishing footwear that provided- Slip-resistant outsoles, cushioned soles, breathability?

Simms footwear does have all these features along with seamless quick-dry mesh uppers which are well capable of fighting water retention issues.

Fishing footwear
Simms Currents

The shoe also has a stretchy Lycra heel and an Agion anti-odor technology. This means that your feet would not only remain snug and comfortable but would also be able to breathe. This would ensure that your foot doesn’t have that bad odor which is the most common problem that anglers face.

When you are fishing all day, you would want your feet to remain comfortable and this is what shoe ensures. It also features a siped sole for maximum traction and a non-marking outsole so as to prevent scarring on the deck of the boat.

For most of the people, when they are fishing or boating, comfort and style go hand in- hand. You need to choose one which you think would be most appropriate for you.

Keep in mind all of the tips and make your pick from the above-listed fishing footwear. Next time when you go fishing, show off your style. Happy Fishing!!

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