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Ideal Saddle Height is Never Same for Two People: Find yours!

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The measurement from the lowest point of your bicycle’s saddle till the seat, when the bicycle is upright, is called the saddle height. It is usually calculated in millimeters or inches. As most of the bicycles have adjustable seats the ideal saddle height varies for different bicycles, and also according to the individual’s comfort.

Hence, the ideal saddle height for a bicycle is never the same for two people.It is always advisable to adjust the saddle height before taking over the bicycle.

Importance of Finding the Ideal Saddle Height

Not adjusting your bicycle to a proper saddle height has many repercussions on the human body. Keeping the pedal too high or keeping it too low, are both equally risky. Various health problems like knee pain, backache, saddle sore, cramps etc. are some of the issues that you can face if your saddle height is not altered thoroughly.

How to Find Your Ideal Saddle Height?

Most of the people avoid these signs thinking it’s due to strain caused by cycling but in fact, most of the pain occurs due to the incorrect position. And once you’ve taken the minimum efforts required to find the ideal saddle height, the rides become more comfortable, leisurely, and the chances of injury decrease significantly.

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Also, it is seen that comfort riding increases the energy efficiency and helps increase the performance during cycling in the long run. If cycling is a part of your workout plan, it is even more advisable to do so in a correct position to obtain maximum health benefits with absolutely no pain.

4-Step Guide to Find Your Ideal Saddle Height

Saddle height adjustment is considered a bit tricky, but definitely not something that cannot be done at all. There are various methods to find the ideal saddle height for your bicycle. Also, there are many shops that will actually measure the saddle height scientifically.

How to Find Your Ideal Saddle Height?

Here is a super easy 4-step guide to finding your ideal saddle height at home.

Are you ready for it?

Step 1

Keep a ruler between your legs

Take your inseam leg measurement, that is, put your feet shoulder-width apart and then take a ruler and keep it in between your legs and put pressure on it. Exactly like you would sit on a saddle.

Make sure the ruler is absolutely straight. You can use a spirit level to make sure that the ruler is perfectly horizontal.

Step 2

Trace the height of the ruler

The next step is to mark on the wall the height of the ruler using a pencil when held on the same level. Now measure the length of this point from the floor.

Step 3

Alter the measurement

Once you find the height of your ruler, subtract 10 cm from the value; this is normally the thickness of the saddle and other variants. So, for example, if your measurement was 82.2 cm, take it as 72.2 cm.

Step 4

Applying the corrections to your seat

Using a tape, adjust the seat to the measurement that you got from the center of the pedal to the topmost part of the seat.

How to Find Your Ideal Saddle Height?

After following these easy steps, you have actually adjusted your saddle height effortlessly within no time.

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Now here are some do’s and don’ts you should follow while making the adjustments.

Do’s of Setting the Saddle Height

1. Always make small changes to your saddle height.

2. The saddle height is different for different bicycles, so follow the same procedure when you change your bicycle as the crank length differs accordingly.

How to Find Your Ideal Saddle Height?

3. Once your flexibility increases, you might have to make changes accordingly to your saddle height.

Don’ts of Setting the Saddle Height

1. If the position is uncomfortable, do not stick to the same position and try altering it for a better experience.

2. Changes in your handlebar wouldn’t affect the saddle height, so rest assured.

How to Find Your Ideal Saddle Height?

Once you follow these steps, get on the bicycle and take a ride. Initially, you will feel the discomfort due to the change in your position, give yourself some time and the soreness will vanish.

In the long run, the ideal saddle height will make your ride much more comfortable and will also prove to be beneficial for your health. You will be able to cover longer distances with less effort and absolutely no back ache and knee pain.

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