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9 Easy Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Morning Bike Ride

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Mornings are the happy hours for our health, both mental and physical. That is why we have learned the poem “early to bed, early to rise...” during our childhood to imbibe the same within our biological system. If you have followed that, you know for sure how great a saying it is; for the habit can never affect you badly and it has the only good to offer.  All said, if you are not a morning person, then it can be really challenging to hit the alarm button off and think about any sort of workout.

But science says that early morning workouts are the best for health and mind. In fact, a rigorous workout in the morning results in a  productive day! So, how about a low impact morning bike ride workout? Early morning bike rides improve your cardiovascular fitness, torches the calories and most important improves your sleep. Now, let’s help you with easy ways to get into the morning ride routine.
 Lose an hour in the morning and you will spend all day looking for it - Richard Whately

Easiest 9 Ways to Enter Morning Bike Ride Zone


Lay out your clothing and gear the night before in order to have the zeal to go for the morning bike ride the next day. This is because once you have packed the tools for your bikes, got your chains checked, got your clothing, gloves, helmet and other important stuff ready, it becomes difficult to spoil the effort the next morning. Also, getting dressed just after waking up becomes very convenient. Besides, you would never be able to go back to your slumber once you have put your spandex on.


Do not hit snooze if you do not want to shorten your riding time. If getting up at the first call of your alarm is really a difficult issue the, place your alarm clock or phone at the farthest corner of your room; this way you would have to get up to switch the alarm off when it rings in the morning. Wake up in the morning much easier by keeping the drapes open so that the natural light in the morning compels you to get up. This way you would need to ponder over how to wake up anymore.


Auto set the coffee so that you wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee just at the right time. Waking up to the alarming coffee machine is always exciting. If you do not have a coffee machine then make a concoction in the French Press or you may hit the nearest coffee shop for your morning coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee has to wake you up. However, try to replace your coffee habit with a glass of warm water or sports drink gradually as caffeine intake tend to lower your cycling pace.


Skip breakfast if your cycling program is not more than a couple of hours. You may be easily able to cycle for that long, utilizing the stored up fats and glycogen in your body. You must, however, carry a bottle of water or sports drinks to keep yourself hydrated. An energy bar or supplements may also be useful during the powerful ride. Also, it helps in regulating your digestive system quite well. 


Do not check social media if you want to have the best experience on your cycle for a morning ride. As you have already invested so much of effort by trying to alter your usual and comfortable routine. Checking notifications on social your valuable time and not your excess fats or toxins. Compare the time difference between “when I wake up in the morning” and “when I start cycling” and it should be more than 20 minutes, otherwise you will tend to feel to fatigues to go out for a bike ride.


Ride with a buddy as it is always beneficial, as this way you be compelled by your sense of morality to not get her or him stood up after making plans for a meeting. Also, if you both have the same goal or purpose of cycling in the morning then there cannot be a better strain of meeting up in the morning. Try and inspire each other to work towards your goal.


Have a ride plan as planning early always makes any progress easier. If you have planned ahead to cover a certain distance as your morning routines, then you will tend to look forward to a morning bike ride the next day. If you are wondering still “how do I know when do I have to wake up in the morning?”  Then grab a pencil and a paper and plan your morning routines for a bike ride according to your schedule or download cycling app on your phone and improve your ride.


Stay positive and focused as it really works as a motivational force. Try to find out various ways and means to keep you moving towards your goal at a steady pace. Click a picture of the sunrise or even the chirping morning birds, soak in the lap of nature and eventually post them on your social media handles to get appreciated. Being appreciated you would tend to take more photos and more photos in the morning would require you to get up in the morning.


Make cycling your morning BFF as breaking the routine would only hamper your motivational endeavor. Try to get to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This way, after a few days your natural biological clock would get accustomed to the routine and act the way you have been meaning to guide it.

morning bike ride
Be a morning person and stay fit

Things to Remember before a Morning Bike Ride

  1. You must not have a very complex dinner and supper the previous night. Have as much as light food as possible as they are easier to break down while you sleep at night. And again, cycling in the morning actually has benefits to make you sleep better at night: sleep like a baby again.
  2. You must have a very deep slumber the previous night; otherwise, you would feel too fatigued to go for a morning bike ride. You may have a glass of warm milk before going to bed, read a book or even put on some light music as these really help you to fall asleep as quickly as possible
  3. Stay well hydrated the entire day or otherwise sweating it out every morning would become a very tedious job. Your body would not permit you to carry on with your health plan and program for a long time otherwise. Start by drinking in the early morning.
  4. Cycling in the morning before breakfast is no big a deal, in fact, it helps you to sustain the whole day without feeling overfed or under; it regulates your bowel movement and thereby maintains the healthy flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body, the entire day.
  5. Cycling early in the morning wakes you up for the entire day; you feel to be in your best mood and form always. Try not to replace the cycling time with other time of the day. Get your fitness out of the way by cycling.
  6. Going for a morning bike ride on an empty stomach would make you have a proper breakfast post the morning workout. This way you would never skip your breakfast giving your morning a healthy start.
morning bike ride
Stay hydrated for easy cycling 

The Rooster Ride

You must not be wondering any more about how to wake up for all you have to do is follow the guidelines above. Start your morning workout by cycling and while doing the same enjoy the optimal temperature and wind flow would uplift your mood for the same. Getting nurtured in the lap of nature would never put off your mood. Enjoy the serene sunrise as well as the beauty the lies all around you in the calm of the morning that normally get unnoticed in your busy routine. You would discover a different yet intriguing facade of your personality once you start your day recalling in mind “when I wake up in the morning...”  you would notice that you are meeting all your deadlines on time; hence, you would be skipping over your scheduled conflicts effortlessly.

Make a pledge today to follow all the 9 golden rules so that you can yourself check for yourself how beneficial cycling is if you schedule it in the early morning. It would make you fall in love with yourself all over again. So what are you waiting for? Dust off those biking gears which have been lying in your closet for so long and also your bike that has been neglected for so long. 

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