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Cycling Basics: How to Gain Success in Endurance Cycling

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Have you planned to make a career in the field of cycling and thereby wondering about the best possible way to gain success in this professional field? To face the various challenges in this competitive field, just being aware of the cycling techniques will certainly not enable you to gain success because it will also be wise for you to enhance your endurance or stamina level to ride uphill with big gears without any sort of stress. The endurance cycling can be defined as a style of cycling in which a person has to ride more than 60 miles in a single session. To achieve your goal in this form of cycling, you certainly need lots of strength, endurance and even cycling speed. Below are discussed about some of the major ways and even exercises that will help you in enhancing your endurance cycling capability and thereby enable you to ride more than 60 miles without getting tired or feeling exhausted.

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Enhance Endurance Cycling Level with Training Plan

If you wish to ride long hours without any stress then it will certainly be wise for you to have a positive mind, strong legs and even improve your cardiovascular health in order to get the opportunity to prepare yourself for facing challenging situations smartly and even reach the finishing line with the utmost level of energy. Go through the below tips on training that will help in improving cardiovascular health and even enable you to participate in endurance cycling events with lots of energy and strength.

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Are you planning to take part in a cycling event in which you need to ride hill-top? Then make sure to consider various physical exercises or even bicycle exercise that will help in improving the capability of your heart to pump blood to the body efficiently. For proper cardiovascular conditioning and enhancing endurance cycling level, you can either start riding your bicycle on mountainous regions or practice cycling in the opposite direction of the strong wind.  

Cardiovascular Training

If you do not stay in a mountainous region or even strong winds do not blow in your area then ensure to use a stationary bike and follow the cycling endurance training for beginners for 3 months to enjoy unique benefits.

Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascualr training for a month

For the next 2 months, it will be wise for you to increase the distance (miles) from 35 to 70 miles until the end of the 3rd month. Ensure to follow the above interval training schedule properly and even take rest the day before the start of the event and achieve your goal smartly. 

Strength Training for Endurance Cycling 

Even though cycling is a type of sport in which lower part of the body plays a vital role but it will also be wise for you to strengthen the muscles of the upper part of the body that support the torso in order to prevent back pain while riding for long hours. Besides this, ensure to strengthen the core muscles, hands and even shoulders as it will help you in handling the challenges of cycling in a smart way. Whether you are a professional or taking cycling training course for beginners, make sure to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. It will always be wise to warm up for at least 5 to 10 minutes before starting the exercises.

Strength Training Exercises for Endurance Cycling

These strength training exercises are a sure way to improve your endurance and performance on the saddle.

1. Dumbbell Goblet Squat

  • Firstly, you need to hold a dumbbell against your chest in a vertical way.
  • Stand on your feet so that it’s wider than the width of hip and shoulder apart.
  • Now you need to bend your knees and hips by keeping back flat, core portion tight and the dumbbell in contact with your body. Ensure to bend until you are able to touch the knees with the help of your elbows.
  • Ensure to drive your gluteus muscles to return back to the standing position.

Make sure to repeat this exercise for about 8 to 10 times for best results.

Dumbbell Goblet Squat
Dumbbell Goblet Squat

2. Rubber Resistance Bilateral Seated Row

This is also a major exercise of the road bike training program because it helps in strengthening the upper back muscles of the body. 

  • Ensure to sit on a flat surface or floor and outstretch your legs.
  • Wrap the band around your feet and hold each end with either hand.
  • Make sure to exhale and start bending your right elbow for pulling the handle towards the side of your ribcage.
  • Maintain this specific posture and then again return to the start position. 
rubber resistance
Rubber Resistance for cycling endurance

Repeat this exercise for 10 to 12 times on either side to enhance endurance cycling capability.

3. Dumbbell Split Squat  

This is also a vital part of cycling muscular endurance training program because it will help in improving endurance cycling level by strengthening the hips and legs.

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and then step forward to make sure that your shoulders are in line with hips.
  • Bend both of your knees and even hips until your back knee touches the floor. 
  • Consider to inhale and maintain an upright posture while lowering your body.
Dumbbell Split Squat
Dumbbell Split Squat

Repeat the exercise for about 8 to 12 times on either side.

4. Push-Up to Side Plank

This exercise is useful in increasing endurance cycling capability by strengthening the upper body.

  • Start with a push-up position
  • Straighten your both arms and lift your left arm towards the ceiling in order to make sure that your body turns into the shape of “T”.
  • Rotate back to the push-up position and then keep your left hand on the floor and lift your right arm towards the ceiling.
side plank
Push up to side plank

Make sure to do 4 side plank exercises on either side and take 30 to 40 seconds of recovery time after each session.

5. Dumbbell Bent Legged Dead Lift

This is also a major leg strengthening exercises for cycling which will enable you in strengthening the major muscles in the lower part of your body.

  • Hold dumbbells in both hands and ensure to keep them on either side at arm’s length.
  • By keeping the dumbbells close to the body, bend your hips to make sure that the spine is parallel to the floor. 
  • Start exhaling and return back to the start position slowly.
Dumbbell Bent Legged Dead Lift
Dumbbell Bent Legged Dead Lift

Repeat the above steps for 8 to 12 times for best results.

