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Cycling in Pune - Trails to Look Out! Explore Pune Like Never Before

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Do you find it hard to take time out of your busy schedule and utilize them for your passion? If you’re a cycling enthusiast, you might often find that the best way discovers every inch and corner of your city is with your cycle. One such city where cycling is seen and felt on a daily basis in Pune. Cycling in Pune is a very common sight and the cycling enthusiasts in Pune live up to the mark by promoting their passion.

There are various cycling groups in Pune which you can join, and if you wish to venture out alone, you will be surprised by the number of options you have. There are a number of places in and around Pune that are worth exploring on your bicycle.

Cycling in Pune: Weekend Cycle Trails to Cover

Pune has numerous cycle trails waiting for you to cover, this weekend. You can unravel some of the most beautiful nooks and corners of the city, by simply cycling your way to work. This way, you no longer have to choose between while your mind and body both can get some fresh air to breathe in.   

cycling in pune weekend
Explore Pune on a cycle

And rest assured, there are many people out there who are equally as much of a cycling and outdoors enthusiast, as much as you. But the problem that usually first occurs is knowing where and how to start. That’s why we have put together places for cycling in Pune and around Pune that you can check out.

Cycling from Pune to Lavasa (57 km)

This is one of the most sought-after cycling trails from Pune, with the clean and smooth paved roads and the scenic backdrop of the Western Ghats. Popular amongst cycling groups, this smooth stretch of roads have a few twists and turns that add more adventure to your trip.

Livingit Tip:
To avoid traffic it is better to start as early as 6 am as the roads of Pune start getting active early.

pune to lavasa cycling
Pune to Lavasa - A very popular stretch for cyclists

This cycling trail is best enjoyed during the monsoons while the light showers cool your skin, and during the winter when the clouds and mist touch your face as you ride through.

Both beginners and seasoned cyclists can enjoy this breathtaking ride.

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Cycling from Pune to Sinhagad Fort (37.5 km)

Pune to Sinhagad is one of the popular Pune cycle trails and is perfect for the newbies to try out. While the road may be quite bumpy and challenging, the experience is still extremely rewarding with the magnificent vistas of the Khadakvasla Lake.

And while you’re there, you should also check out the picturesque and magnificent Khadakwasla Dam.

Pune to Sinhagad cycling
One of the popular Pune cycle trails

As you traverse through the hilly terrain of the fort, you can treat yourself with local street foods like Gavran Chicken and Zunka Bhakar.

In the monsoons, the trail is embedded with lush greenery that will promise to have a soothing effect on your mind. This Pune cycle trail to Sinhagad is definitely worth giving a shot to see the majestic fort built in mountains.

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Cycling from Pune to Panshet Dam (40.7 km)

While discussing Sinhagad, the Panshet Dam or the Tanajisagar Dam on the Ambi River is worth mentioning for a one day trip near Pune. It will be an easy cycling along the Sinhagad Road with the canopy of tall trees on both sides of the road.

Panshet Dam
Panshet Dam - For the calm cyclist!

This countryside destination in the Western Ghats is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year and thus the trip will be comfortable.

Panshet is also famous for its Pune cycling events or organized and guided bicycle tours such as Panshet Parikrama.

Cycling from Pune to Mulshi Dam (40.2 km)

A trip to Mulshi is one of the most coveted spots for seasoned cyclists while cycling around Pune. Scenic lakes, cascading waterfalls and lush foliage –Mulshi has it all.

The best time to start is early morning, around 7 am. Evenings are not safe as the road is not well-lit and tend to be slippery in monsoon.

Cycling in Mulshi
Mulshi - Loved by all cyclists

The Mulshi Dam overlooking the lake, the steep walls and winding paths of Tamhini Ghat are the attractions you can expect to explore on a Pune cycle trip.

Cycling from Pune to Lonavala and Khandala (65.2 km )

One of the most popular weekend getaways with partner or family, Lonavala and Khandala are the two most romantic places to visit in Pune by cycle. Not only just bikers, cyclists too find this Old Expressway wonderful even with the raving number of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

The smooth winding way along the rock wall is scenic and will boost you up. Pawna Lake, Karla Caves, Bhushi Dam and Lohagarh Fort are some of the tourist spots you can check out.

Lonavala cycling
Cycling from Pune Lonavala and Khandala - For the extra energy

If you are not up to exploring the tourist attractions and wish to ride further, why not cover a few miles to explore the stunning Khandala on cycle?

From Shrivardhan fort at the top of the hill to the cascading Kune Falls from the heart of the greenery and the breathtaking Lion’s Point –Khandala has lots to offer; just check out the Pune city map and plan your bicycle tour. It is up to you whether you are with a group of cyclists or alone, whether you are having a cycle on rent in Pune or have your own cycle. Plan accordingly.

