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Improve Your Cycling Speed with Indoor Spinning Workouts and Lose Weight too!

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Be it a scorching summer heat or a freezing cold, or incessant rain, if you are a cycling enthusiast, then no excuse of weather should work for you. And a perfect way to keep you consistent in cycling with endurance is sweating it out with some Indoor spinning workouts. These spinning workouts will take care of your cardiovascular health, cadence, gearing, power outputs and stamina. They can also act as a zen-therapy to reduce stress. Besides, losing weight was never so easy with these indoor spinning workouts at home.

Before we start, let us know what exactly is the spinning exercise? Spinning, popularly known as indoor cycling training, is a form of aerobic training that needs a trainer bike. Performing these indoor spinning workouts at home or in a gym class is entirely your choice.

Setup Bike to Set up Stamina

Trainer bike setup
How to Setup a Trainer Bike

Bike setup plays the most crucial role in indoor training workouts. A number of trainees fail to achieve their goal just because they have weird bike setup. So, before everything you need to learn how to use a spinning bike with proper setup.

The stationary indoor cycle trainers come up with an adjustable feature so that you can ride according to your proportions. However, if you are a beginner and not sure of these high-end bikes, then there are qualified instructors to help you out. Here are some easy spin bike workouts to get going.

While taking the seat, left leg should always come first i.e. your right leg to the bottom of the cycle afterward. Bend your knee slightly at the bottom of your spin-bike. Never extend your legs fully or bend much. Adjust the settings accordingly.

Now start your bike and do some warm-up squats. Then hit 20 and climb.

Spin for 2 minutes at high cadence, low resistance. Then gradually increase the cadence by 10 RPM for 30 seconds and repeat this for 5 to 10 minutes. This is more of a warm-up exercise, about this we are going to discuss in the following step.

Warm Up Before Spinning

The first few minutes of warm-up pedaling will keep your body steady and comfortable so that you can engage in the indoor spinning workout session afterward. In these 5-10 minutes, your body will gain sufficient body temperature which will help you deliver oxygen to muscles to help them loosen up.

Also, you get ample time to straighten up your spine, relax shoulders, keep your legs and knee in the proper position, elbows bent towards the earth, head up, eyes forward and plugging to music!

Indoor spin workout routines and music are a perfect combination to help you gain your stamina and enjoy your workout time with quirky beats. To get a smooth pedaling experience, you should never ignore the warm-up session.

Warm up spinning on trainer
Warm Up on the Trainer Before an Intense Spinning Workout

Variable gear intervals include 20 minutes of easy warm-up with varying cadence and a little time off the saddle. In this warming up session before indoor cycling routines, you will keep your RPE-2 and spin continuously for 18-minutes.

The time is, thus, divided -

3 minutes of high cadence spinning (going as high as your comfort level permits) with 100-120rpm, 3 minutes spinning with normal time trail cadence and after that 3 minute low cadence spinning (standing for the last half of each rep) with 60-70rpm. Spin easy for 1 minute. Now Repeat.

10 minute warm-up includes 3 minutes of easy spinning, 1 minute of fast spinning with low resistance, 1minute of easy spinning, 1minute of maximum effort with 100+ rpm, again 1minute of easy spinning, 1 minute of maximum effort with 100+ rpm and finally 2 minutes of easy spinning.

Loosen up literally means you have to ease up your body. While many of you wonder whether it is good to ride a stationary bike, let us assure you that these bikes are the best company to keep you warmed up. So in this indoor spinning workout, you have to start pedaling easy, then gradually increase cadence (around 5-10rpm) for 2 minutes in every 30 seconds. Meanwhile the last 30 seconds should consist of highest cadence (steady and fast). Now after repeating this for 2minutes, you should pedal easy for 1-2minutes.

After the easy period, increase your resistance up to 25% and pick up your speed. After 30 seconds, again increase your resistance up to 25%. Keep on increasing your resistance twice more for another minute. In this session, you should maintain your cadence throughout the 2 minutes.

One Hour Indoor Spinning Workouts

After you have performed the warm-up exercises, now it is time to start spinning workout routines seriously. This one-hour routine consists of the warm-up exercises too and is an effective indoor cycling workout for both beginners and professionals. You can follow these individual sessions described below in a week, or even follow three of these if you are exercising 5-6 times a week.

The simplest of the spinning workouts at home is the 12 minutes continuous spinning (alternating 1 minute) with moderately hard RPE-3, 5 minutes Cruise RPE-1 and 2-3 minutes stretch to complete one hour. Now you must wonder how this routine takes up one hour. Well, the first 12 minutes effort has to be repeated 4 times. The 12 minutes routine includes 1 minute easy spinning in RPE-1, 2 minutes in high cadence, 2 minutes in normal time trial cadence and the last 2 minutes in big gear while standing for the last half of each rep.

Indoor spinning workout
Indoor Spinning is Becoming a Popular Workout (source)

Now we come to the difficult part i.e. the relatively hard indoor spinning workouts to follow.

