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Cycling Workouts: Best HIIT Workout Routine for Beginners

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Want to burn calories in short span of time? Bored of the regular cardio workouts or don’t have time to hit the gym? Well, be whatsoever the reason of escaping the gym, it will end here. Because we have an alternative for you. This workout is a favourite of every fitness enthusiast. Yes, it is the impactful HIIT workout. HIIT or the High-Intensity Interval Training is a surefire way to burn the calories in the shortest amount of time. Now melt fats, faster and effectively. Sounds interesting? Well, it is a heart-pounding workout that will actually save your time and melt the fat from your body. HIIT workout routine for beginners involves intense workout activities that last for less than a minute followed by a recovery period.  Imagine performing burpees for 20 seconds, relaxing and repeating the same. Well, this is HIIT workout.  

As you focus more on your pace and time, you become more aware of the positive aspects of your workout. 30 – 90 seconds of pace and relaxation of double this time makes the workout session more engaging for you. As you master the 30-90 seconds split, you can then push your limits to 50-50 seconds spilt! It might sound challenging, but it’s worth the try. Increased fitness level lets you burn more calories and helps you consume more oxygen known as EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. The best way to get the most from this workout is the HIIT indoor cycling workout. It works great in this regard and is ideal for beginners. Let us discuss how the HIIT workout routine for beginners can transform your body.

HIIT Indoor Bike Workout

Indoor bike workouts have become the talk of the town. They are impactful and a fun way to lose weight. HIIT stationary bike weight loss is a common term these days. We recommend the indoor bike training in the HIIT workout routine for beginners as well as for enthusiasts. In fact, all can reap benefits from this amazing fat burning equipment. This indoor bike lets you give your heart a charged up rate. And it can offer you the benefits that prolonged sessions of exercising give. The best thing about this training is that your heart pumps up within a short period of time, and it is safe to practice. However, if you have any health ailments, it is ideal to consult an expert physician. There are some essential tips that are suggested to follow when you decide to the very kind of workout.

  • Before hopping onto the bike, do some light exercise to warm yourself up. 
  • Determine what intensity level you want to follow. 
  • Once you start working out, set your bike at the high-intensity level and pedal for 45 to 60 seconds as fast as you can. Now set the bike at the low-intensity level and pedal for 45 to 60 seconds at a slow pace. Take at least 20 intervals and do the exercise back to back. 

High-Intensity Interval Training needs both physical and mental strength. You need to push yourself to perform these challenging workout and you will notice positive changes. A 20-minute workout will bring impactful changes to body and mind. 

indoor bike workout
Pedal your way to lose weight 

Why Pick HIIT Indoor Cycling Workouts?  

Are you still in a dilemma to start with HIIT on bike machine? Well, don’t be as there are tons of benefits. To begin with, unlike other workouts, cycling is a low impact workout. Cycling enhances your cardiovascular endurance, recovers your body from injuries and strengthens your leg muscles. Also, when you combine HIIT with cycling you shed off the kilos easily, keeps your heart healthy, has less stress on your joints, improves metabolism and tones your muscles. The stationary bike workout for beginners is very simple to adopt and you can easily keep one in a corner of your home. 

importance of indoor cycling
Pedal to lose weight

Spin Bikes and Spinning HIITs

These days, there are a good number of clubs that offer licensed training of spinning. HIIT spinning workout can get you results of a core workout. You can let your abs and muscles the healthy pressure they need through the very type of workout. You can adjust the tension of the bike and let yourself enjoy mediocre or hardcore fitness training. Listed below are the HIIT workouts on the stationary bike:

1. Try out Tabata Stationary Bike Workout 

You may have heard of Tabata workout or may have done it too. But do you know that a stationary bike workout routine can provide you with the same Tablata effect? Experts suggest all focus on their RPE or rate of Perceived Exertion. RPE is your intensity level in simple words. You can enhance it by enhancing your speed or resistance power. You can do the workout at a moderate pace. While relaxing, you can continue pedalling at a very slow motion. This will let you balance your high and low-intensity level of workout in order to have great results out of the exercising process.  

Tabata Stationary Bike Workout 
It's all about intensity

2. 10-minute Cycling Exercise Gets You Effects of 50-minute Exercising

You can see a lot of people feeling excessively tired and exhausted after their daily jog. You can also find people complaining about the tediousness of their routine jog and how tired they feel after completing the session. 

