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Fishing 101: Tips for New Anglers

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Amidst various outdoor activities, fishing has a class of its own – sitting by the shore, enthralled by nature, the open air and serene waters. To add to its charm is the time in solitude. Isn’t it fascinating? As new anglers, you’ve got your gear and now you hit the nearest water body in hope of catching a fish. But days and weeks go by without any catches. Well, here are a few helpful tips to get your first few catches.

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10 Tips for New Anglers

1. Study Your Target Fish

Understanding the species of fish being targeted is critical to catching it. Talk to or observe local fishermen or anglers and gain as much knowledge possible about the native fish of the area. Take tips from them if they are forthcoming or research on the internet the feeding habits of the target species and find techniques for catching them.

Tips for New Anglers
Understand the target species ( Image Source )

2. Bait Well

Using worms is the most common method used to bring fishes closer. Know the type of fishes you are trying to catch and select the feed/lure accordingly. Being new anglers, if you are not sure about the fish species, opt for worms which work well for most fishes.

Tips for New Anglers
Worms work well for fishes ( Image Source )

3. Time of Day

Early mornings and sunset have traditionally been very productive times. Once the sun is fully up most of the fish are less active and you will have work harder to attract them.

4. Use Temperature to Your Advantage

Fishes prefer a temperature which delivers maximum oxygen and is most comfortable for their bodies to tolerate. Do your research and analyze the areas with perfect temperatures. You will inevitably find the maximum number of fishes there.

Tips for New Anglers
Analyze the areas with perfect temperature ( Image Source )

5. Look for Structures

Fish like to hide under or around structures, like fallen tree in the water, or underwater bush, or rock outcrops, a sunken boat, breakwater, jetty etc. Survey the waterbody to find such structures and try fishing in these places.

6. Change Your Location

If you can’t catch fishes even after having all the equipment in place, try changing your location. There is a possibility that your present fishing location inhabits lesser fishes than you expect. Look for areas with moderate water temperature, to find a better density of fishes.

7. Change the Depth

Fishes are unpredictable. If you don’t find them on the surface, try going deep. Adjust the weight on your bait with a jig or a spoon. You can also opt for a metal bait for better results. Lures which reach different depths should be tried.

Tips for New Anglers
Understand the depth for a better catch ( Image Source )

8. Fish in Faster Water

Your trick during fishing is the feed you use and fishes are smart enough to figure that out. They can be tricky when it comes to picking the feed. Amidst slow currents, they have the time to wait for the best opportunity, however, in fast currents they need to grab it before the feed drifts away. This becomes your opportunity to achieve success at the activity.

Tips for New Anglers
Fishing in rapids can be fulfilling ( Image Source )

9. Stay Hidden

Remember, if you can see the fishes, they can see you too. They can feel vibrations in water and estimate presence at the shore. Stay hidden or reduce your visibility to avoid escape of the fishes. Use camouflage dressing techniques to further reduce your visibility.

10. Have Patience

Patience is the most important trait for fishing. You may get lucky at times and catch a fish in the beginning, else, it may take hours. Whatever be the case, don’t lose patience. At the end of the day, you will be successful in your little adventure.

Tips for New Anglers
Patience is the key to fishing ( Image Source )

Once you are all set with your equipment as new anglers, use the techniques you’ve learnt for a brilliant fishing experience. Have fun all the way, as you figure out new ways of becoming better at the activity.

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