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Road Biking Training Programs: Training Fundamentals for New Cyclists

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If you are an athlete above everything and think of improving your cycling skill each day, then this article is for you. Cycling is something that asks for a lot of physical stamina and dedication from those who practice it. Not only fitness but a lot of other areas also get involved in this sport. To carry on with this laborious activity, you need to work on your training consistently.

Before we begin, let us tell you that any kind of training should be done in moderation. Doing extreme workouts that leave you drained out for the next two to three days does more harm than bringing any good. If you do not recover from your training session within 48 hours of completion then you are not training with moderation.

Having said that we present to you some tips that are fundamental but extremely effective for the cyclists who participate in road biking training programs.

Keep reading to all of these basic training tips for cyclists. We also have an advanced training tips sheet for cycling enthusiasts who are one step ahead of the beginner’s level.

Also, learn how to prepare biking in cold weather.

Road Biking Training Programs for Beginners

road cyclists
On Your Mark, Get Set, Pedal! (source)

If you want to see yourself as an endurance athlete and want to participate in any of the upcoming cycling events, then you must prepare well. As a cycling beginner, you should aim to keep going in the race rather than hoping for the gold medal (in your first attempt).

That is not to say that you cannot go for the gold but let’s begin we the training session now and we shall know about the winning possibilities towards the end of the training period.

If that sounds good, then here are the training fundamentals for all cyclist.

Let’s begin!

Get a Plan

To achieve real success, you have to reach up to Cat 3 or you have to achieve a belt buckle in Leadville 100. No matter what you have to stick to a proper cycling training plan. Put all your dedication to the training and you will get desired results.

Crush the Plan If Needed

You may have a plan with a set of intervals. But if your legs are hurting like anything due to hard training, crush the plan. Don’t overdo anything. Instead, you can stick to light spin training on the next day to start hard on the other day with full energy.

Apply Alternate Power on Training

Cycling for Calves
Cycling Keeps Your Calves in Shape (source)

The road biking training programs offer multiple tips. One of the tips is to strengthen the legs. To make the legs stronger, you have to train as hard as you can for a day. On the other day, keep it real slow. The alternate application of power and energy would make tour legs stronger for sure.

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You are Your Coach

Cycling is a group sport. That is why; no matter if it is one of the road biking training programs or a race, you will get to talk to a lot of people. But no matter whom you meet and discuss the plans with, always stick to your own bicycle training. Try not to be affected by anyone’s plan even if it seems more effective than yours.

Challenge What Seems Challenging

Be it a cycling training program for intermediate or a cycling training plan for racing, you have to give your 100%. As cycling training are laborious, you will obviously find them challenging. But challenging the challenge is the key to reach to the success.

Chant Progress

Never Give Up!

Cadence, log miles, intervals along with many other workouts are important for the cyclists. Keep only progress in mind as your goal. And follow your fitness routine religiously.

Make Your Body Stronger

It is your body that lets you perform at the road biking training programs. To keep it strong and flexible, you must hit the gym at least twice a week. One of the most important strength training exercises for cyclists is working on the core muscles is a must. Proper exercising always helps a cyclist in keeping severe back pain and uncomfortable thighs away.

Visualise Your Power

You have to think positive while maintaining a cycling training plan. Convince your mind that you are capable of doing more than you do regularly. Do this for a while and the results will definitely surprise you.

Maintain a Diet

Maintaining a proper and healthy diet is an essential part of strength training for a cyclist. Eat every day keeping the race day in mind. You can experiment with the diet for solid energy build up. Try a diet plan that you find exclusively suitable for your training.

Cherish the Sport

No matter how unapologetically hard your bicycle training is. At the end of the day, it is a sport and a sport is always recreational. You must obviously keep winning in mind as your goal. But don’t forget to enjoy the goodness of practicing the sport by the pressure of your ambition.

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Now you know the basic tips of biking. Here are some more tips on cycling training that will give you some advanced level information regarding the same.

Cycling Training Tips for Enthusiasts

If you think you are one step ahead of the cycling beginners than here’s a road biking training program for you!

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Plan Your Training Sessions Moderately

Avoid Intense Workout Just Before the Race

If you don’t plan your road biking training programs moderately, you will harm yourself. Excessive exercising and bringing drastic changes to training sessions can make you feel tired and painful.

You have to notice if the pain and lethargy are leaving you within two days or not. If the results are negative, then it is a sign that you are overdoing it. You can definitely increase the time of your exercising sessions but you must increase the time gradually.

Your body will comprehend the changes better this sway. And within a few days, you are guaranteed to notice the positive changes in your body and fitness level.

