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Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2018- The Sugar-Free Cycling Gala in Gujarat

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The Cycling Riot is back in the state with all the enthusiasts riding their fancy bikes. With super fun, cheer and frolic, the biggest and the best cycling Gala of Gujarat calls you all! So all you cycling freaks; get ready for Cyclothon Ahmedabad, 2018 which is being organized on 10th and 11th Feb 2018.

The coming year counts the third consecutive year of the Cyclothon Ahmedabad being planned by the JP Sports and Events in association with Sugar-Free, Gujarat Tourism, and Claris.

Event Details

Amongst the several other reasons to be a part of this Cyclothon, one major one is nostalgia. Getting back to the good old days when a cycle was the most prized possession, this marathon aims to reduce pollution levels in the city by spreading awareness. The Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2018 is the best and the most loved event amongst the other cycling events in Ahmedabad.

cyclothon ahmedabad 2017 route
Cyclothon Ahmedabad Organizer's- JP(Source)

Incepted in 2013, by the Ahmedabad municipal corporation and the official bicycling club, this Cyclothon was one of a kind in the state.

Since then, it has been witnessing people from different walks of life coming and participating in the event. Over the years, this Cyclothon has been made universal for all by addition of special races meant for kids as well as handicapped people.

So now, where and when is this fun race taking place?

  • Date: The ITT race will be conducted on 10th February 2018 and the main Cyclothon race will be conducted on 11thth February 2018.
  • Timing of the Race: 6:00 AM onwards
  • Venue: Vallabh Sadan, Sabarmati Riverfront, Ahmedabad.

Objective of the Cyclothon

Realizing the growing importance of sports in the city, this Cyclothon was started with the motive of making people value health and fitness.

Cycling, as an activity, is a fun exercise and can involve people from all designations and ages together. After witnessing the success of the first Cyclothon, there were many fundraising and charity organizations that came to support this initiative. Since that time, the event has been running for a noble cause with an introduction of several events like ‘The Divyang Ride’ which is meant for specially-abled people.

For SugarFree Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2018, a fundraiser is being hosted for the Philanthropy partner with a motive to support livelihood and training of the specially- abled motivating them to participate in such future events and not losing hope on any disability.

Also, with the introduction of ITT race, racers and cyclers get motivated to compete with their own skill and capabilities, which itself is a very big achievement for the organizers of this Cyclothon.

Types of Rides and Details

This isn’t a simple Cycle race! It has a lot more to it than you can think of!The Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2018 has become a massive hit in Gujarat not only because of the race concept gaining popularity but because of different types of races that have been introduced for people from different spheres of life.

cycling events in ahmedabad
Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2017(Source)

Here are the important details about each type of race that this Cyclothon plans to host:

ITT (Individual Time Trial) Race

This type of race is a modern concept and Ahmedabad Cyclothon is proud to have introduced it to Gujrat cycling events. The elite race makes you race against no one else but time. With an aerodynamic time travel bicycle and a proper head gear, this race makes your strength and endurance win. It is held a day prior to the main Cyclothon.

  • Race Distance: 11 km
  • Date: 10th February 2018
  • Eligibility: Born on or before 09.02.2003

Champions Ride

Meant for those who love speed and can survive, this long cycle race is the best pick. The race is timed over a 100 km and has been carefully picked over a thrilling route for an ardent racer. The route runs through the city traffic and brings along some exciting challenges over the race course.

  • Race Distance: 100 km
  • Time Limit: 4 hours
  • Date: 11th February 2018
  • Eligibility: Born on or before 28.01.2002

Challengers Ride

This ride is a good choice for those who ride their bicycle quite often. With a perfectly balanced race distance of 50 km, this race gives you a maximum fitness opportunity by activating your legs and heart in an exhilarating manner. A helmet on your head top is a must.

  • Race Distance: 50 km
  • Sub-Categories: Open (Any bike with gears) and Fixie (Any frame allowed)
  • Date: 11th February 2018
  • Eligibility: Born on or before 09.02.2003

Ahmedabad Green Ride

A short and sweet ride, this green cycle race is aimed to promote cycling as an important way of commuting in Ahmedabad. If you wish to make this city clean and green, ride this race and spread the word with your heart.

  • Race Distance: 14 km
  • Date: 11th February 2018
  • Eligibility: Born on or before 28.01.2002

Fashion Ride

This part of the Cyclothon shouts out to all those young fashionistas who love styling up themselves. This is a ride where you can not only dress up in your own ethics but get a chance to make your bike creatively gorgeous. Pep it up with colors; get new accessories and chic it up to turn heads on every road you ride on.

  • Race Distance: 5 km
  • Date: 11th February 2018
  • Eligibility: Born on or before 28.01.2010

Kids Ride

Why should adults have all the fun? Get your kids to participate in the ecstatic ambiance as they ride on a safe dedicated route. You can also participate together as a school team.

The school with a maximum number of finishers backs a trophy. So, inspire the kids and get them going, but remember to not leave them alone.

  • Race Distance: 2 km
  • Date: 11th February 2018
  • Eligibility: Born on or before 28.01.2010

Divyang Ride

There is absolutely no discrimination in front of passion and this Cyclothon stands for everyone. With an aim to encourage, motivate and support the specially-abled, this ride has been designed for specially-abled people. So don’t hesitate and participate to set your soul free.

Eligibility: Participation in the ‘Specially-abled Champions’ category is open for individuals with: physical/locomotors disorder, intellectual impairment, hearing impairment and orthopedic or neurological disorder.

All about Registration

The registration for SugarFree Cyclothon 2018 are now open and can be undertaken in the offline as well as the online mode. You can register online for the event from the official website of JP Sports.

Simply fill in an online form and pay the registration fee accordingly.

Here are some more guidelines regarding registration of the event that one should read through:

  • Check all the information given on the website thoroughly before making any payment for the registration.
  • Official offline centers have been certified to collect paper registration forms. Make sure to not submit it anywhere else, but these authorized centers ONLY.
  • Both online and offline registrations close on – 23rd January 2018 (In ref. to Indian Calendar 2017) for ITT and Cyclothon.
  • The participant must meet the minimum age criteria for the chosen category of a ride.
  • There shall be no support/service vehicle during the race.
cyclothon ahmedabad 2018
Cyclothon Challengers Ride(Source)

Route Map

The route map for Cyclothon is yet to be released by the race authorities and will be soon available on their official website for public viewership. The route map can be checked here.

Important Rules

They say rules are meant to be broke, but these rules are a must follow for all the races that you take part in for Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2018.

The Main Cyclothon

  • Any frame is permitted in a Fixie bike.
  • The race does not allow Aero Bars and TT Bikes.
  • It is compulsory for riders to register for Champions’ Ride only if they had participated in last year’s nationals.

ITT Race

  • Disturbing other vehicles/racers and not completing entire course will result in disqualification.
  • You can use Aero bars, Aero helmets, Shoe covers, Skinsuits, and Disc wheels for support.
  • You cannot get a personal support vehicle to the race; neither will it be allowed by the organizers.

Price Money and Takeaways

The price money bifurcation for Cyclothon Ahmedabad 2018 has not been released yet. It will be available on the official website soon. With happiness in your heart and cheer on your face, you also get to take away some mementos that remind you of this event. Isn’t that cool?

These takeaways include:

  • An event T-shirt
  • The race Bib with number
  • Snack box at the end of the event
  • Finisher Medal (NA for non-racing category)
  • An Online Participation Certificate

The sports gush is timing India and cycles are coming over.

So set your bike right and polish the chains because the coolest Cyclothon is happening in Ahmedabad, Gujarat!

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