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Get Started With Your Own Neighbourhood Cycling Club

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A lot of people wonder, “How to do something which can be fun, environment-friendly and at the same time results in some physical exercise too?” Remember the childhood days when all kids from the neighborhood used to do cycling together on the streets? Those were the fun days. Days of carelessness and friendship when no one wanted to go back home and just wanted to cycle around for as long as possible. Well, once we grow up we become busy with our daily routines but are still left with a hush-hush desire to be part of a group where like minded people can be together and pursue their passion. Do you want to know a simple way of doing it? Create your own cycling club in the neighborhood. It’s never too late!

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If you love cycling then it becomes easier for you to persuade people to start looking at it as more than just paddling around. It is a cost effective and astonishingly healthy way to go around. Starting a cycling club is not a rocket science. Few simple steps and you can build your own club from scratch. Let’s have a look at it:

  1. Slogan: First and foremost, think of a slogan that can attract people and make them sign up for the commitment of cycling in a group. This slogan can be catchy, fun and informative at the same time. For instance, “Join to cut the distances between places and people”.

Get Started With Your Own Neighbourhood Cycling Club

  1. Approach: Next step is to approach Cycling is something that is beyond age limit. So, people joining in can be teenagers, youngsters, or even corporate crowd around the neighborhood. Start it as an event. Tell them that every Saturday or Sunday is “paddle to the ice cream parlor day”. Fix a time to meet up and then paddle away to the special ice cream parlor. It can even be a park or a food joint. The idea is to get like minded people together and ensure that they enjoy this activity.
  1. Stay In Touch: It is imperative that you stay in touch with people who have joined the club. Make a club Facebook account and use it to update motivational messages related to cycling, club updates, meeting announcements, events and upload pictures of last events. This way, you are not just keeping in touch but also involving the members.

Get Started With Your Own Neighbourhood Cycling Club

  1. Start Events: Expand your club by hosting small events like “paddle for environment” and try to loop in people living around. Promote it as an awareness program. You can get in touch with local NGOs and other institutes to take it forward. Getting colleges and schools to participate can be a great step ahead.

Get Started With Your Own Neighbourhood Cycling Club

  1. Planning the Path: For regular cycling sessions, the path should be well planned. This ensures that the journey is enjoyable and safe for all the cyclists. Some people can volunteer also to ensure that the traffic updates are given so that the ride is hassle free.

Creating a neighborhood cycling club is one thing and then maintaining it is another. Be sure that events, activities, and gigs are not stopping in order to ensure that members are well entertained and no irregularity happens when it comes to cycling expeditions. Cycling is a passion that yields more and more fun if done with people who share the passion with equal zest – and it is gaining incredible popularity all around India actually. (Take a look at: The Mass High – Increasing Popularity for Cycling in India. ) It is not only a way to exercise while enjoying it, but also helps people to experience new things with every ride.

Get Started With Your Own Neighbourhood Cycling Club

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