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Bicycle Security System: Whacky, Innovative and Effective Ideas

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Owning a bike comes with its own set of troubles, bike thefts being the most common and once your bike gets stolen, there’s little to no chance of getting it back. This has increased the importance of using bike locks or some kind of a bicycle security system at all times.

But, can any kind of lock serve the purpose?

Simple locks are vulnerable to breakage and can be easily unlocked by thieves. Moreover, bike locks in the past were either heavy and difficult to carry, but very secure; or lightweight, but easy to break. They would also require additional equipment for locking and a special bag to carry them.

Today, a wide variety of innovative bike locks have been introduced and made available in the market. These systems include bicycle anti-theft alarms, smart phone paired smart locks, DIY, and open-source bike trackers, etc. These modern day smart locks and alarms use intelligent disarming techniques, are easy to carry, and tough to crack. They also come with GPS bike accessories, Smart Navigation (as in SmartHalo and BeeLine), and the ability to work on Social Bike-Sharing Platforms (like Lock8 and AirDonkey). Read further to learn how to choose the right lock for your bicycle, from a list of the best bicycle security systems.

Different DIY Ways of Protecting Your Bike

A sneak look into some creative ways in which you can protect your bike.


Turning your bike into something far from beautiful is actually a very effective bicycle security system. For instance, a rusty, ugly-looking bike will give the impression that it’s old and worn-out, thus keeping thieves away. There are many creative DIY techniques you can use to achieve this. To give your bike a faux rust or faux damaged look, you’ll need materials like duct tape, vinyl tape, clear-coat spray, flat-lax spray, rust-brown spray, and chocolate powder.

Bicycle Security Systems: Whacky, Innovative, and totally Effective
Old Rusty Lifestyle

Use a Number of Industrial-Grade Chains

Wherever you park your bike, you can cover it with several industrial-grade chains and locks that are difficult to cut with simple equipment. Let it have multiple locks hanging down as well. This way, thieves will have to invest more time in stealing your bike.

Chain Hook Heavy Equipment

Self-Destructing Bike

Attach some trappers or fake self-destructing elements to your bike. This will send out a message to the thieves that if the bike is touched, it will destruct itself and the things near it.

Some fun elements to protect your bike


Another way to ward off thieves is to mount a touch or motion sensor security device on your bike. You can add your creative touch to it and make it look like real trouble to the thieves if caught. Might as well use a fake alarm system or stickers that look like a real one!

bicycle security system
Smart Bike Alarm System

A List of Best Bicycle Security System

Here’s a list of the best security systems for your bike:

1. Fly12 Bike Alarm

The Fly12 is a brilliant bicycle security system that comes with an HD video camera and front light. During the theft, it flashes light, rings an alarm, records the event, and sends an alert to your phone. It also has Bluetooth connectivity up to 100 feet.

Alarm System

2. Hiplok

Yes, the hiplok!

Though it’s not a very new concept, it serves the purpose of secure bike locking. It comes with a hardened steel chain of 10 mm, enclosed in a Kevlar sleeve, making use of a Velcro extension. It also has a padlock that can be doubled to form a belt buckle. You can easily wear the hiplok around your waist like a belt wherever you go, making it, not only an effective bicycle security system, but a lightweight one as well.

HipLock for Security

3. Skylock

Skylock is a solar powered Bluetooth operated u-lock, which uses a keyless technology and enables crash alerts and monitoring from anywhere. You can disarm the lock either by entering the lock code into the lock or via the Skylock Smartphone app. Its built-in theft alarm system is smartly designed (and uses accelerometers) to notify you, when your lock is hit or manhandled. In case of a crash, it will send notifications to your phone and if no response is received from you, will notify other responders in the location. Weighing only less than 3 lbs (1.4 kg) and chargeable via sunlight as well as with a USB cable, Skylock is an amazing bike lock technology.


4. Litelok

Weighing just about 2.2 lbs (1 kg) and made from Boaflexicore (a new material), Litelok can withstand attacks coming from any kind of tool. No hacksaw or cable-cutter can break this lock, which makes it a highly effective bicycle security system.


5. Lock8

Lock8 is a keyless smart lock and the first ever lock to be built under the category of smart phone paired smart locks. It has built-in accelerometers, motion sensors, and temperature sensors that ring a loud alarm in case of damage to these components. A notification is also sent to your smartphone. Additionally, a GPS tracker attached to the lock helps you track your bike. And in case your phone is low on battery, Lock8 comes with a key for unlocking. In future, Lock8 might come with the ability to work on Social Bike-Sharing Platforms as well.


6. Bike Angel

This is a GPS tracking device that alerts you at the time of the theft and helps you track your bike. It’s locked using your Smartphone and remains hidden underneath your seat tube until a movement is detected. It then sends a notification to your phone via a GSM message or GPRS.

Bike Security Systems
Bike Angel

7. Yerka Bike

Now here’s a design that stands out from the rest! Yerka Bike is designed in such a way that, in order to steal it, the thief will have to cut through one of the bike’s main components. Once cut, it will make the bike unrideable! Apart from that, you’re provided with a key or Bluetooth connectivity to lock and unlock it. The introduction of Yerka Bikes to the market truly started a new trend in regards to bikes and bicycle security systems.

Bike Security System
Yerka – A new trend

8. InterLock

This 90-cm cable lock sits inside an alloy 3D forged seatpost of different diameters. Its length enables securing of the whole rear triangle and the rear wheel to a bike rack. However, this lock requires a minimum 16 mm long seat tube for proper fitting of the cable.

Bicycle Security Systems: Whacky, Innovative, and Totally Effective

9. Master Lock Criterion Bike Lock

This is one of the best and most secure bike locks which can’t be broken with simple equipment. It comes with a Sold Secure Gold sticker, a dust cover at the keyhole, and a shackle (270 mm). It’s lightweight and secure lock system makes it highly suitable for those who ride a lot.

Bicycle Security Systems: Whacky, Innovative, and Totally Effective
The Master Lock

Secretive Silent Alarm: The Cricket

What is the Cricket?

This device is a very secretive silent alarm for bikes which notifies you on your Smartphone immediately when your bicycle is even touched by someone. How does this bicycle security system work? If your bike somehow gets stolen, it will help track it down using its cloud-based tracking system. It also comes with a plastic zip lock to prevent from being unmounted. Fix the Cricket below your bike’s seat and have the app downloaded on your phone.

bicycle security system
Gadgets For Bikes


  • Weight: Below 20 grams (less than one ounce)
  • Battery Life: Min. 1 year
  • Diameter: 30 mm (1.2 inch)
  • Thickness: 9 mm (0.35 inch)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy), with a working range of 150 feet
  • Sensor: 3-Axis MEMS Accelerometer

What kind of battery does the Cricket use?

The cricket uses a CR2032 coin cell replaceable battery. The battery lasts up to a year because of a power-saving algorithm and the use of Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

What application does the Cricket work with?

The Cricket works with a proprietary IOS app.

Which phones are compatible with the Cricket?

The Cricket is compatible with iPad mini, iPad 3rd and 4th gen, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5C.

Now that you have a list of top bicycle security systems, choose the one that suits your purpose best and get one right away! Ride anywhere and leave your bike locked for hours, without any worry of theft.

So, are you ready? Then grab these 10 must-have cycling gears and accessories and get cyclin’! And do tell us how helpful this article was to you and share your cycling story with us.

And do tell us how helpful this article was to you and share your cycling story with us.

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