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Top 10 Cycling Movies to See: Informative, Inspiring, and Heartwarming!

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If you’re a cyclist yearning for creative inspiration, why not try out cinema? There are numerous movies dedicated to cycling that you probably never thought about. Check out this list of top 10 cycling movies from over the years. They are definitely worth a watch, you may view cycling from a whole new perspective, who knows.

For the Love of Cycling: Top 10 Cycling Movies of All Time!

The list of bicycle movies contains action, drama, animation, cycling documentaries, and biopics – now try your pick!

The Flying Scotsman, 2006

This film is based on the true events of cyclist Graeme Obree, a former world champion who gained his title of one-hour world record breaker, using a bike he created out of old washing machine parts. His story is weighed with triumph and his battle with mental illness. Definitely worth being in the top 10 cycling movies.

Bicycle Dreams, 2009

This film is a documentary on Race Across America, a 3000 mile long bicycling cross country race. It may very well be one of the hardest races to endure. This film came out in 2009 and features adrenaline pumped contestants of the race who wish to complete it in just 10 days. The film highlights their vision, struggle, and success.

American Flyers, 1985

Kevin Costner stars in this film about two feuding brothers, who try to settle their disputes with a 3-day bike race in the mountains. One of the brothers, however, is destined to never finish the race. Witness exquisite view of the Rockies mountains, tragedy, and drama, in this classic film.

Road to Roubaix, 2008

This film is a documentary on the most honorable 1-day cycling race in the world, that Paris has to offer. It shows the preparation and nervousness involved in this tedious and 160-mile long race through the country, ending at the Roubaix Velodrome.

Rad, 1986

A small town tries to raise money by hosting a BMX cash prize race. Hero of the story Cru Jones must compete against the best in the Helltrack. This movie is full of perfectly executed stunts, action, and joy. Coupled with a great playlist from the 80’s, the movie is perfect for BMX enthusiasts and nostalgic thrill seekers.

Chasing Legends, 2010

Virtually ride the Tour de France in this 2010 documentary about the world’s most popular cycling race. Through the perspective of Team Columbia–HTC, witness the passion, drive, and dedication of cyclists. With interviews of the race from commentators, competitors, and experts, you get the history of this monumental event.

Breaking Away, 1979

This coming of age film is all about love, rivalry and the joy of cycling. It’s the precious dream of every cyclist to one day become a pro, like the young Dennis Quaid in this film dreams to achieve. He faces the dilemma of applying to college or chasing his dream of becoming a cyclist. In 1980 this film won an Academy award for Best Screenplay.

Stars and Watercarriers, 1974

This sequential 11 part documentary was probably the first of its kind and set the bar for more cycling documentaries to come. Focusing on the Giro d’Italia or Tour of Italy, we see the world champions compete and rivalries flame, while director Jørgen Leth shows us the race as it is, from different perspectives.

The Triplets of Belleville, 2003

This Oscar-winning animated comedy feature idolizes the story of a grandmother who helps her grandson become a cyclist and winner of the Tour de France. The grandson is kidnapped by the mafia and it is up to the grandmother, three veteran jazz singers, and a dog to save the boy. This fun French movie features an original jazz soundtrack and is a great watch.

A Sunday in Hell, 1976

Another great film by Jørgen Leth, this documentary focuses on the Paris Roubaix race in 1976, and the feud between cyclist legends Eddy Merckx and Roger De Vlaeminck. Once again giving you an insider look at this famous race, the director manages to leave you with a whole new outlook on pro cycling.

Do we need to give you more reasons to watch these top 10 cycling movies?

Get some popcorn and take a break from actual cycling, by watching these heroes on screen and the bike race movie list marathon is on!

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