Over-Under Intervals (3 x 9 minutes)

This Lactate Shuttle workout with changing intensities features accelerations that mimic the real-life breakaway. It includes 2minutes of Steady State Intensity, 1 minute of acceleration of Climbing Repeat Intensity, again 2 minutes of Steady State Intensity, 1 minute of Climbing Repeat Intensity, 2minutes of Steady State and finally a 1minute of Climbing Repeat intensity. You have to repeat after 4 minutes of easy spin. After 3 intervals, you need to take 10-15 minutes of rest.

Power Intervals (8 x 2 minutes)

The simple and effective indoor cycling routine can help you gain your stimulus in shorter period of time. The benefits of this spinning workout work in all intensity level. Increase your power and cadence to maximum intensity in the first 15 seconds. Your "maximum effort" varies according to your intensity to hold for a series of 1-minute power intervals. Recovery period between the intervals is 2minutes. Pedal easy.

Beginners might increase the period of 2 minutes up to 4 minutes or even break this session into 2 sets of 4 x 2 minutes power intervals.

Speed Intervals ( 3 sets of 8 x 30second)

In this set, you will accelerate for 30 seconds; pedal lightly for 30 minutes while the gear spins down and accelerate again. Complete 10 accelerations like this with RPE-5. The intervals with 30seconds on and 30seconds off need RPE 9-9.5 for the “on” and easy spinning for the “off” period.

This workout seems really easy, but while you are increasing acceleration, time flies in the wink of an eye. So follow some of these accelerations in full effort in the drops. There are 10 minutes of recovery period with easy spinning in the intervals. You should help your body hydrate with fluids in these intervals of indoor spinning workouts.

One hour spinning workout
One Hour Intense Spinning Workout to Build Power and Speed 

45 Minutes Spinning Workout Routines to Improve Climbing

If your hobby calls for a mountaineering or hill climbing fever, there are two specific indoor cycling routines with music to follow. Remember the fact that these are moderate than the 1-hour routine but quite rigorous than the 30-minute routines.

As for warm up, you need to spin for 5minutes at zone-1 intensity. Alternate between legs while each leg carries 80% of the load for 30 seconds. Do make perfect circular revolutions with around 90+ rpm.

Now have a seated climb with RPE 2-3 for 3minutes. Spin easy for 1minute. For 2.30 minutes, have a seated climb with RPE 2-3 for the first phase and then increase tension and with RPE 4-5B stand for 30 seconds. Keep the RPE low if you have started hill work. Spin easy for 1minute.

For 2 minutes, have a seated climb with RPE-3 and stand for 1 minute with RPE 4-5B. Spin easy for 1minute. For 1.30 minutes have a seated climb with RPE-3 and again stand for 1.30 minutes. Spin easy for a minute.With the same spin bike workout, decrease your time twice by 30 seconds i.e. 1minutes>30 seconds. Stand for 3minutes with RPE 4-5B. Recover for 7 minutes with easy spinning.

Climbing Bursts are effective for responding to attacks on hills. You can raise the bike’s front wheel to simulate a steep hill. In this indoor spinning workout, you have to ride steady with RPE-8. In every 2 minutes, stand and attack with full effort with 12-15 pedal strokes. Spin easy for 5minutes. Repeat this twice i.e. three routines in total.

There is also Head for the hills workout in which you can spin with maximum resistance for 5 minutes with 80-90 RPM. Begin with 70-80 RPM for 5minutes and gradually hit 90RPM in another 5 minutes. Cool down for 5minutes. Repeat 2 rounds.

Spinning workout to improve climbing
A 45-minute Spinning Workout Will Improve Your Climbing 

30 Minutes Spinning Workout Regime

If you have a busy schedule or the foul weather is taking its toll, then these least time-consuming workouts will prove fruitful to you. All you need is to squeeze out 30 minutes of a spin workout from your daily routine to get a healthy life.

  • Ladder Intervals 

These are perfect if you are practicing for an upcoming race. In this spin bike workout, you need to spin for 4 minutes with RPE-8, then 3minutes of RPE-9 and the 1 minute with 115% of your threshold. Spin easy for 5minutes. Pedal 1minute with full effort, 3minutes with RPE-9, then 4 minutes with RPE-8 and again spin easy for 10minutes. Repeat.

  • Full Throttle spinning workout

These benefits your cardiovascular health, increase horsepower and improve your aerobic capacity. Ride for a 30-second interval with top speed and keep a 100+ RPM. Repeat this 6 times. After the last interval, ride at a steady and neutral pace for 5minutes.

  • Tabata Interval Spin

An excellent workout that burns plenty of Calories and increases your speed. Pedal 20-30 seconds at maximum effort with 95-110RPM. Recover for 10seconds with easy pedaling. Repeat for 8 intervals. Then pedal easy. That makes one round. Make sure to do 2-4 rounds as per your body resistance.

