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16 Cycling Routes in Mumbai to De-stress and Rejuvenate Yourself

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With well-maintained roads and proximity to a diverse landscape, like, seascape, hilly terrain, and flatlands, cyclists get access to unlimited cycling routes in Mumbai. 

In the past few years, several cycling groups, for example, Powai Pedals, LakecityPedalers, and Mulund Riders have come up in Mumbai. These cycling groups organize several cycling trips in and around the city. People who are too shy to venture out on their bicycle alone are strongly encouraged to join one of these groups and find a suitable company of like-minded cyclists.

Cycling Routes in Mumbai: A definite must for Cyclists

The city of Mumbai in India is considered to be its financial capital. It is the city of glitz and glamour because the Indian film industry is based here. The city also has some historical landmarks spread out all across the map of Mumbai and has been in limelight regularly for one reason or the other.

However, many of you don’t know about the breath-taking cycling routes in Mumbai.

cycling in mumbai
Let's explore Mumbai!

Please make sure that you follow traffic rules whenever you are on the road, and adhere to the basic codes of conduct of being on the road. In addition, you must never go out on your cycle without protective gear like a sturdy helmet, a reflective vest, and cycling gloves.

Also, you must ensure that the front and rear lights and the bell of your bicycle are fully functional.

Don’t forget to carry enough water/ liquid to keep you hydrated.

Let us now read about some extremely refreshing and rejuvenating cycling routes in Mumbai. We are sure that after you know about these routes, you will surely your next cycling trip soon.

Marine Drive

Difficulty level: Easy

Whether you are a native of Mumbai or not, you must have heard about the beauty of the place known as Marine Drive in Mumbai.

A bicycle ride along this stretch is equally rejuvenating in daylight and after sundown. With regular police patrolling in the region, Marine Drive is the preferred route for night time cycling in Mumbai.

This long stretch of paved road along the Arabian Sea presents a unique and scenic beauty at daytime and at night time.

The entire boulevard is well lit and the lamp posts give the appearance of a string of shiny beads.

This is why this place is also known as Queen’s necklace. It is not surprising then that Marine Drive features at the top of our list of cycling routes in Mumbai.

cycling in mumbai - marine drive
Queen’s necklace - Marine drive!

Carter Road

Difficulty level: Easy

Another superb option for cycling in the well-paved locales of Mumbai. This stretch is perfect for beginners who like to have a smooth and easy ride that is free of bumps and sudden obstacles.

Just make sure that you choose early morning hours for taking out your bicycle on this stretch because there are minimal traffic and obstruction during this time.

Worli Sea Face

Difficulty level: Easy

Among the various cycling routes in Mumbai, the one that is most frequented by cyclists is Worli Sea Face in Bandra.

This four-kilometer long stretch attracts not only cyclists but also joggers and running enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect visual treat while exercising. This stretch is best covered in the wee hours of the morning because it gets very crowded around sunrise.

cycling in mumbai - Worli Sea Face
Cyclists at Worli Sea Face (source)

Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC)

Difficulty level: Easy

Many of you might be knowing BKC as the financial segment of the city of Mumbai.

However, with neat and tidy, well-maintained roads, BKC is the perfect cycling trail for you. However, you should choose the timing carefully. Since there are many corporate offices in this part of Mumbai, cycling can only be enjoyed either at early morning or late in the night.

Aarey Milk Colony

Difficulty level: Easy

This cycling route is like a cyclist’s paradise. With over 4000 acres, Aarey Milk Colony has the perfect roads, thick green vegetation, and colorful foliage and blooming plants spread all through the region.

The lakes and manicured gardens within the colony make it an even more impressive and beautiful ride.

cycling in mumbai - aarey colony
Cycling in Aarey Milk Colony

Murud Circuit

Difficulty level: Moderate

This trail can be covered in two days, if you want an easy riding experience, or in a single day by altering the route short.

Either way, this cycling route in Mumbai offers the thrill of having a cycling session replete with yummy food and beatific views. The route starts from Gateway of India, from where you take a ferry to reach Mandwa.

From Mandwa, you push the pedal to Murud, encompassing extraordinary views of the coastline. The numerous local eateries en-route serve traditional and authentic cuisine of the region.

Bandra- Churchgate

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

The cycling route from Bandra to Churchgate traverses between two iconic parts of Mumbai.

This stretch is the perfect blend of cycling in the city and of cycling with a scenic view.

