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7 Signs to Check whether Your Cycling Skills are Improving

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Cycling is one of the many activities that improve your overall fitness level. It’s an intoxicating recreational activity that is loved by the young and old, alike. Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular with the essential cycling skills, you must have experienced the different levels of riding and the amount of effort it takes to be good at it.

The art of cycling cannot be aced in one go and only regular riding can help us master the activity.

So, have your riding improved?

While some continue with their passion for cycling, others might stop when they feel they are getting nowhere. As a cycling enthusiast, you would certainly want to know the signs that indicate your improvement in cycling!

Check the signs!


7 Signs that your Cycling Skills are getting Better

Improved Stamina

The journey from a first-time rider to an ace cyclist involves much patience and endurance.

The beginning is always the toughest when your stamina is very low. You need more stamina to cover longer distances without causing strain to your body.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

Regular cycling automatically increases your cardiovascular stamina by exercising your heart and lungs. When you are no longer huffed and puffed at covering long distances, it is a tell-tale sign that your stamina levels are definitely on a high and your cycling skills are getting better!

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Lower Heart Rate While Cycling

Beginners experience an increased heart rate while cycling, as it is a major cardio workout and the body is yet to get used to the rigorous exercise.

But as the riding frequency and cycling skills improve, the body gets accustomed to this kind of activity, which in turn lowers your heart rate by splitting the strain effectively between your heart and leg muscles.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

So be patient and ride some extra distance every day in order to gradually train your body and watch your heart rate go back to normal.

Improved Riding Skills

As you ride more, you become aware of the different techniques and strategies of cycling and tend to apply them often.

Using the gears and brakes efficiently as per the track and by learning from your own riding experiences is the key to make the most of your ride.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

Your approach to riding would have significantly changed from the time you began to your current riding expertise, deciding how to go about for every path that you cross.

You now know for sure when to use your strength, gears or brakes!

Keeping Pace is Easy

When you cycle regularly, keeping pace with the other riders becomes a cakewalk! What was once a tough task, you now find yourself in line with fellow riders and even overtaking a few of them.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

The improved energy levels encourage you to cycle more often and enjoy every challenge that comes your way.

More Awareness While Cycling

As you cycle more often, your body reflexes come automatically making it easier for you to cycle. You get into a pattern wherein besides your cycling, you are also able to notice things around you.

Your focus slowly shifts from just pedalling to being aware of your surroundings.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

From rash drivers, slippery roads, dogs and on-road obstacles to how your fellow partners are riding, the traffic – you are now able to sense the visible dangers and ride carefully.

Relaxed Cycling

Your cycling skills are improving, when you are relaxed and no longer panic while riding even during the peak traffic hour.

Unlike in the beginning, you’re more confident now, without feeling the need to hold on tightly to your handlebars fearing a fall or hesitate to use hand signals to indicate that you are crossing or turning.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

You are now predictable for drivers around you making it safe for you as well as them.This also means that you are now able to cycle stress-free, with your mind and body coordinating well.

You Know Your Bike Well

So much so for your partner who shares your passion – your bike! It has almost become a part of you and you are able to sense every little squeak that indicates any trouble.

Every little part of your bike becomes familiar to you.

7 Signs Your Cycling Skills are Improving

You now tend to check it regularly, ensuring that the tyres are full of air, the chain is oiled and the breaks are working fine.

This is important as it ensures your safety as well as makes your bike perform at its optimum level.

If you are able to relate to the above-mentioned points and already experiencing most of them, you sure know that your cycling has improved. And for those of you who are not there yet, can gauge their level of progress by checking themselves against these signs.

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Do tell us your cycling story here and any other signs that hint you’ve become a better rider.