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Top 16 Indoor Cycling Workout Apps for Bike Lovers

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There are times when you are resolved to lose weight and plan to cycle from the next day for sure. But that next day never comes. Be it your extreme work pressure or hectic schedule, or simply that you are too lazy to go out with your cycle. Then there are people who are fitness freaks but don't know where and how to start. Well, now your days of confusion and idleness are over.  We present your requirement on the platter at home! Here, you are going to find some easy fitness regime to workout at home. So there is no need to go out in tight routine or unusual weather conditions. With these indoor cycling workout apps, you can train at home, all by yourself. Isn't that interesting? We understand that you are over-friendly with your phones and internet, so it's another chance to take that friendship a bit further, and for your own sake. 

Top 16 Cycle Workout Apps

All you need to do is to check out these workout trainer apps and saddle up to ride your bike. 


This is a highly addictive cycle workout app. Great app for online healthy gaming (read cycling)

With a fabulous virtual 3D generated world, Zwift lets you compete with your friends all over the world. All you need is to connect your existing devices namely heart-rate monitors, trainers etc wirelessly. 

It's the best choice if you are interested in a little competition over virtual group-rides. Zwift offers you communication with fellow cyclists and great training plans to start with. But if you are looking for free workout apps, then this app can only help you up to 7 days free trial.  

zwift trainer
Be on the roads but virtually

2. Cycleops Virtual Training

Gone are the days of stretching yourself reluctantly outside for a cycle ride. CycleOps provides the indoor cycling workouts that are best according to your needs. Experienced and non-experienced, both can have indoor workouts with this indoor bike trainer. 

Being so user-friendly, it is quite popular among cyclists. This app also helps you ride virtually anywhere in the world.

cycleops virtual training
Bring the road to your home (source)

3. Trainer Road

This is the coolest social app that keeps track of riding history.

It is an advanced cycle workout app that helps you in being a great cyclist in no time. With their custom-power based training regime and a properly structured, disciplined schedule, this app only needs a speed sensor and supported trainer.  There are 100 training plans to help you with; you can track your fitness stats too.

trainer road
Upgrade your workout to next level (source)

4. Hurts Ergo

It is a lightweight app that requires no training plans, subscriptions or sign up process. It’s a perfect choice if you are inexperienced or have started cycling recently. There are unique indoor cycling workouts that are scaled to meet users’ compatibility and requirement. 

hurts ergo cycling app
Shed those pounds 

5. ICW (Indoor Cycling Workouts)

Aiming to be the most efficient and easy-to-use indoor workouts, ICW lets you edit and design your indoor workouts. It connects to an ANT+FE-C trainer and adjusts the resistance level of the trainee. Power, Heart Rate etc are stored while you ride and once you are completed, it analyzes the training data.  It works by measuring power in Watts. 

indoor cycling workout
Faster the pedals more the calories burn (source)

6. Sufferfest

This unique Indoor Cycling app provides you unlimited offline streaming of 40+ videos and 20 Yoga for Cyclists. It is more than just Cycle trainer app, as the name suggests, it is an ultimate, high-intensity workout plan that aims at toning your body. It comes with only 7days free trial. This app helps you in analyzing your heart rates, power, cadence etc. and sharing them. 

sufferfest cycling app
The only way to lose weight (source)

7. Kinomap

Kinomap provides GPS videos generated by its members and presents you virtual ride tours all over the world, especially the Europe. It is compatible with both basic and experienced riders. The app gives you a virtual ride around the streets of the world. There is a multiplayer mode available to challenge your mates or anyone online. 

kinomap cycling workout app
Pedal to your dream body

8. ErgVideo

With regular upgrades, this cycle workout app has new Wahoo Kickr and Snap trainers’ compatibility. There are also 1080p videos featuring impressive Cycling and climbs. This is the best indoor bike trainer with high-end virtual scenes. 

It invokes adrenaline rush as if you are actually riding with a pack. Moreover, the software is really easy to use. The smart trainer controls your resistance. So you don't have to stare at the monitor. 

erg video cycling workout app
Workout in a new way (source)

9. PerfPRO

It is a PC based workout trainer app. It supports up to three riders with Home Version and unlimited rider access with the Studio version. It is again compatible with both smart and non-smart cyclists. It calculates your power output. The good thing about this cycle workout app is that it can easily connect to heart rate monitor, power meter by using a USB ANT+ stick.

The interesting feature is that you can create your own virtual ride with GPS bike and video camera. You can play your virtual videos for all around the year. 

Challenge your workout level

10. Tour de Giro

Want real-life racing feel? Then this is the ultimate app that you should download. 

This app provides a 2-week free trial, but only after you have completed your first run. It is an online multiplayer cycle racing app that calculates your ANT+ PowerMeter, cadence and let you ride or race against real people in real time.

Quite interesting right? It consists head-to-head road racing; teamwork is important. The 3D VFX is impressive to make your indoor cycling workout exciting and entertaining. 

 Tour de Giro cycling workout app
Add fun element to your workout (source)

11. iBiker

This workout trainer app integrates with Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, LoseIt etc. It analyzes your workouts, speed, power, cadence, heart rate. It also keeps track of your indoor cycling, training by distance, route etc. It’s one of the best free workout apps. 

ibiker workout app
Workout with the best apps (source)

12. Global Cycle Coach

If you are looking for free workout apps then this cycling app is a great choice. Here you can choose your favourite music and make your workout entertaining. It also is user-friendly and helps you in selecting your required intensity level. 