Head for a Consistent Training

Cycling training can offer you great results only then when you practice it consistently. Moderate training on a regular basis will automatically push you towards consistency. You have to be utterly disciplined about strength training for cyclists.

You can never take a day off from training. You can never skip a single workout session. Because tampering the training schedule means tampering your goals.

Make Workouts Increasingly Like the Race

Cycilng workout
Pedal LIke You Want to Win

As the race day comes near, cyclists tend to work out more. The training sessions become stricter. It is anything but natural. It is said that the performance of a cyclist depends on the road biking training programs he has gone through in the last six weeks prior to the race day.

This is why the last six-week cycling training plan for racing is most important. If you were superbly active and dedicated on those weeks, you can think yourself half the way towards accomplishment.

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To be superbly prepared for the race, a lot of professional cyclists plan their training lightly for these weeks. It sounds surprising but it is true. They think of the training sessions as training sessions only. They don’t feel pressurized by the race day but continue to train with a positive mind. It is a training plan that offers effects in reverse. Athletes call it True Reverse Periodization.

However, the reverse styled training is not suitable for all kinds of race. Racers make way for advanced cycling training plan and high-intensity workout regimes when it comes to a race like Ironman. The road biking training programs look like race because if their intensity level.

You are wrong if you think the above-stated tips are all. There are some more left that is exceptionally effective to advance your athletic cycling skill.

Choose Group Riding

Group cycling
Group Cycling is a Good Activity to Train Yourself for Races

Group riding is one of the most prime areas of a cycling race. To participate in a large group race, you have to be careful about maintaining some aspects.

You may not feel comfortable riding your bike middle of a crowd of other cyclists. You can position yourself either at the left or at the right side of the group. This way you will feel a sense of comfort participating in the race. But don’t stay much far away from the group.

Staying away from the crowd will make you push the wind. It may not feel that hard at the beginning, but it does make a cyclist tired later at the race. You can possibly bring risk to the race if you have a tendency of overlapping the front wheel. If the cyclist in front of you swings his bike, the front wheel of your cycle can be misplaced and you can face an accident.

Take it easy when you start cycling at a standing position. Slow up the pace a bit. This would not affect your pace much but the smooth transition will let you continue the race in a hassle-free manner. When you ride in groups, speed fluctuation is something natural. If you have practiced cycling training plan 100 miles then it would not be a problem for you to cope up with whole like a champ.

Always stay conscious. Stay attentive to check whether there is any disturbance in at the front of the group. You can avoid any possible risks by staying alert.

Energizing and Hydrating

Energy bars
A Bite of an Energy Bar will Go a Long Way

Be serious about what you are eating and drinking. You have to keep fuelling your body by consuming required amounts of carbohydrate and fluids during the road biking training programs.

If you are not following a ketogenic diet, then you can consume the required amount of carbohydrate before the race day. Breakfast is essential, even on the final day of the race. No matter how early the race is going to be conducted, you must not skip the very first meal of the day.

Consumption of 200 – 300 calorie is necessary once you are in the race. You can start having the food after an hour of the ride. This way you will be supplying the fuel your body requires in motion. Keep sports bar or energy gels handy if you are participating in a high-intensity race that asks for higher pace.

A consistent supply of fluid and electrolyte is needed especially if the race day is hot and humid. You can consume 20 – 25 ounce of fluid in each of the hours of race. If the weather is cold, then you may not feel that thirsty. But still, it is suggested to keep on taking at least 16 ounces of fluid per hour.

Setup and Equipment

equipment setup
Know Your Bike Well Before Racing it

There are many opinions regarding the ideal tire pressure on the tracks. As a cycling training plan beginner, you can stick to 25mm tires and maintain 90–95-psi range while practicing. You can put 5 psi more to the rear tire than the front tire. It helps in balancing the cycle in speed.

Get a bike that is completely suitable for you. Go to a professional bike shop pr studio and consult with the experts. Explain your certain needs to the experts and they will get you bikes that are good for you. You must also consult with the experts if you feel any pain while riding or if you have any old injury. There are many aspects that depend directly on the choice of bike largely.

Sometimes the preparations and the bikes don’t work just because of wrong clothing. No matter how good your bike is or how brilliantly you followed weight training for cyclists, all can go in vain if you ride wearing something that flaps and uncomfortable. Wear a tight-fitting sports jersey that can let you ride freely.

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Summing up

So, dear cycling buddies that's how you can train yourself without any professional help! You can either follow our tips exclusively or infuse them in your own road biking training program for more benefits.

Train Like You Want to Win (source)

If cycling is your passion that you enjoy the most, then we would love to know about your achievements. We always feel good to hear from all about their own experiences. Feel free to share your experiences with us because it is always good to know about the positive sides of life.

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