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Yoga for Cyclists: 15 Best Poses for Stronger and Flexible Body

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Are you willing to pursue a career in the field of cycling and thereby wondering about the best possible way to achieve your goal? In order to gain success in this competitive field, it will not just only be wise for you to become aware of unique riding techniques but also need to gather detail knowledge about different poses of yoga that will enhance muscle strength and stamina to face challenges in a smart way. Yoga has been derived from a Sanskrit word “yuj” which means the union of body and mind. According to a study, it has been found that the different poses of yoga can help in improving muscles strength, stamina, concentration, balance, confidence and even immune system. Below are discussed about benefits of yoga for cyclists and major poses which will help you to face various challenges of your professional field with lots of confidence and strength.

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  • Importance of Yoga for Cyclists
  • Top 15 Yoga Poses for Cyclists
  • Why You Should Do Yoga Post Cycling
  • Summing Up

Importance of Yoga for Cyclists

Whether you are going to take part in a competition or an extreme training session, yoga poses can certainly be very beneficial for you to handle the challenges of cycling in a smart way. According to several clinical studies, it has been found that indulging yourself in a yoga session before cycling is a smart way to get warmed up and also be prepared for cycling long hours without any sort of stress. The yoga sequence for cyclists can help you to get rid of the stiffness in your muscles and thereby enable you to climb tough roads with an ease. Besides this, yoga for cyclists can also be a great way to stay calm, energized, relaxed and co-ordinate breathing properly in order to handle extreme sessions of cycling in a comfortable and confident way.

yoga for cyclists
Why Yoga is Essential for Bikers

Yoga for Cyclists- Top Poses to Perform

If you are professional cyclist or willing to start a career in this field then make sure to check out the top yoga poses that have been discussed below and thereby get the opportunity to strengthen your muscles, stay healthy and enhance the flexibility of your legs and upper body safely. 

1. Foreword fold with hands interlaced behind back (Uttanasana)

Uttanasana also referred to as “Standing forward bend pose” is a major yoga good for cyclists. This wonderful yoga for cyclists will not just only help in healing but also ensure to rejuvenate the body. In this form of asana, since the head stays below the heart, it ensures proper circulation of blood towards the head rather than the feet and thereby enables you to feel energized due to the adequate flow of oxygen to your various cells. Uttanasana will help in providing a good stretch to your calves, hips, hamstrings, and back. Besides this, Uttanasana will not just only enable you to get rid of anxiety but also help your knees and thighs to gain more amount energy to face challenges of cycling smartly. Below are discussed about major steps of this yoga for cyclists.

  • Keeping your stomach and bowels empty is yoga essential to get best results.
  • Make sure to stand straight and keep your shoulder and feet apart.
  • Breathe out and start bending down gently from the hips and place the stomach and chest on your thighs.
  • Lastly, interlace both hands together and allow them to hang over the head.
yoga for cyclists
Uttanasana for strengthening calves, hamstrings

2. Pyramid Pose (Parsvottonasana)

Parsvottonasana also called as the “Intense Side Stretch” is also an important stretching for cycling as it helps in relaxing the brain and strengthening the legs. This major yoga for cyclists also helps in improving the posture of a person and even enables him to maintain a sense of balance. Check out the major steps of Parsvottonasana discussed below.

  • Firstly, bring the right foot forward and keep the other leg behind. Ensure to straighten both the legs. 
  • Bend your torso forward from the hips until its parallel to the floor.
  • Lastly, you need to place your fingertips on either side of your right floor and stay in the same position for few minutes. 
  • Ensure to repeat the same steps by keeping left leg forward. 
Parsvottonasana to improve your balance

3. Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana /Adomuka Svanasana) yoga for cyclists

Kapotasana and Adomuka Svanasana are also one of the major yoga poses that will enable you to face the challenges of cycling conveniently. 

Benefits of Kapotasana for cyclists

  • Enhance the elasticity of thigh, spine, calf muscles and arms. 
  • Helps in reducing stiffness in back, shoulders and hips. 
  • Helps in strengthening the joints and muscles of the legs.