Cycling from Pune to Wai (88.5 km)

If you are into historical places, the long stretch from Pune to Wai will not seem like a big deal to you. Being generally isolated, the smooth paved road will let you speed up your bicycle and ride through the hills. Pandavgarh caves, Lohare Palpeshwar caves, Kamalgarh caves as well as Krishna Ghat and Vairatgad Fort – there are a few sites to look out for.

Pune to wai cycling
Cycling from Pune to Wai - For the retreat experience

If not interested in history, then ride a few miles to check out the Wai Caves or proceed to the hill abode of Panchgani, another romantic spot to go out on a one day trip near Pune.

Small Cycling trips in Pune

If you are short of time but still wish to explore the city by cycling in Pune, there are a few sites in a small distance.

There are a few detours that you can try out too –

  • Mulshi to Lavasa (59.7km)
  • Mulshi to Tamhini Ghat (9.3 km)

You can join any cycling groups in Pune or ride alone.

  • Ride to Vetal Hill (7.5km) – Ride to the highest point Arai Tekdi.
  • Ride to Khadakwasla Dam (15km) through the green hills
  • Explore Baner (11.7km) and ride further to Mahalunge Gaon and Pashan (8.7km from Pune)
  • If interested in Indian History, ride to Kothrud (6km)

Cycling in Pune: Longer Cycling Trails around Pune

So long we were discussing the hush-hush one-day trips by cycling in Pune.

But doesn’t it feel like the trip ended even before you started well?

While many will opt for the quicker Pune cycle trips, there are many who want more!

Here are some choices for them-

Pune to Dapoli (185 km)

Although Dapoli can be made into a compact Pune cycle trip, we suggest you take it slow and enjoy its essence wholeheartedly. A favorite stretch among motorcyclists, the Mulshi-Mahabaleshwar NH17 will take you through the scenic green hills to the pristine beaches on the shore of the Arabian Sea.

Cycling from Pune to Dapoli
Cycling from Pune to Dapoli - For the extra weekend push!

Along the Konkan belt, you can cycle along the strand of Murud Harnai. If you wish, then stay back; enjoy the local food and the rolling waves.

Otherwise, move forward to Ladghar beach or towards the Tamhini Ghats, blessed with waterfalls and green hills. The long stretch can be a bit too much for the newbies, but the veterans can enjoy it alright.

Pune to Ratnagiri via Mahabaleshwar (400 km)

Start with a group of Pune cycling enthusiasts who can give you company in the 3-4 days of this journey. Pass through the urban Katraj to rocky Khambatki and then the long stretch of Pasarni Ghats to explore the essence of Mahabaleshwar. Stay back and start the next day for Panchgani, get lost in the hilly region.

Cycling from Pune to Ratnagiri via Mahabaleshwar
Cycling from Pune to Ratnagiri via Mahabaleshwar - For the explorer cyclist!

Return back and start for Dapoli the next day through Khed. The speedy downhill ride to Poladpur is awesome. Riding through the stunning Kashedi Ghat can be a little tricky but enjoyable. Return back and start riding for Ratnagiri on the next day.

Enjoy riding by the pristine beaches. Stay overnight and return to Pune the next day. 

Tips to Remember for Inter-city Cycling

  • Keep the Pune city map with you so that you can figure out the route in any confusion.
  • Check out the parts of the cycle thoroughly before choosing a cycle on rent in Pune. Beware of the touts and cross-check the papers and policies before renting.
  • Before heading out with any cycling groups like Pune Cycle Pratishthan or Yellow Cycling Group Pune, read about them over the internet or ask any seasoned cyclist who has experience with such groups.
  • Invest in sturdy cycling kits like helmets, puncture kit, side stands, foot pumps, mudguards, seats, handlebars and bottle holders. Keep LED lights handy for riding in the dark.
  • Don’t ride in uncharted trails, ask any local person in case you are having a problem with the road.
  • Don’t over-speed, adhere to traffic rules
  • Don’t ride in challenging weather or if you are having physical problems.

There is no problem if you are stuck in tight schedules; lots of attractions are right around you for cycling around Pune. All you need to do is to plan a trip around the city, take out your cycle on a weekend and ride to make the best out of it.

Whether you plan for a quick ride to Vetal Hill or Baner, or a slightly longer trip to Lavasa or Sinhagad – the choice is vast when it comes to cycling in Pune. 

There is an added bonanza if you can manage a few days of your schedule –you can explore the green hilly abode of Mahabaleshwar, explore its corners and get soaked in the pristine nature. But everything depends on the weather conditions, your on-road etiquette, and physical conditions.

Don’t push yourself in utterly challenging condition so that the whole trip turns out to be a mess.

Enjoy cycling in a safe way while drinking the natural beauty.

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