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17 countries, 38 borders and 21000 kms till date: The Indo-Japanese Couple Cycling Across the Globe!

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What do you do when you want to travel the world? Well, if you really want to and have the desire to live your passions, you just embark on the journey and begin! Meet the amazing and inspiring Bangalore based Indo-Japanese couple "“ Sushi and Sambar! Sunil Kaushik and his wife, Yuka Yokozawa have crossed 38 borders and travelled around 21,000 kms across 17 countries (from Laos to Uzbekistan) on a folding bicycle and that too on a budget of less than $5 a day! 


Sunil Kaushik and his wife
Sunil Kaushik and his wife, Yuka Yokozawa (source)

It's been over a year now as they started their journey from Thailand in January 2016. Across the span of over 380 days, they have "been there, seen this and done that!" From witnessing various festivals and events to trying an array of dishes, from doing odd jobs to getting lost in a desert "“ their experiences are worth every mention. They have tried several jobs like Teaching, Consulting, working in restaurants, farming in raspberry fields and vineyards, and so much more! Yuka loves food and has experimented with every possible cuisine. 

In December 2016, they were invited as TED speakers at Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia where they got an opportunity to talk about their journey. They summarized it in 17 minutes and encouraged people to follow their passions. They wanted people to understand and experience the journey from their viewpoint!

Speaking about the experience, Sunil Kumar, who had worked for IBM and Cognizant spoke to Times of India and said: "I was always interested in seeing the world on a bicycle. I rode from Kanyakumari to Leh when I shared my dream of staying on the road like a nomad, and Yuka loved it. We eventually married and started leading an ordinary life, saving up for the trip. I never owned a car and commuted to work on a bicycle. This is how my passion for a bicycle trip grew stronger."

Along with Yuka, Sunil started preparing for the trip. They practiced for over a month on their touring bicycles, when they met two boys from Malaysia who advised them to use the folding bicycles as it's easier and convenient to hitchhike! However, they realized that they didn't have a budget for folding bikes but approached Brompton, one of the best folding bike companies and got a large discount from them. Since the shipping cost was too high, a friend"˜s friend helped them by bringing along the cycles from London to Bengaluru. They received their bike on the day they were flying to Thailand to begin their trip!

Having started their journey from Asia, Sunil and Yuka are currently travelling through Europe. They are also in the process of writing the book titled #GoldenHeartsontheroad. This Indo-Japanese Couple has been documenting their cycling journey on social media and are on an epic bicycle tour across the globe. Their bicycle diaries, "Sushi and Sambar on the Silk Route" can be followed here.

Via Times Of India

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