Benefits of Adomuka Svanasana for cyclists

  • Will help in strengthening the abdominal muscles which support the spine. 
  • Help to get rid of stiffness in the shoulders. 
  • This yoga for cyclists will enhance the stability in feet and hands.
pigeon pose for cyclist
Pigeon pose for flexible body

4. Half Splits (Ardha Hanumanasana)

Ardha Hanumanasana is also a major stretching for cycling that helps in increasing the mobility of the hip joint.

Some of the major benefits of this yoga sequence for cyclists are-

  • Helps in strengthening hamstring.
  • Will help to get rid of the sciatic pain.
  • Ensures proper stretching of calves, low-back, hips and hamstrings. 

Major steps of Ardha Hanumanasana

  • Bring the left leg towards the back and bend it from the knee. 
  • Place the right leg at the front in a straight position.
  • Keep your fingers on either side of the front leg.
  • Lastly, you need to move your chest forward and maintain the position for few minutes.
half monkey pose

5. Low Lunge (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Ashwa Sanchalanasana, a popular yoga for cyclists helps in increasing the will-power and confidence of a person.

Some of the other benefits of this yoga are-

  • Help in providing strength to groin, chest and thighs.
  • Ensures proper stretching of armpits, neck and shoulders.

Major steps of Ashwa Sanchalanasana 

  • Ensure to stack the left knee and even the ankle.
  • Stretch your right leg towards the back so that the whole weight of your body is on your right thigh. 
  • Lastly, you have to curve your spine, tilt head back and roll your shoulder towards the back side and hold this specific position for few minutes.
Ashwa Sanchalanasana
Ashwa Sanchalanasana stretches your entire body

6. Cat /Cow (Marjaryasana/ Bitilasana)

Marjaryasana or Bitilasana is a combination of 2 major poses of yoga for cyclists that will help in massaging the spine and even belly organs.

Some of the major benefits that you will enjoy with the help of these yoga poses are-

  • Ensures proper blood circulation in the body.
  • Help in strengthening the spinal column.
  • Ensures proper stretching of torso and back.

Important steps of combination of Marjaryasana and Bitilasana 

  • Start from hands and knees in tabletop position.
  • For Marjaryasana, ensure to check that your back is in round position and your head is gently releasing towards the floor.
  • For Bitilasana, allow your belly to sink towards the floor and start gazing upward to ensure that your spine is in the shape of an arch.
cat cow pose
Cat Cow Pose

7. Half Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Dhanurasana or Half Bow Pose is extremely beneficial to get rid of back pain and neck pain after a long ride. Besides this, it will also help in energizing and strengthening your entire body and even ensure to enhance your core body strength. 

Vital Steps of Dhanurasana

  • Ensure to lie on your belly.
  • Bend your left knee and use your left hand to hold the left ankle.
  • Lastly, you need to stretch your right arm and raise your head, chin, chest and shoulder above the ground and breathe in a normal manner.
Dhanurasana for entire body stretch

8. Seated Twist (Matsyendrasana)

Seated Twist yoga pose helps in providing a simple twist to the spinal column for its restoration and normal rotation. The Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana) and Seated Forward Fold (Janushirshasana) are two major types of Seated Twist yoga poses that are highly beneficial for the professional and amateur cyclists.

Some of the major benefits of the above poses of yoga for cyclists-

  • Ensures to improve the overall posture.
  • Helps in proper stretching of muscles and spine.
  • Help to get rid of the lower back pain.
seated twist
Seated twist for your spines (source)

9. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

The Setu Bandhasana is certainly beneficial for the cyclists who want to get rid of tiredness before or even after a long ride. With the help of this asana, it will be easier for you to strengthen the back portion of your body in a smart way. 