Global Cycle Coach
Your personal trainer

13. RaceMyGhost+

It is an unbeatable indoor cycling workout app. It acts as a cycling simulator. You will find your cycling sessions interesting with this app. It receives data from ANT+ and Bluetooth and analyzes them to give an output.

Better way to burn fat  (source)

14. BeatBurn Indoor Cycling

This cycling workout app definitely knows how to shed those extra pounds! The Beat Burn analyzes your music and changes the beats of the music to match it to your pace. The coolest thing about this app is that it will make you work harder on the saddle and you will never realise it! It also has a voice over guidance that will motivate you throughout the workout. There are 12 high-energy tracks for you to choose- a fun way to burn calories. 

BeatBurn Indoor Cycling
A workout for every one

15. Velo

It is a social cycling workout app. It lets you train and race with your friends in real time. It’s highly engaging in making cyclists push harder and get up to 25% more active than earlier. 

The good thing about the app is that it also syncs with your other devices so that you can keep track of all your cycling sessions so far. 

Velo cycling workout app
Workout with your buddies (source)

16. The Only Simulator with 3D World – BKOOL

Bkool is the best cycling workout app with over hundreds of videos and over 50,00,000 riding routes with the multiplayer facility. You can never get bored riding the same route! The 3D technology gives you a real feel of the routes. Also, there is voice chat facility between players, so that you can take part in leagues, stage-race style competitions. It provides simple workouts in a training plan generator so that the unsmart trainees too can use it accordingly.

BKOOL cycling workout app
Coolest way to lose weight (source)

These are some of the best indoor bike trainer apps for your convenience. You may also search for more convenient ones, and if you get such, do let us know.

Why Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling can get boring after some time as you might miss the gravels, pitch-covered roads, the trees beside your route and the people that get blurred past as you zoom forward. But remember, Indoor cycling is only for recreation, for fitness, for those who don't get time or are idle to go out. It's never "the only option".

Bad weather, tight schedule –in such odds, outdoor cycling is not an option. Hence, the indoor cycling workout apps are there to help. With music, gaming experience, virtual landscapes these apps can keep you hooked. And it does not need to explain that cycling is good for health. 

indoor cycling
Winter friendly workout

The Essentials for Indoor Cycling

  • Firstly and most importantly, you need a trainer. Now you have to get a way to transfer the trainer data to the app(s) you will use.
  • Your Adapter will vary according to the sensors you have. For an ANT+ sensor, an ANT+ Adapter is needed. For Bluetooth Smart Sensors, you may not need an adapter for phones or tablets, but for PC, one Adapter is needed. As for iPhone or iPad without lightning connector, you will need the Wahoo Fitness ANT+. But iPhone or iPad with the lightning connector, you must have one official Apple Adapter.  
  • Water, towel, fans and entertainment are secondary, but you definitely need!
ant+ sensor for cycle
Speed and Cadence sensor for cycle

Indoor Cycling Training Workouts

Indoor workouts are much difficult than riding outside as you are fighting the resistance of the trainer and pushing yourself. Besides workout trainer apps you should also workout for keeping your body flexible for the Training session. Here are 7 indoor workouts that can help you build the stamina:

  • Spin easy for the first 15minutes of your start of training. This will not only habituate you to take up the next step of rigorous training but also keeps your blood-circulation and heart rate stable.
  • Speed Intervals keep you consistent in cycling. It helps you to catch a breath between speedy effort. You should use an easy gear and high cadence. Keep your RPE low i.e. 5 out of 10. Take deep breaths for two minutes and then pedal easy for five minutes. Next, you should put your RPE 9 to 9.5 out of 10, rise up or sit as per your need and for the "off", spin easy. Now push yourself harder as to add one on/off interval. Simulate a hill by raising the front wheel and for 10-12minutes, ride steadily with RPE 8. Once every 2minutes, have 15 pedal strokes. Next spin easy for 10 minutes. Repeat.  
  • Pedal for 4-5minutes at RPE 8, now 3-4minutes at RPE 9 and then one minute all-out. Spin easy for 10minutes. Now reverse the session. 
  • Tempo Intervals – 10-15 minutes easy, the 20 minutes pedal at 76-90% FTP, then “off” for 5minutes.
  • Sweet Spot Intervals – 10-15minutes easy, 20minutes pedal at 83-97% FTP, “off” for 5minutes
  • Tempo Bursts – 10-15minutes easy, 20minutes pedal at 76-90% FTP with 5second bursts at every 2minutes. 5minutes “off” between intervals.
indoor cycling training
Don't give up, just keep pedalling (source)


Summing Up

All the indoor cycling workouts are for simulating your stamina to engage yourself into the hard training sessions. Until and unless you have acquired the proper workout regime, you will find cycling rigorous and often consider the thought of quitting. But for a proper physical fitness, quitting your workout is never an option. So get yourself into the workout manuals described above and then, get into the awesome experience of cycle workout apps full of the mesmerizing virtual treat. Techie lovers, check the best cycling apps for a hassle free ride on the roads.

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