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Cycling Basics: How Cycling Helps You Manage Various Diseases

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Cycling gives a healthy beginning to your day. Rigorous rounds of cycling every morning can kick start your day with a happy and cheerful mood. Not only does it increase cardiovascular fitness, but how cycling helps in decreasing stress and body fat levels, is reason enough to start cycling. A happy being reflects a happy face and if cycling happens to be your passion, it can definitely add a smile to your look, making you appear charming and adorable.

What makes cycling more popular with almost every age group is the fact that it requires one to put the body weight on a pair of pelvic bones called the ischial tuberosities as compared to walking where the legs have to bear the brunt, thereby making it difficult for people with joint pains and age-related stiffness. Also, cycling helps to manage various diseases within the body.

How Cycling Helps You –

1. Staves Off Depression

Riding a bicycle can bring about immense joy and enjoyment which in turn can improve mental fitness. It puts a positive repercussion on your emotional health by improving self-efficacy and fighting cognitive dissonance. Being a form of exercise, cycling helps and acts as a self-medicating and healing process which calms the mind, thereby enabling to defeat depression and stress levels to a large extent. Apart from this, it even improves memory and boosts creative thinking.

2. Calms your Mind

Cycling plays a positive realm on brain chemistry. It acts as a stress buster and works wonders in keeping your mind calm. It proves to be as effective as medication for the simple reason that it helps in regulating your breathing. It initiates deeper breathing which in turn assists in expelling out any extra carbon dioxide present in the lungs, thereby reducing stress levels and completely calming the mind and body. Moreover, cycling helps to expand the lungs, thereby lifting the diaphragm. This process enables to shift the pressure off the center of the nerves in the solar plexus and also relieves the stress on the central nervous system.

How Cycling Helps And Sets Everything Just Right!
Cycling calms you down ( Image source )

3. Boosts Brainpower

Just as fertilizers boost the productivity of a piece of land, cycling helps in boosting the brain. It enhances the brainpower by increasing the blood flow. Capillary beds get created in the muscles and the brain, enabling the transfer of more oxygen between the cells and the blood vessels. The rate of diffusion gets higher when the area is greater, thereby allowing the creation of more nutrients and an increased absorption rate by the gray matter present in the brain. Thus, brain power gets boosted allowing better concentration and higher levels of efficiency.

4. Makes you Sexier and Friendlier

Riding a bicycle keeps your social and sexual life rolling and active. A study conducted by the University of Texas has reported a considerable increase in the genital arousal of women through cycling, in spite of their sensory nerves being suppressed by anti-depressants. Experts say that the desire to have sex increases to above averages in both men and women through this sport. Moreover, it increases the bond between individuals by creating a better social environment. Interacting and socializing with others helps fight depression and stress levels, making you happier and friendlier, cycling is one medium which opens newer doors for you to get in touch with other people.

5. Makes you Commit to a Better You

Cycling acts as a life-changing machine because it pushes you to connect with yourself in a better and positive manner. Cycling helps you by instilling a sense of positivity in you, making you commit to a better you by improving and uplifting your mood and improvising your self-esteem. It also puts your mind in a better framework by giving a good kick-start to your day. Hence, your efficiency increases which in turn make room for meeting the commitments that you make to yourself towards building a better future for you and your family.

How Cycling Helps And Sets Everything Just Right!
Cycling helps to increase your endurance ( Image Source )

6. Making new friends

Cycling helps you socialize. Do not be amazed to meet a lot of like-minded passionate people in your cycling journey! What makes cycling so popular is that it’s a social activity where you can go for a ride with your entire family and bunch of close friends. If you plan to join a cycling group or a bunch of riders your journey would become all the more exciting. Cycling friends will help you with finding and riding new routes, provide safety on longer rides and make the experience more enjoyable and one to cherish! Just imagine a long day or cycling followed by hanging out with your new cycling mates over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer!

7. Get Acquainted with New Locations

How Cycling Helps And Sets Everything Just Right!
Cycling and venture out into new routes

Riding long distance and out on new routes will give you a totally different perspective of the geography around you and get you in tuned with it. Exploring new routes or even mountain biking trails can be one of the most thrilling experiences you can set off for! Imagine riding the scenic winding country roads, having a cup of chai and some local food and pedaling far on your own steam into the unknown! Or riding on hills on your bike on twisty trails with your mates can be a sheer thrill!

8. Earn an ‘All You Can Eat’ Pass

How Cycling Helps And Sets Everything Just Right!

Cycling burns calories. Lots of it! The further you ride or uphill you climb you will be burning hundreds and thousands of calories. Which in turn means you get to eat a lot of food to replenish them as well! So you need not starve yourself off ice cream and beer and smoothies and fries but devour it with a smile!

Cycling helps and induces both physical fitness as well as mental ability. A recent study from the American College of Sports Medicine has proven that a 30-minute cycling exercise session on a regular basis can help fight depression without taking antidepressant pills. Cycling helps your sleep imbalance by dealing effectively with the stress hormone cortisol. Cycling keeps you fit, healthy and happy. Cycling to and from work on a daily basis can not only cut down on costs but can also make you time-efficient.

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It even adds to your efforts in fighting global warming issues as you are no more a party to adding noise or air pollution to the environment. To sum it up all, cycling gives you an overall satisfaction and a sense of completion, bringing a nice curve on your face which sets everything just right.

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