Steps of Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

  • Lie on your back with feet flat and knees bent.
  • Place your palms on either side facing downwards. 
  • Lastly, ensure to press down your arms and feet for lifting your hip.
bridge pose
Bridge pose to strengthen your back (source)

10. Chaturanga (Lower Push up Position)

The Chaturanga or lower push up position is a great way to enhance the strength of the lower and core body. This unique yoga position is extremely beneficial for the cyclists because the movement from the upper to that of the lower push resembles the motion that you experience on the handlebar while riding your cycle on mountain slopes

plank position
Chaturanga works on your core and lower body

11. Upward Facing Dog 

This unique yoga for cyclists is a variation of Lower Push up position in which you need to stretch the front portion of your body upward.

Some of the major benefits of Upward-facing Dog position or Urdhva Mukha Asana are-

  • Helps in strengthening the wrist, arms and spine. 
  • Ensures proper stretching of abdomen, shoulders, lungs and chest.
  • Helps in improving body posture. 
  • Will help to get rid of fatigue and tiredness.
Upward Facing Dog 
Upward Facing Dog perfect for post cycling (source)

12. Warrior One

The Warrior one or Virabhadrasana is also one of the powerful yoga poses that will help in increasing the stability, power and focus of the cyclists.

Major benefits of Virabhadrasana experienced by the professional cyclist are-

  • This yoga for cyclists helps in strengthening the ankles, back and thighs. 
  • Helps in enhancing coordination, balance and stamina. 
  • Ensures proper stretching of lungs and chest which leads to improvement in breathing capability while cycling high slopes.
  • Helps in warming and strengthening the muscles.

Important steps of Warrior One 

  • Step your feet about 4 to 5 feet apart.
  • Ensure to check that your right foot is at 90 degrees and toes pointing towards the top. 
  • Move your arms towards the sky and even keep them parallel to each other.
  • Make sure to pivot your left leg inward at about 45 degrees. 
  • Gently tilt your head towards the back and start gazing the thumbs. 
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute for best results.
warrior pose
Warrior pose enhances your coordination 

13. Side Arm Balance

The Side Arm Balance is rarely considered by the cyclists but it is one of the major yoga poses that will help you in maintaining a proper posture while cycling. The side arm balance poses help in enhancing the core and muscle strength to ensure that a cyclist is able to handle challenges confidently.

Side Arm Balance
Side Arm Balance to maintain good posture

14. Intense Front Body Stretch or Purvottanasana 

The Intense Front Body Stretch is certainly beneficial as it helps in strengthening the lower back position. With the help of this yoga for cyclists, it will be easier for you to get rid of the pain which generally occurs due to bending forward towards the handlebar while riding long hours.

Purvottanasana for stronger lower back

15. Dolphin Pose

The Dolphin pose is also a major yoga for cyclists because it helps in alignment of the upper portion of the body.

Some of the major benefits of dolphin yoga poses are-

  • The dolphin yoga poses ensure proper stretching of calves, arches and hamstrings.
  • Strengthens the legs and arms.
  • Opens up the inner armpits, chest and shoulders.

Major steps of Dolphin Pose

  • Begin on your hands and knees.
  • Ensures to align the wrists under the shoulders and place knees directly under the knees. 
  • Make sure to tuck the toes under and then press your tail towards the sky.
  • Hold this position for at least 2 minutes for best results.
yoga for cyclists
Dolphin pose redefines your upper body strength (source)

Why You Should Do Yoga Post Cycling

Are you aware of the fact that yoga can be very much beneficial after a strenuous workout or cycling session? The various poses of yoga can smartly help you in stretching the muscle that you have used while cycling and as a result, ensure to speed up the recovery process. Clinical studies have highlighted that yoga post cycling can help in providing a good amount of oxygen to the various muscles and thereby help you to get rid of soreness. Post cycling your body turns stiff and hence it is important to stretch the post-cycling muscles and yoga is the best bet. Make sure to become aware of the restorative yoga for cyclists to relax your body and mind after a stressful activity in a wonderful way.

Summing Up  

If you are in search of yoga for pro then make sure to consider the above yoga poses and even gather information about yoga essential in order to face the challenges of cycling in a smart way. Feel free to convey information about any other poses of yoga for pro in order to gain success in the field of cycling.

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