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Cycling in Yeoor Hills: The Perfect Destination for Cycling Around Mumbai

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Locals can easily say that biking in Mumbai’s signature traffic isn’t exactly the most ideal of situations! And if you so happen to be looking for places to cycling around Mumbai or a green and serene escape from the busy streets of Mumbai, we have just the spots for you. Cycling in Yeoor hills, Thane is the ultimate weekend getaway for anyone searching for a quiet place to cycle and a lush trail to bike on.

About the Yeoor Hills

Ideal for families and children, the Yeoor hills park is located forty kilometres away from Mumbai, in Thane and has also been declared as Eco Sensitive, as a constituent of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. With minimal pollution and tranquil paths.

The hills are the quintessential location for a weekend of bike riding, cycling and even a quaint afternoon picnic. The hills are protected under the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and it consists of six indigenous villages or tribal communities, most of them who are local Adivasi tribes. The Yeoor Hills are also a popular location for mountain bikers, especially in the monsoon season for adventure and rash riding.

Also locally called the “Mama Bhanja Hills”, this location is a favourite amongst bikers and adventure enthusiasts, who crave for the wild escape from the concrete jungles of the city life. 

Situated in the Thane district near Mumbai, the Yeoor Hills is quite the famous adventure destination amongst several local Mumbaikars. With a lush spread of forestry, cool and refreshing atmosphere and a plethora of indigenous wildlife, this area is a natural haven for all nature and adventure lovers. Cycling in Yeoor hills is an activity that many bikers look forward too, especially the ones interested in Mountain Biking.

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And interestingly enough, the hill station’s perennial cool weather is not the only factor that keeps bringing tourists back for another visit.

Yeoor hills waterfall
Yeoor hills waterfall

Cycling in Yeoor Hills

Mumbai has an avid circle of cyclists, adventure and nature enthusiasts, who often can’t wait to get their hands and tires dirty on the lush trailheads of the Yeoor Hills.

The route frequented by most cyclists begins from the city suburbs of Mumbai and continues all the way towards the Meera Road Highway, and straight into the Yeoor Hills.

It's a long ride that begins in the Mumbai suburban. It goes from the Mira Road Highway towards Ghodbunder road, heading towards Yeoor hills in Thane District. There is a big road towards Mulund, heading back from Powai towards Goregaon (Famous Aarey Milk Colony) green zone, back from Kandivali to Kashimira.

The road up to the Yeoor hills are steep but it's a smooth tar road. As a precaution, cyclists need to be careful while cycling so that they do not run into vehicles that are driven.

Yeoor Hills is also called as the ideal Rash and Mountain Biking MTB location. 

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Mountain bikers, from here onwards, traverse over a 7.54 kilometre trail and has an elevation of 1.46 kilometres. The route also has a total ascension of 143.54 metres and is often used for MTB or rash mountain biking during the monsoons.

As vouched by many cyclists and hikers, the uphill crusade at the Yeoor Hills is an experience that no one should miss out on. But it is important to keep in mind that cycling at such an elevation (in addition to the muddy terrains) is something that is better suited for advanced or experienced cyclists. Also, one needs to definitely know all the tactics for mountain biking!

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Cycling in Yeoor hills
Mountain biking in Yeoor hills

Cycling in the Yeoor Hills strikes the perfect balance between great physical exercises and an eco-friendly re-connection with the surrounding flora and fauna. Known for its sound and steep terrain, the Yeoor hills are without a doubt, a favourite long drive destination for all mountain bikers.

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Why Visit the Yeoor Hills

This hill station is punctuated with by-lanes and picturesque trailheads that meander through grasslands, forested areas and local farms; which is precisely why cycling in Yeoor hills, Thane on the weekend is a very popular thing to do!

Perfectly suited for beginners, cyclists to enjoy the roads and path, under the clear and fresh atmosphere of the hills. The Yeoor Hills is also often frequented by several families and groups for brief overnight stays and day-trips, filled with scenic picnics and also serene walks through forested paths of apple, bamboo, amla and tamarind trees. The Yeoor hills are covered with lush greenery and truly highlight the simplicity of nature’s beauty - which is why the location is also quite the popular one amongst cyclists and nature lovers.

