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Top 13 National Parks in USA to Enjoy Park Cycling

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Are you willing to take up cycling as a hobby in order to enjoy several health benefits? Have you ever thought of enjoying park cycling by exploring some of the wonderful things such as an ancient volcano, waterfalls, wildlife and even Mountain Desert? According to a recent survey, it has been found that there has been a huge increase in the number of cyclists/bikers between the year 2012 and 2017 in the United States as more and more people have been able to become aware of its huge benefits. Below are discussed some of the gorgeous and best national parks for biking in the USA that will give you a memorable and unique cycling experience. 

Top 13 Park Cycling Spots in the USA

Listed below are top cycling parks in the US which are ideal for new cyclists as well as professional riders. Take a look:

1. Crater lake National Park-Oregon

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Whether you are an amateur or professional cyclist, the Crater Lake National Park at Oregon will certainly fulfill your expectations with breathtaking elevations and beautiful scenery. Each and every year a huge number of cycling enthusiasts consider visiting the Crater lake National Park to enjoy riding the 33 mile Rim Drive. Besides this, if you are fit enough and hence, wish to ride on a more challenging terrain then make sure to go for the steep hills with a high amount of elevation. Some of the beautiful things that you will come across while park cycling at Crater lake National Park is America’s deepest lake with a depth of 1943 feet which was created during the eruption of Mount Mazama at about 7700 years ago.

Crater Lake Nation park
Crater Lake National Park (source)

2. Acadia National Park-Maine

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Are you an aged person and thereby wondering about the best place to enjoy park cycling in a safe way? Then it will certainly be wise for you to check out the Acadia cycling routes which are not just only suitable for cyclists of different levels but also for the people of all ages. One of the unique features of Acadia National Park is that cyclist enthusiasts will not just only be able to enjoy riding on the paved roads but will also be able to ride on 45 miles of Acadia carriage roads which have crushed rock surface. Make sure to get the Acadia carriage roads map and even Acadia bike trails map in order to become aware of places where cycling is permitted and even gain information about the elevation of various paths in the park. Cyclists who are in search of level road generally prefer biking on park loop road Acadia which is 27 miles in length and even wonderfully traces the beautiful island coast.

Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park (source)

3. Redwood National Park-California

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The Redwood National Park is certainly one of the best national parks in California where cycling enthusiasts will be able to gain a challenging experience while riding through the Redwood forest or even the coastline. One of the unique things that you will be able to experience while riding along the forest of Northern California is the Giant Redwoods which are around 350 feet high. Cyclist enthusiasts or people who want to enjoy cycling in park prefer paying a visit to Redwood National Park in California because they get the opportunity to ride on 31.6 miles road along the forest which is not just only smooth but also offer the least amount of car traffic.

Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park

4. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – Hawai

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Are you willing to get a lava experience while riding your favorite bicycle? Then it will certainly be wise for you to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and thereby get the opportunity to ride through the rainforests and desert. Besides this, a series of roads ranging from 1 mile to 36 miles will enable you to pass through Kilauea, one of the active volcanoes. Since the park is in a volcanic region, people who wish to enjoy cycling are recommended to gain detail information about the designated road bike routes in order to prevent getting injured by lava, hot ash, and toxic fumes

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (source)

5. Death Valley National Park – California

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Death Valley National Park is also one of the best national parks in California which is worth considering if you want to enjoy cycling during the winter. This park offers around 785 miles of footway road for the cycling enthusiasts. You can also enjoy riding in some of the developed areas around the park such as the road between the Harmony Borax Works and the visitor centre. Make sure to gather information about the designated routes for cyclists or get the cycling map and even become aware of some of the places such as the service roads, closed roads and trails, where you will not be allowed to ride your bicycle. 

Death valley park
Death Valley Park (source)

6. Glacier National Park- Montana

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Do you want to have a glimpse of the Alps in Montana? Then it will certainly be a wise decision to choose the Going-to-the-Sun Road and thereby get the opportunity to view the scenic beauty while riding on the 50-mile long road. Besides this, while riding through the Glacier National Park cyclists will also be able to have a glimpse of the mountain goats, bighorn ship, and even the Jackson Glacier Overlook. Even though park cycling is not allowed on the trails of this park but still there are three exceptions such as

  • The paved path between Park Headquarters and Apgar Village,
  • The Fish Creek Bike path from Fish Creek Campground to Apgar Village and
  • Tthe Old Flathead Ranger Station trail
Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park (source)

7. Grand Canyon National Park- Arizona

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Grand Canyon National Park certainly tops our national park list for being the most famous park offering loads of options for the cycling enthusiasts. If you are in search of the best place to enjoy park cycling in Grand Canyon National Park, then make sure to ride on the 7 miles Scenic Hermit road, which follows Canyon Rim because it’s the place where the traffic is low throughout the year because of private vehicle restriction. Some of the places in the park where the bicyclists are not allowed to ride are the unpaved or paved portion of the Canyon Rim Trail and even below the Grand Canyon Rim.  

 Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon National Park (source)

8. Rocky Mountain National Park- Colorado

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Do you want to explore some of the most beautiful and biggest mountains in America? Then make sure to consider enjoying cycling at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and thereby get the opportunity to enjoy a scenic beauty. While riding on the hard- surfaced roads of more than 60 miles, cyclists will certainly be able to get a breathtaking experience and even get the opportunity to ride at an elevation that ranges from 7800 feet to 12,183 feet. In order to enjoy cycling at Rocky Mountain National Park in a safe way, it will certainly be wise for you to become aware of the rules and even the places where riding is prohibited.

Rocky mountains
Rocky mountains National Park (source)

9. Canyonlands National Park - Utah 

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Do you want to experience some of the most breathtaking places on Earth? Make sure to visit the Canyonlands National Park in Utah in order to not just only enjoy cycling on the mountain terrain, but also be able to explore mesas, colourful canyons and arches within the southeast part of Utah’s high desert. Besides this, cycling enthusiasts who love off-road riding can also get the opportunity to ride through the 100 miles of White Rim road in the Island of Sky district. Make sure to get the cycling map to become aware of the directions while riding in the Canyonlands National Park.

canyonland national park
Canyonlands National Park (source)

10. Big Bend National Park-Texas  

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The Big Bend National Park at Texas is one of the favourite places for cycling because cyclists of all levels get the opportunity to ride on varied terrain options. The Big Bend National Park, not just only offers 100 miles of paved roads for the amateur riders but even the professional cyclists can choose the 160 miles of dirt road to get a challenging experience. All in all the park offers more than 10 trails to the cyclists and thereby enable them to explore the rock formation and the Chisos Mountains. Even though cycling is allowed throughout the year but it will be wise to visit the park during the summers to experience a low amount of traffic.

big bend national park
Big Bend National Park (source)

11. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

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Have you ever thought of exploring beautiful waterfalls, rich wildlife and even more than 200,000 acres of wonderful mountains while enjoying cycling? Then visiting the Shenandoah National Park at Virginia will certainly be a dream come true. If you wish to enjoy riding your bicycle in a safe way, then ensure to go for the 105-mile Skyline Drive which runs along the Shenandoah National Park. To enjoy cycling in an interesting way, you must stretch the ride along with the TransAmerica cycling map.

Shenandoah National Park
Shenandoah National Park (source)

12. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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The Grand Teton National Park at Wyoming is also one of the popular park cycling destinations for the people who wish to enjoy the summers in a smart way. If you wish to enjoy riding in a convenient way then make sure to choose the paved pathway which runs from the town of Jackson, north to the Antelope Flats Road and even extends from the Moose Junction to the South Jenny Lake. Make sure to be aware of the fact that you may come across wild animals while passing through the above pathway and thereby always ensure to control your speed to prevent any harm to the wildlife.

Grand Teton National Park,
Grand Teton National Park (source)

13. Cuyahoga Valley

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The Cuyahoga Valley is certainly a major destination for the cycling enthusiasts because it offers 4 major bicycle riding trails such as the Cleveland Metroparks' Bike & Hike Trail, Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail and the All Purpose trails in Brecksville and Bedford. Besides this, if you wish to enjoy off-road cycling then make sure to choose the 2.5 mile East Rim Trail. Always ensure to wear a helmet and even follow the riding rules to prevent harm to the wildlife, pet and even the native people.  

 Cuyahoga Valley
Cuyahoga Valley cycling (source)

The above National Park list highlights some of the major cycling destinations where people not just only get the opportunity to enjoy riding their favorite bicycle but will also be able to have a glimpse of beautiful nature and wildlife. It will always be wise for you to get the cycling map and even be aware of the riding rules and traffic in order to enjoy bike riding adventure in a safe and smart way.

Feel free to share information about any other National parks in the USA where professional and even amateur cyclists will be able to gain an adventurous riding experience.  

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