6. Glute Bridge

This Glute Bridge exercise is highly effective in enhancing the flexibility of the hips. 

  • Lie on the floor by facing towards the ceiling.
  • Bend your knees, keep the feet flat and even place your arms on either side with palms down.
  • Start lifting your hips off the floor until the shoulders, knees and hips are in a straight line or in a bridge position.
hip up
Glute Bridge

Repeat the above steps for 8 to 12 times and take 30 seconds of rest after each session.

7. Bird Dog

This exercise will also help in enhancing the endurance cycling capability by stabilizing the spinal and core portion of your body.

  • Kneel down on the floor to make sure that your knees are under the hips and even the hands are under your shoulders.
  • Lift your one leg and opposite arm simultaneously to make sure that your arm is parallel to the floor. 
  • Make sure to keep the spine aligned and maintain your neck in a neutral position. 
  • Hold for 20 to 30 seconds and then return to the start position.
bird dog exercise
Bird Dog Pose

Repeat the steps on either side for 2 to 4 times.

Flexibility Training for Endurance Cycling

Since pedalling does not provide a full range of motion to your knees, ankles and hips, you certainly may experience tightness after participating in an endurance cycling completion. Consider these below exercises to get rid of the tightness in a safe way.

1. Supine Hamstring Leg Pull

  • Lie on the floor on your back and bend your knee to make sure that your left foot is flat on the floor.
  • Wrap the backside of your right thigh with a towel and then pull it so as to bring your right leg towards your chest. 
  • Hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds and then return back to start position.
 Supine Hamstring Leg Pull
Supine Hamstring Leg Pull (source)

Repeat the above steps with your either legs.

2. Figure-4 Hip Stretch

  • Lie on your back flat on the floor.
  • Bend your right knee and place your left ankle on the right thigh. 
  • Use your both hands to hold the right thigh and bend it towards the chest.   
Figure-4 Hip Stretch
Figure-4 Hip Stretch

Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat on either side.

3. Prone Cobra Torso Stretch

  • Lie on your front and stretch your legs backward. 
  • Keep your arms next to your body and palms on the floor.
  • Pull up by contracting the back muscles, facing palm outward, and rotating the shoulders around. 
Prone Cobra Torso Stretch
Prone Cobra Torso Stretch

Hold this position for 30 seconds to enhance endurance cycling capability.

4. Side-Lying Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Lie on the right side by balancing the upper part of the body with the help of your forearm.
  • Ensure to check that your left leg is directly on the top of the right leg.
  • By keeping both knees together, pull the left ankle behind to make sure you feel a stretch on your thigh and hip.
Side-Lying Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch
Side-Lying Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch

Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat on either side.

5. Butterfly Groin Stretch

  • Sit straight and keep your soles of the feet pressed together. 
  • Ensure to check that knees are bent to the sides.
  • Grasp the feet and slowly start pulling your body forward while sitting straight. 
butterfly pose
Butterfly pose

Hold the position for about 30 seconds.

6. Seated Head Tilt Neck Stretches

  • Ensure to sit crossed legged and stretch out the right hand towards the floor away from your body.
  • Use your left hand to tilt the head towards the left to make sure that you feel a stretch in the right neck muscles.
  • Hold the specific position for 30 seconds and repeat the same on either side.
neck strengthening exercise
Seated neck stretch 

5 Ways to Improve Cycling Endurance

Below are discussed 5 unique ways by which you can easily increase endurance cycling capability along with bicycle exercise.

  • Think ways on how to keep your body fuel charged

It will always be wise for you to maintain a proper level of carbohydrate, fat in your muscles and even glucose within the bloodstream because lack of the above 3 things in the body is one of the main reasons due to which cyclists are unable to face challenges even after undergoing training pro session.

  • Increase the intake of carbohydrate

Make sure to increase the intake of carbohydrate before 2 to 3 days of participating in an endurance cycling competition. This will enable you in stocking the glycogen in your muscles in a smart way.

  • Have breakfast just before the start of the competition

Ensure to have a breakfast rich in fat, protein and carbohydrate just 2 to 3 hours before the start of the cycling competition in order to ride with an utmost level of strength and stamina.

  • Top up your calorie level 

It will be wise to top up your calorie level by having about 60 grams of carbohydrate after every 20 minutes in order to prevent loss of energy throughout the race.

  • Train yourself for endurance

To keep the body fit and even enhance your endurance cycling, it will always be wise to prepare yourself about few months before the start of the cycling completion. To face the extreme challenges consider stationary bike workout, interval training workout and even include food rich in carbohydrate, fat and glucose in your daily diet.


The above are some of the major tips training, exercises and ways by which you can easily enhance your endurance cycling capability. Whether it’s a stationary bike workout, a cycling training pro session or cycling workouts for weight loss, ensure to follow the steps properly to achieve your goal in the best possible way. Feel free to convey any other ways by which beginners or even professional cyclists can increase their endurance cycling capability.

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