Certain places to visit in Thane include the Chena Creek, where water from the pinnacles of the Yeoor hills flow down into, and the Bhendi Nala, a wide river bed that gets fast filled with strong currents during the monsoons.

Trekking in Yeoor hills
Trekking view of Yeoor hills

What to Carry in Your Backpack

Whether it’s a weekend trip or a short afternoon picnic under chilly atmosphere or a long cycling trip through the Yeoor hills, it’s important to make sure your rucksack is packed with the right kind of equipment and amenities.

Here’s a brief but helpful checklist to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for your Yeoor hills biking trip.


Carry light food, like energy bars and dry fruits on your trek or your bicycle trip, as you might not end up finding places to eat for many parts of the trail. Water bottles, as you won’t find fresh water sources along the trail.

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Livingit Tip
Carry an extra plastic bag with you to collect all your waste, until you find a suitable dispose outlet.

Equipment for Cycling

  • Helmet
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Thermal wear
  • Raincoats or waterproof wear
  • Windproof gloves
  • Shades
  • A travel size pump
  • A lightly packed and waterproof shoulder bag


Valid photo ID - Aadhar, driver’s license, PAN Card, or that specifically requested by any hotel or adventure club.

FAQs - Questions Asked by Cyclists!

  1. Which is the best season for cycling in Yeoor hills?
    For beginners, it is best suggested that you go cycling in Yeoor hills during the drier seasons, like spring and early winter, for the best experience. But most rash bikers and mountain bicyclists, who’ve had prior experience and training, tend to visit the Yeoor hills trail during the first showers of the monsoon season for the ultimate muddy adventure.

  2. Should I try cycling to the Yeoor Hills by myself?
    Cycling and MBT in the Yeoor hills are better to be attempted in groups, especially during the monsoon season. There are numerous cycling and sports clubs within Mumbai and Thane that often venture on long cycling trips to the Yeoor hills and back.

  3. Are there any other locations apart from the Yeoor Hills for MTB in and around Mumbai?
    There are several interesting locations for MTB in and around Mumbai. Places like Chakan, Panchgani, Malshej and Bhor Ghat and Lonavala are a few destinations that are frequented by mountain bikers and trekkers. The Nagla Forest Nature Park is also another popular destination for cycling in Mumbai.

  4. Would I get a network in the Yeoor Hills?
    Every inhabited area in the Yeoor Hills is in immediate access to multiple network towers such as Airtel and Vodafone, and one can easily gain cell phone connectivity from within the villages.

  5. How far is the cycling trip to Yeoor hills from Mumbai?
    40 kilometres, both-ways.

  6. How to reach Yeoor Hills from Thane station?
    The Yeoor Hills are well connected to both Mumbai and Thane. You can take a local bus through the Patonpada route, from the Thane station. But most tourists tend to hire a private vehicle from Thane or Mumbai, directly to the hill station.

  7. Is there a roadmap or Thane city map to the Yeoor Hills?
    The Thane city map is shown below.

    Thane city map
    Yeoor Hills, Thane map
  8. Can I stay overnight in the Yeoor hills?
    There are plenty of lodges, hotels, and resorts along the main road of the hill station and you can stay overnight or even for a couple of days, for a reasonable price.

Summing Up

The Yeoor hills is a destination specially made for all metropolitan dwellers who tend to crave the rejuvenating and mystical wonders of the great outdoors, from time to time. Local Mumbai residents usually turn to the Yeoor hills for its close proximity to the city and its luscious spread of wildlife and adventure.

And while many families and tourists take away many cherishable moments from their time at the Yeoor hills, it’s the cyclists who tend to have the most fun.

Cycling in the Yeoor hills has always been a soft spot for many Mumbai based mountain bikers, especially for the rash and thrilling rides during the monsoons seasons. And with its steep inclines and amazing terrains, it’s almost impossible for a biking enthusiast to resist the joys of cycling along the broad and forested trails of the Yeoor hills.

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