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Cycling Event in the Western Ghats: Gear Up for Cyclassic and Road Race

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If you are a cycling enthusiast or a person who is fond of watching cycling race then it will certainly not be wise for you to miss the biggest Indian race- Road Race and Cyclassic cycling event in western ghats where professional cyclists will be competing against each other in order to win the podium. The “Western Ghats: Road Race and Cyclassic” is a unique cycling race format or a race event in India which will be organized in the year 2018 at Pune, Maharashtra, India. Below are discussed some of the wonderful facts and information that will enable you to gain detailed knowledge about this big event in a proper way.

History of Western Ghats Cycle Race

The first off-road cycle race in India was organized on 7th August 2014 in the Tropical Rainforest of the Western Ghats. According to reports, India had joined hands with Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Russia, Australia and China to conduct the first Indian edition of the off-road race in the Tropical rainforest of Western Ghats. 

The inaugural edition of this cycling race in western ghats of India had 4 unique stages- "Prologue", "Predator", "Terminator" and the ultimate stage of "Twilight Zone". It was a 10-day event and only 50 participants were allowed to take part and out of which 40 slots were specially reserved for the professional riders of racing cycles in India. 

cycling in western ghats
Cycling in Western Ghats (source)

Cycling Event in the Western Ghats - Details You will Need

The Western Ghats bike racing event in India is a unique racing format which will be held on Sunday, 7th Jan 2018. It is being organized by Sporting Network, whose ultimate goal is to bring professionals of the different field under a competitive environment. The above cycling event in India has been divided into two unique formats. Make sure to go through the further lines to become aware of the cycle racing formats that have made this event unique and special. 

How to register for the event

In order to participate in this cycling event in western ghats, you can either register online or need to visit one of the nearest registration booths which will be opened in various cities in India. 

The registrations are still open for the following category -

  1. Cyclassic 165k also called 165 Km Cyclassic - Normal Registrations - INR 500
  2.  Cyclassic 80k also called 80 Km Cyclassic - Normal Registrations - INR 500
  3.  Road Race: Normal Registrations - INR 1500

Last Date: 24-12-2017

Please note all the registration charges are exclusive of GST 18%

Route Map

As per the Western ghats map, the racing event will start from Mulshi and then pass Tamhini Ghat Road and ultimately will end in Pratapgad. The last 28 Km of the race is certainly interesting because it is an uphill and hence you will certainly need an experienced Climber in your team to handle the challenge of Road Race format in a smart way. 

Road Race Format

This is a wonderful format in which the professional cyclists have to create a team of 3 in order to compete against other teams of Indian cyclist who are highly qualified in this specific sporting event. The ultimate aim of creating this wonderful format is to ensure that winning the podium not just only depends upon the performance of an individual cyclist but all of the three participants in the team as a whole. Besides this, to face the ultimate challenge in this Indian cycle race event in a smart way the tactics of the cyclists and even the work and decision of the coach and manager certainly play a very vital role. 

Cyclassic Western Ghats Road Race Format

This is also an interesting format of this Indian cycle race which will be conducted in the Western Ghats, the toughest course in the state of Maharashtra. This is an individual race format of this cycling event in western ghats where the participants have to challenge their own best time in a Century Ride and even fight against their friends to reach the finishing line of the race course with an utmost level of stamina. 

cycling in western ghats
Western Ghats cycling race (source)

Tips to Create a Smart Team for Road Race Format

If you want to compete in this Indian cycle race format in a smart way then make sure to have a team which consist of the below cyclists-

  • Climber: One who has the capability to climb mountain for long hours with utmost level of stamina and even maintain a good position, 
  • Puncher: A cyclist who can excel quickly in a short but steep climb. 
  • Sprinter: A cyclist who has the capability to accelerate quickly to a very high speed.

Distance for the Road Race: 80 Km
Start and Finish Point: The Road Race format of cycling event in the Western Ghats will start and even end in the CCD Katraj. 

How to Participate in Western Ghat Cyclassic Race Format

If you wish to participate in the cycle race format then make sure to share your best Century ride timing (Strava and Mapmyride only) to the concerned authority conducting the race. After scrutinizing your Century ride time, the concerned authority will set a specific time in which you will not just only need to beat your best Century ride timing and even stay ahead of other participants. 

Distance of the Cyclassic Race

The participants of this cycle race format can choose either of the below two options according to their capability.

  • Cyclassic Race of distance 80 Km
  • Cyclassic Race of distance 165 Km
Western Ghats cycling race
Racing in the Western Ghats (source)

FAQs about the Western Ghats: Road Race and Cyclassic

Q: When will be the Western Ghats: Road Race and Cyclassic event organized?
As per Calendar 2017 India, the event will be organized on Sunday 7th January 2018 at 05:00 am to 08:00 am.

Q: Where will the event be organized?
The cycle race event will take place in the Western Ghats of Pune in Maharashtra, India. 

Q: When will the online registration start?
The online registration for this Indian cycle race event has already started from 10th November 2017. Whereas you can collect your bib on 6th January 2018

Q: What are different categories of this cycle racing event?
This cycling event in western ghats has two unique categories- the Road Race format and the Cyclassic format.

Q: When the participants of Cyclassic format need to submit the best time of their Century ride to the concerned authority?
Participants are needed to submit the time of their best Century ride by 17th of December, 2017, 11:59 PM.

Q: What are timings for this cycle racing event?
Participants to reach the start venue- 4:30 am

  • Starting time of Cyclassic 165 Km- 5:00 am
  • Starting time of Road Race 80 Km- 6:30 am
  • Starting time of Cyclassic Race 80 Km- 6:45 am
  • Presentations at Sails and Grill- After the completion of all the Race formats


The new formats of this cycling event in western ghats will certainly attract a huge number of spectators and thereby make this event a success. If you have a passion of watching cycle racing event then make sure to be present at the venue to motivate and support the cycle racers and even get the opportunity to become aware of the final Pune race club results.

Please feel free to share any other vital information about this cycle racing event which will be organized in the Western Ghats.

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