For the first 5-10minutes, take a seated sprint; in the next 10-15minutes increase resistance by ¼ turn every 30seconds for 6 minutes. In the next 15-20minutes, take a standing Sprint and Standing Climb in the next 20-25minutes with increasing resolution. Now take a seated sprint for first 4 intervals and standing sprint for the last 4 intervals.

30 minutes spinning workout
Spare 30 Minutes to Spin the Trainer Daily

Other Indoor Cycling Routines

Is spin a good way to lose weight? Here is your answer. These following workouts are proven best for losing weight.

1. Jumps

They are helpful for maximum 10-15 Revolutions of the cranks with a steady cadence. If you are looking for indoor cycling routines with music then this exercise will help you cycling to the beats of the music. You can move back and forth with the beats. You should take at least of 1 minute recovery period to ease up your muscles.

2. Hovering Over Your Seat

It is followed to maximize your focus on strength in the quads and hamstrings. This workout can be performed by moving your hips back so that they are literally hovering above (1-3inches) the seat. Your grip on the handlebars should be firm but steady. Keep this position for 10-45seconds for 1-3 rounds in addition to your routine. The longer you can hold your position, the more intense the sensation is on your hamstrings and quads.

3. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is mostly used to lose weight through indoor cycling workouts. This is particularly a rigorous exercise with short span. The main idea behind this exercise is to hold an anaerobic state for a long time using 3-5 intervals throughout the routine. It allows you to sprint harder and longer. The intervals time will last for about 4-5 minutes, while the recovery time is 30seconds in between the rounds.

Indoor cycling workout
Indoor Cycling Workouts for Easy Weight Loss

4. Pedalling Drills

For beginners, indoor cycling workouts should be easy, yet steady. Give these following drills a shot and improve your efficiency rapidly.

  • Single leg spinning – Keep one leg in rest and pedal in smooth circles with the other leg with 75-90 RPM. An interchange between legs and make 6-10sets.
  • High cadence spinning – Spin for 5minutes at 15-20RPM higher than your cadence, then pedal at your normal cadence for 2-3 minutes. Make 3-4 sets.
  • Pull Drill – Simulate a climbing position with the elevated front wheel. Pedal upstroke or at ‘Pull Phase’ for 3 minutes with the left leg and ‘Push Phase’ with the right leg. Rest for a minute. Then repeat 3-5 times with interchanging the legs.

5. Speed and Sprints

30second sprints need you to spin easy for 30 seconds before all-out sprint for another 30 seconds. After 5 intervals, spin easy for 5minutes. Have total 10 sprints.

Ladder Sprints need you to sprint 60 seconds with all-out effort, 1-minute recovery and begin the next effort with 10 seconds decreasing each time i.e. 50-40-30-20-10seconds. At the midway. Spin easy with 100RPM for 5minutes and then reverse with increasing seconds i.e. 10-20-30-40-50-60seconds. Stand up for the second round.

Spin Workout Plan
A Standard Spin Workout Plan (source)

Benefits of Indoor Spinning Workouts

A lot many health and fitness benefits can be gained from indoor spinning workouts. From toned physique to an invigorating experience, riding can help you in many many. Here are a few to mentioned:

Burn Calories

Spinning benefits all. Whether you are a cyclist looking for performance gain or someone trying to drop a few kilos, indoor spinning workouts will meet all the health and fitness goals. Regardless of age, and gender, spinning is one the few workouts that are dynamic and accommodating to any lifestyle.

Improve Heart Health

Indoor spinning workouts can be your, both, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. In spinning, energy is pulled from reserves to build muscle endurance over an extended period of time. But it also includes cardiovascular training that takes care of the heart. And as you work harder, you also learn to work on controlled breathing, thereby improving lung capacity.

Lower the Body's Workout Braking Point

Comparatively, spinning puts less pressure on your knees and your feet than most of the other cardio alternatives. So, you can work hard on a Spinner bike without fearing potential knee and foot injuries.

Build Lean Muscular Definition

The primary muscular definition from spinning workouts will be in your legs and core muscles as those are the main muscles used in riding. If you also want lean muscular definition in your upper-body, consider attending a Spinning class with cross training elements mixed into the regimen.

Strengthen the Core

As said, spinning works the core muscles leading to trim abdomen. As you ride, you acquire an upper body rhythm that helps to keep the leg rhythm. The movement from a slightly bent position and side to side works both the central abdominal muscles and those along the abdomen sides. This technique is known as “rhythm release.”

Summing up

A few skeptics wonder, “Is it good to ride a stationary bike?” Well, we don’t see why not! While you miss cycling outdoor in gloomy weather or busy schedule, indoor training workouts are the best option you can find to lose weight, gain stamina, have a sound health and have a stress-free exercise with music that lifts up your mood. But you should also keep in mind that always spinning with your regular intensity will not bring good results in your health, rather you will feel monotonous. So always perform warm-up exercises before leaping into main-course and thoroughly follow all the steps while pushing your intensity. Never ignore recovery period as those are the times in which your body will gain composure to perform in further exercises. Follow the rules and get perfection!

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