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Cycling Basics: The 10 Principles for Road Biking

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As soon as you realize your love for road biking, you most likely went ahead and bought a cool bicycle. Chances are high that you also invested in some cycling accessories and clothing.

Did you do all of this?

That's amazing!

Now, it's time to equip yourself with some rules of cycling. You must keep in mind that there are some codes of conduct that apply to biking for beginners. Knowing and following these rules will not only help you learn the skill but also make you a worthy companion in group cycling tours. While you will learn the basics of road biking when you enroll in cycling training for beginners, the essence of enjoyable cycling on the road lies in the fine cycling habits that you develop. These habits are passed on from one member of a group cycling tour to another. The more you ride with other cyclists, the more you learn.

Let us have a look at these highly desirable habits that you must have, as a road biker.


The Power of Ten: How to Make Road Biking Sessions Effective

1. Loving and Taking Care of Your Bicycle

It is obvious that you bought a bicycle because you enjoy cycling and wish to be part of groups of good cyclists. However, it is very important for you to maintain and look after your bicycle regularly. Passionate cyclists see their bicycles as an extension of their own self. The first and perhaps the most important habit that you should make yours is to tend and attend to your bicycle as if it were your own kid. This habit reflects good bicycle training.

This means you should not only wash and clean your bike regularly but also make sure that the gears and chain never run dry. Check your bicycle regularly for minor damage and mend it before it ruins your big day. The beauty of road biking will be maximum when your bicycle runs flawlessly.

clean your bike
Take proper care of your bike

2. Staying Fit and Healthy

Honestly, we should not keep this point on our list because this is like the unsaid condition for any sports activity. The reason we are putting this point here is that a large number of biking enthusiasts overlook their own health and fitness.Cyclists who do not have endurance and stamina will not be able to enjoy riding their fantastic bicycles. It is as simple as this.

Devote some time to exercises that increase your muscle strength and flexibility. In case of an injury, give it full time to recover. No cycling tips will work for you if you are not in a condition to ride a bicycle for a long period of time. It is a general rule to have adequate sleep and take care of your diet and fluid intake. Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol is also a great thing to include in your cycling training routine.

3. Joining a Group That is Appropriate for You

As tempting as it may sound to start cycling with experts, it is in the interest of your health and safety to start at the beginner level. As you gain experience and expertise in road biking, you will find groups of cyclists that match your fitness and skills. Practicing with a group that is above or below your skill level will be either a waste of time or not fruitful. 

As the first step, join a group that promotes biking for beginners. Gradually, step up in the ladder of fitness and terrain biking. Then join a group of next level. This is the ideal way of how a cycling training program would work.

peloton cycling
Start with cycling in a group

4. Obeying the Rules

Cycling on different terrains requires different techniques. Similarly, cycling alone has a different strategy than cycling in a group. It should always be clear in your head that you have to follow all the rules of road biking- at an individual level, and as a group.

Some cyclists tend to get carried away in the thrill of making their personal best record and overlook many rules. But you should not be that cyclist.

5. Always Being Prepared

This doesn’t only mean in the sense of mental and physical preparation. It also includes the sufficiency in terms of extra tubes, and accessories to perform minor repairs in the bicycle. When you start your cycling journey with a beginner road bike, make it a habit of being resourceful and carry all necessary stuff with you. This is because, in the event of your bicycle breaking down, your group members will be happy to help you, but only if you have the spare parts and equipment needed to repair your bicycle.

6. Honouring Fellow Cyclists

When road biking in a group, it is expected that all member cyclists follow decorum. It is not advisable to ride past someone in a rush. At the same time, it is vital that you communicate with the group as much as is required, but remember not to become too chatty else mishaps can happen.

However, you can focus on the road and even communicate with hand signals. Maintaining propriety as a group is a sign of good training and passion.

bike hand signals
Communicate with bike hand signals

7. Wearing Well-fitting Clothes

It is difficult to ride a bicycle for a long time if you are wearing loose fitting clothes. The air tends to get trapped in loose clothes and it makes you weary and tired sooner than others. This is why you should buy snug fitting clothes, taking care that they are not tight.

Your cycling attire should be well fitting and it should allow you to breathe comfortably and ben your joints without any extra effort. This is one overlooked parameter of cycling tips.

8. Road Biking with the Correct Posture

The more importance you pay to your riding posture, the longer you will be able to continue road biking. If you make it a point to ride with elbows bent and knees inwards already when you ride your beginner road bike, you will be able to master the technique and gain a lot of expertise as you continue.

Also, a correct posture will ensure less frequent injuries and more time for hitting the road on your bicycle.

right bike posture
Keep a check on how you ride

9. Staying Hydrated During Road Biking

One cannot imagine how much water does our body lose when we ride our bicycle. It is important to stay hydrated throughout our biking session because dehydration can cause harm to our muscles. Also, a shortage of water in the body signals the brain to slow down coordination among various body systems.

You don’t want any of this, right?

Then you should never forget to carry a water bottle with you when you go road biking.

10. Enjoying the Bike Ride

The last point in our list is to soak in the experience of your road biking session. Forget about the speed, the heart rate and other numbers on your tracking gear. Focus on absorbing the beauty of the moment as you ride your bicycle.

The above-mentioned list is the ten commandments of road biking for beginners. These points, if kept in mind, will make your bicycling sessions more enjoyable. So, gear up, remember these rules and pedal safely on the road. Let us know if these points made a difference in your cycling experience.

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