If you have decided to perform HIIT workouts with your stationary bike, then by just pedalling for 10 minutes you can reap the benefits of a tenacious 50 minutes workout session. However, you have to give your best to these 10 minutes. And we swear you will feel rejuvenated after the intense workout. 

According to researchers, tests conducted on two different groups got similar results in regards to fitness. Where one group practised high-intensity interval training whereas the other practised conventional exercises religiously.  Hence it clearly shows how the power-packed HIIT workout routine for beginners can bring big changes to your body. HIIT workouts regulate your blood sugar level, improves your cardiorespiratory fitness, and keeps the insulin level in check. You can also install HIIT cycling app or indoor cycling workout apps which will keep a track of your activity.

benefits of spinning
Cycling has intense results on your body

3. Effective 10-minute Cycling Workout

Now that you are ready for your HIIT on bike machine, follow these simple methods to get the best possible results. 

  • Warm up for 2 minutes. 
  • Engage yourself in all out sprint for 20 seconds
  • Settle down for 2 minutes of recovery period
  • Engage yourself in all out sprint for 20 seconds
  • Settle down for 2 minutes of recovery period
  • Engage yourself in all out sprint for 20 seconds
  • Take 3 minutes to cool down

If you don’t have a proper exercising unit, then also you can give your health the activity boost it needs. You can take the stairs instead of lifts. And you can also climb them as a form of exercising as well. You will surely get good results. 

Best HIIT Workouts for Cyclists

There is highly effective HIIT workout routine for beginners that are good for the cyclists as well. A set of certain workouts can bring strong advantages to those who practice cycling at a professional level. Let us discuss the workout in brief that is truly effective especially for the cyclists. 

On the Bike Workouts

Quick 'N' Dirty 30s

It is one of the HIIT workouts that the professional cyclists can practice twice a week, while they are in a break from their routine cycling schedule. The very session of workout can help you lose the unwanted calories and pump up your fitness level.

The HIIT session would ask your full intensity for consistent 30 seconds. The exercise duration is same for beginners, experts and professionals. If you are a beginner, set your interval for 90 seconds. Experts can shorten this interval period down from 60 to 30 seconds. 

To get best results out of this exercise, follow these simple tips below. 

  • Invest 10 minutes on warm up
  • Keep your intervals interesting
  • Keep your pace within limit to do the exercise consistently for 30 seconds
  • Slowly pedal for 60 seconds
  • Repeat the same for 4 times
  • Once your final interval is over, pedal slowly for 4 minutes
  • Perform the exercise following three interval sets
  • Take 5 minutes to cool down
dirty 30 workout
Faster way to lose weight

Descending Miracle Intervals

When it comes to stationary bike workouts to lose weight or burning fat, experts suggest all practice Descending Miracle Intervals. It is an exercise that lets you burn the harmful fat miraculously. The longer you put intervals while practising this exercise, the more ready you will feel to start a new session being fully fuelled. 

Follow the simple tips listed down and get best results out of it. 

  • Take 10 minutes to warm up
  • Follow the sliding set of intervals 
  • 45 seconds all-out fast (4:15 easy) 
  • 40 seconds all-out fast (4:20 easy) 
  • 35 seconds all-out fast (4:25 easy) 
  • 30 seconds all-out fast (4:30 easy) 
  • 25 seconds all-out fast (4:35 easy) 
  • 20 seconds all-out fast (4:40 easy) 
  • 15 seconds all-out fast (4:45 easy)
  • Relax properly for a few minutes
Descending Miracle Intervals
Descending Miracle Intervals for good pace and weight loss

Off the Bike Workouts

Bells and Push-Ups

Exercise using kettlebell can be included to your HIIT workout. It suitably helps them in pumping up the heart rate and burning the unwanted calories who practice HIIT workout routine for beginners. The afterburn effects of the very kind of exercise keep your metabolism at an enhanced level. 

One minute long Tabata styled exercise using kettlebell can make all your muscles active. The energetic swings and push-ups with kettlebell must be done following some useful tips. 

  • Do some light exercises to warm up a bit
  • Maintain set of intervals while doing ‘swing and push’
  • Give 30 seconds to kettlebell swing
  • Relax for 15 seconds
  • Give 30 seconds to kettlebell push-ups
  • Relax for 15 seconds again
  • Do these sets for 4 times

Kettlebell Swing

Hold the kettlebell using both of your hands. Stand straight keeping your legs apart. Now squat back and keep your back straight. Your hips must go slightly backwards. Now swing the kettlebell behind the hips between your legs. Stand up and keep the kettlebell at your chest level swinging it upward. 

