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7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times

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Fishing, as a passionate sport, can be quite exciting and enticing. However, no one is born an angler, one learns it over the years, with dedication and experience. When you connect with a passion you also tend to love books and novels related to the same. Well, whether you love fishing or not, if you love reading you will definitely connect. We bring forth the best fishing books and novels to read; this list is a compilation of all that you would ever want to read about fishing!

A Compilation of the Best Fishing Books on Fishing

Here is a list of some classic fishing books which would definitely ignite a zeal for fishing in you and increase your knowledge on the topic as well.

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The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, 1952

This book has been written by Ernest Hemingway and depicts the life and story of a Spanish fisherman in Cuba who goes for 84 days without catching a fish and hence was termed to be extremely unlucky. However, on the eighty-fifth day, he heads to the Gulf Stream where he manages to get his hands on a large marlin but ends up in a great battle with the fish which leaves him wounded and ‘in-pain.’ The story is an excellent narration of the zeal and compassion of the old fisherman who does not give up on his mission, but unlucky as he was, on his way back home the marlin is attacked by sharks leaving behind just the skeleton for him to carry back with him. The novel speaks of his victory and triumph as an honorable fisherman who had so far been shunned by his fellowmen. This is by far one of the best fishing books to read.

7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times
The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, 1952 (Source )

The Perfect Storm- Sebastian Junger, 1997

The Perfect Storm is yet another classic and an all-time favorite book on fishing which is based on a real-life incident which had struck North America, featuring the members of the fishing boat named Andrea Crew while undergoing long line fishing for Swordfish from Gloucester, Massachusetts. This fishing book speaks of a highly thrilling experience from real-life, defining the deadly and dreadful heart of nature while leaving the readers petrified and breathless to understand how helpless one feels when gripped with a force which is beyond human control. The book is highly enticing and exciting which holds the nerve of the reader till the last page.

7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times
The Perfect Storm- Sebastian Junger, 1997 (Source )

A River Runs Through it- Norman Maclean, 1976

This fishing book was published by the University of Chicago Press in the year 1976. It is a semi-autobiographical collection of three stories and deals in detailed descriptions on fishing and its related engagements. The book captivates the reader with its highly interesting autobiographical elegy giving it the shape of a unique and marvelous story.

7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times
A River runs through it- Norman Maclean, 1976 (Source )

The Hungry Ocean, Linda Greenlaw, 1999

Yet another masterpiece, Linda Greenlaw pens down a wonderful experience as a daring and triumphant woman who tries to reach the highest level by captaining a crew of strong men in one of the so-called most dangerous professions which also happens to be highly male-dominated as well. Considered to be one of the most appreciated fishing books, this gives a detailed and crystal clear description of fishing in a modern swordfish boat on the Grand Banks. A sea-lover is sure to love this one for sure.

7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times
The Hungry Ocean, Linda Greenlaw, 1999 ( Source )

Greatest Fishing Stories Ever told – Eight Unforgettable Fishing Tales by Lamar Underwood

This book is yet another masterpiece and comprises of twenty-eight exciting stories on fishing, each of which is extremely enticing and exciting to read. It appeals to every lover of the sport as it takes you to a dream-world of places best suitable for fishing, some already visited by you and some which you crave to visit. It speaks of every kind of fish one can dream of catching in every possible place be it a river, estuary or ocean. This fishing book even accounts for personal experiences by renowned lovers of this sport and their adventures. In a nutshell, this book is a unique composition showcasing how fishing can create a strong personal connectivity between man and nature.

7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times
Unforgettable Fishing Tales by Lamar Underwood (Source )

Moby Dick by Herman Melville, 1851

Also known as The Whale, this novel is a narration by the sailor, Ishmael, who pens down the quest of Ahab, the captain of the whaler the Pequod. It is about taking revenge against the white whale, Moby Dick, who had bitten Ahab knee in his previous sea excursion. The author has used various literary devices which have been inspired and adapted from Shakespeare and The Bible. This makes it a must-read for lovers of the art and sport.

7 Best Fishing Books and Novels of All Times
Moby Dick by Herman Melville, 1851 (Source )

The Longest Silence – A Life in Fishing by Thomas McGuane

Written in the form of a compilation of 33 essays, this book by Thomas McGuane has been composed beautifully to express a lifetime spent fishing, in the most breathtaking manner. It speaks about the passion one can have for the sport intertwined with glimpses of moving waters and classification of anglers to capture the fly-fishers world. What makes this book a success story is the wit, grit, and grace which promises to entertain the reader till the last page.

These fishing books are literary gems all hooked intensely into the world of fishing. Also, if you are planning a gift for someone who loves fishing, it’s a great gift!

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