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10 Cycling Faux Pas You Might be Guilty of! Check Them Out

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What is it about cyclists that the moment they mount on that bike, most of them turn annoying, fashion-wise speaking. From Lycra tights to ankle socks, sleeveless jerseys to a full-fledged pro cycling kit, casual riders leave no rock unturned to get the look of a professional cyclist. Now it’s absolutely all right if one wants to feel good about cycling and make it known to the world through their superfluous appearance but it is really not required. Nobody cares and they come off as cycling faux pas, to be honest!

Yes, road cycling has a set of unspoken fashion cues. Cycling is a great activity that makes your body stronger and fitter while pushing up the good mood. And it is only natural to think that the cycling gears will facilitate the effects of cycling. And hence comes out the spandex and the arm and leg warmers.

There is no necessity to flaunt a total pro kit gear when you are only out for a 30 minute or so ride. But if you do want to look like a cool rider than here are some cycling faux pas that you should not do as a cyclist.

And while you are here, also see the road bike tips for safe cycling.

Now don’t get alarmed or distraught if you have been committing some these cycling faux pas, everyone has been there at some point in time.

Cycling Faux Pas: Cyclists Shouldn’t Do These

Cycling shorts
Stop Wearing Underwear Under the Chamois (source)

As you develop your riding skills on the shiny Pinarello, you must also keep your riding fashion game on point and understand what to wear on a bike ride. But kindly, do not get every last thing you see in the store. It is all right if you do not wear that kind of shorts or helmet. Cycling fashion rules are brutal and a slight derailment can make you look like a clown on a cycle.

So, let's find out what to not wear on a bike ride. Here are 10 cycling Faux Pas to Dodge

Wearing Underwear Under Chamois

While it is only natural to wear an underwear under your Lycra, avoid it. Mostly the newbie road rider is guilty of this, wearing a pant under the chamois will cause discomfort. The seams of the underwear will chaff against the skin leading to painful saddle sores. The chamois is specially designed to adsorb sweat with ant-bacterial agents. So, take a deep breath, embrace the culture and go commando under your tight Lycra.

Those Awful White Shorts

Cyclists in white shorts
White Shorts? Are You Sure? (source)

Now there’s nothing against them and one may wear whatever colour of shorts one wants to but white. Those are cycling clothes for beginners which even beginners should avert. Yes, they might seem practical on a summer day, reflecting all the heat and you may look cool in your head but please do not wear them, not even on the most frivolous feeling days.

Why? Well, white Lycra is somewhat transparent. So, if you don’t want the whole world to stare at you with curious eyes, let’s pass on those white shorts.

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The Socks Length

Oh! Don’t even get us started on the socks length. How much is too much or too little? We have seen cyclists with socks of all kinds of length. But let us warned you to not wear ankle length ones unless of course, you have a tennis match to attend after the ride.

Now do not pull those socks beyond the knees, my friend. There are medium length cycling socks that will sit just right at the appropriate length, showing just the right amount of those razor-sharp calves. And kindly stick to white or black in the colour.

Unshaven Legs

unshaven legs of cyclist
Never Cycle Like That! (source)

Now that you have decided upon the kind of shorts to jump into and the length of socks to pull up, why not make some extra effort and shave the legs, after all cycling is about them and their power. Keep them smooth and slick so that the next you wheezed through a busy street, people could admire them as well with the powerful bike.

Also, if you crash on the ground, it will be easier to clean the gravel out of a shaven leg.

Along with clean shaved legs, cyclists also need stronger legs. Do these leg exercises for cyclists to pedal harder.

Aero Helmets

Only if you are an ultra-fit cyclist without an ounce of surplus fat, riding a very important ride that requires the infinitesimal aerodynamic gain that an aero helmet has to offer. Otherwise please kip them when wheeling around the town or in a club ride.

On a side note, tighten the helmet too. Not only the chinstrap dangling two inches makes one look dumb, it is also dangerous that the helmet leans towards the back of the head. Safety before swag, please!

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Short Jerseys

short jerseys while cycling
Not a Very Pleasent Sight (source)

Sure, we have noticed a little peekaboo situation going on between the shorts and the jerseys on so many cyclists. And it is really not cool or hot to show the skin that could very well give graphics of the butt crack. Seriously stop flashing pedestrians, wear a longer jersey. Or one with rubber grippers at the waist, and if not that then bibs are the last solution.

Bib Straps over Jerseys

The bib strap ALWAYS goes under the jerseys. Yes, wearing the strap over the jersey may make things easier when you have to attend the nature’s call but then there are full-zip jerseys. Why not switch to them if that’s the case?

The only people allowed to look sexy with the straps wearing over their apparels are lumberjacks. Cyclists should tuck them below.

Pedalling with Trainers

pedaling with trainers
Your Trainers Are Not Cycling Shoes (source)

Nothing shrieks as a cycling rookie than pushing those massive flat pedals in trainers. There’s a reason why they have specific cycling shoes. Not only they look better but the amount of power improvement and comfort they give is incredible. These will also reduce the chances of getting uncomfortable pressure hot spots.

Improve your cycling speed with these indoor spinning workouts for cyclists.

The Sleeveless Jerseys

Let’s be outright honest here- not all cyclists have bulky arms with sexy biceps and triceps. So, even if you have some, avoid coming across as cocky fellow in very short or sleeveless jerseys. Worst is when these sleeveless jerseys are mated with arm warmers.

Also, there’s a difference between cyclists and triathletes and it lies in the length of jersey sleeves. Unless it ridiculously hot, keep to the cycling decorum and throw on a jersey with sleeves. And you can team these with arm warmers without any doubt.

Decking up in Cycling Kit

cyclists in tight cycling gear
You May Think Its Flattering But Is It? (source)

This kind of cyclists should be jailed for committing such crass fashion felonies. Wearing cycling kit as casual gear is one fashion suicide that people keep committing. And the funny fact is that it just doesn’t become a trend of the yesteryear. Most of the cycling team jerseys are too colorful for everyday affairs and unless there’s a washboard set of abs, the average cycling jerseys are less than flattering in terms of fitting.

You can proclaim your love for cycling and bikes without roaming in the outfits to anywhere and everywhere.

Aside from these 10 cycling faux pas, here are two more fashion disasters that deserve honorable mention- tucking the jersey into the shorts and wearing leader’s jerseys with too many logos.

Keep It Minimal (source)

To sum up, stop trying too hard to look a cyclist. Now, some of us may try to make an argument by stating the “I don’t care” attitude but deep within you actually do, we all do. It’s all right if you though that leg warmers and arm warmers made a lethal combination or that wearing shorts over leggings was okay. As beginners, we all have made cycling faux pas, riding and gears alike.

Another thing that the cycling society frowns upon is riding a dirty bike. There is nothing so fancy about riding a muddy, rusty bike. So, along with tips on cycling gears, take notes on bike maintenance too. The rules of road cycling fashion can only be learned through considerable time spent in the two-wheeled community.

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