Kettlebell Push-up

Extend your arms, keep the hands beneath shoulders, extend legs and keep them apart about feet. Take the plank position. Now bend your upper body and lower your elbows. Do it until the lowers reach the same line with elbows. Now get back to the position that you started with. 

bell and pushups
Kettle bells and Pushups an ideal workout for toned body (source)

Quick HIIT Workouts for Beginners

If you are feeling a strong urge to increase your stamina and boost your fitness level. Then there is no substitute of following HIIT workout routine for beginners. There is a set of certain exercises that you can practice on a regular basis to boost up your physical fitness and stability. 

10-Minute HIIT Workout

If you are new to HIIT workouts, then these exercises are just made for you! These workouts are easy to perform and they take little time. Let’s discuss these HIIT workouts in a brief manner. 

1. Jab, Cross, Front (right side)

Stand straight. Keep your right foot in front of your left leg. Position your hips towards the left side. Keep the arms in a boxing position. Now jab with the right arm and throw a cross punch using the left arm. Let the body rotate while punching with the left arm. 

Put your body weight on the right foot. The back heel must be a little up from the floor. Now bring back your hands to the body and position them like you started.  Now start the same action but this time start with the left arm. You can also rely on practising cardio kickboxing to burn extra calories. 

2. Jumping Jacks

Those who practice interval training, jumping jacks is a preferred exercise for them. You have to stand straight and keep your hands on the sides. Now keep your feet hip-width apart now jump while keeping feet out and extending the arms simultaneously. Repeating the exercise in a faster pace can get you surprising results. 

3. Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are good for those who go through high-intensity interval training. Keep your feet apart and give it some more space than a hip width. Keep the hands at sides. Maintain 45-degree angle while pointing the toes out. Offer your body weight to the heels and take the squat position until your thighs get paralleled with the floor. Get the quads and glutes engaged and get back to your starting position. Repeat the same to burn calories. 

10 min hiit workout
Blend jumping jacks with squats (source)

20-Minute MetCon: HIIT Workout

45 seconds of intervals and rest of 15 seconds between a set of challenging workouts can get you a balanced metabolism along with ideal calorie burn. This is called metabolic conditioning by the experts. If you are going to follow HIIT workout routine for beginners, then the following workouts can do wonders for you. 

1. Push-ups

If you don’t feel confident or comfortable doing the push-ups in a conventional way, then don’t worry. Keep your hands on a chair and do the push-ups. You can also keep your knees on the ground and do the same. 

2. Squats

Maintain keeping your legs under your hips and keep the weight on the heels. If you want some assistance, you can keep a chair handy while practising squat. 

3. Butt kicks

Add butt kicks to your HIIT workout sessions. You have to jog in such a way so that the heels of your legs can touch your hip in an alternate way. 

4. Tricep Dips

Sit straight putting your back on the chair and keep your hands on any low surface. Keep the balance on both the palms and keep the legs stretched out. Go down bending from elbows as far as possible. And then press yourself back to the starting position. Tricep dips are good to include in interval training. 

5. Side Lunges

Keep the toes up front. Put body weight on heels. Take a step to left with a cross leap. Keep the knee above the toe. Do the same using the legs in an alternate manner. 

20-Minute MetCon workout
20-Minute MetCon (source)

30-Minute MetCon: HIIT Workout

While you are keeping up with the HIIT workout routine for beginners, the interval training of 30 minutes will let you lose more calories like a champ. You will get results that are similar to the results when you walk on the treadmills for 30 minutes. But never forget to relax properly after each of the sessions of your HIIT exercise. So for a 30-minute MetCon workout, you need to perform 3 rounds of 45 seconds of workout, 15 minutes of rest. Along with 20 min MetCon workout routine, add jumping jacks and situps. 

30 min metcon worktout
30 min workout

High-intensity workouts are good for all. From professional athletes to folks who lead a corporate or formal lifestyle, all can perform the HIIT workout and bring a massive change to their body. Are you already practising high-intensity workouts and getting great results? Feel free to share your experiences with us. We would like to know more of it. 

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