As you start from Bandra, you get beatific views of the beach. After cycling for about 15 kilometers, you will arrive at Churchgate, after passing through numerous temples and city parks.

Vasai- Virar

Difficulty level: Moderate

Those who want to pedal a bit longer should consider cycling all the way up to Vasai- Virar. As you pedal out of Mumbai, you will find the traffic decreasing and the ride becoming more relaxing. Please remember to follow traffic rules and stay on the left side of the road to avoid causing obstruction to regular traffic.

bandra kurla complex cycling
Cycling is symbolic of everlasting freedom (source)

Portuguese Fishing Village

Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging

Located in Versova, the village called Gorai offers a blissful break for cyclists who want to evade the hectic of city life.

This trip makes a roughly 50-kilometer long circuit and gives the rider some truly picturesque views.

This route is characterized by old-time churches, mangroves, and rendezvous with the local fishermen. For those who want to make the route a little more challenging, a detour to Uttan Chowk is a great idea.

Kharghar Hills

Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging

None of the cycling routes in Navi Mumbai region offer the visual treat like Kharghar hills.

This 40-kilometer long route takes the cyclist through Palm beach, Vashi and Tajola creek. Consequently, the natural surroundings change from a vast seascape to a green wetly and with an array of beautiful birds.

Many people like to take this cycling trip shortly after monsoons because the hills transform into a waterfall paradise at this time of the year.

cycling in mumbai - kharghar
Take the challenge and visit Kharghar (source)

Mangrove Circuit

Difficulty level: Challenging

Yet another option for those who are looking for cycling routes that offer a challenge, is the mangrove circuit.

This route is similar to the one that has been described above and traverses through Ulhas, Uttan, and Gorai.

You get a glimpse of the world’s biggest stone dome that is built without any pillar support. You may choose to extend your cycling trip to the Manori beach and then opt for a ferry ride to Madh island.

Yeoor Hills, Thane

Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging

The natural beauty that greets a cyclist en-route the Yeoor Hills is beyond description.

Cycling in Yeoor hills
Yeoor Hills, Thane - Every cyclist love it there!

Right from lush green trees to charming waterfalls, from lakes to valleys, from chirpy birds to magical streams that criss-cross your way, a cycling trip to Yeoor Hills in Thane is the perfect way to have a date with nature.

Among all the cycling routes in Thane, this one is the most popular.

Check the Complete Guide to Cycling in Yeoor Hills: The Perfect Destination for Cycling Around Mumbai

Banganga Tank and Priyadarshini Park

Difficulty level: Moderate to Challenging

This cycling route in Mumbai takes you through a cultural trip as you see numerous temples andother historical markers of india’s rich culture.

Upon taking the uphill ride to reach the Hanging Gardens in Malabar Hills, you will be greeted by a panoramic view and a glorious sun set. The whole circuit will cover more than 70 kilometers, so take out ample time for this cycling trip.

Vihi Waterfalls

Difficulty Level: Challenging

This 35-kilometer long cycling route takes you from Kasara station to Vihi Waterfalls, passing through the majestic Ashika waterfalls on the way.

The entire trail along the waterfalls is sprinkled with blooming flowers and chirping birds. You also get fantastic views of the Vaitarna river in this route.

Borivali National Park

Difficulty level: Moderate

The entire park and the accompanying lakes - Vihar and Tulsi, provide more than 100 square kilometres of pure cycling joy to anyone who explores this region.

A cycling trip here is sure to invigorate you and give you a much-needed break from your fast-paced and stressful city life. The dense green trees that line the park, numerous flowering plants and cooing birds will bring a smile on your face as you pedal through this spectacular route.

Borivali National Park Cycling
Borivali National Park - Cycling amidst nature

Karjat – Kondhana Caves

Difficulty level: Moderate

An idyllic cyclic trip awaits you from Karjat to Kondhana Caves.

You take a local train to reach Karjat from where this cycling trip begins. As you pedal over 25 kilometers, you pass across Rajmachi Fort as you proceed towards Kondhana Caves. You may choose to hike towards the fort.

In addition to being one of the most populated and developed city of India, Mumbai also offers many options for cyclists and nature lovers. The various cycling routes in Mumbai that have been discussed above provide some ideas for you to get away from your daily grind and spend some time cycling through the beauty of nature.

Do you know of a place in or around Mumbai that can be reached or explored on a cycle? Let us know.

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