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20 Best Cycling Apps for Android and iPhone Users - Improve your Ride!

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No one can deny the presence of technology in all aspects of our modern life, including cycling. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, there are some best cycling apps, available for both iPhone and Android based smartphones, which aim to enhance your cycling experience and get you the most of your ride.

There is a vast range of cycling information available through apps on your smartphones, from highly analytical cycling training tools to useful navigational resources and social apps. These apps allow you to monitor and record your rides, plan your cycling routes, and keep you on track with your cycling training. Read on to know the best cycling apps available at the tap of a smartphone screen.

Best Cycling Apps For Android and iPhone

Here is our pick of the best Android and iPhone apps available for cyclists; some are free, some are not, but there’s something for everyone.

1. Cycle Tracker Pro

It is available on iOS platform for $4.49 and offers GPS-enabled real-time maps for tracking all the cycling related information such as altitude, time, calories, and average speed.

best cycling apps
Cycle Tracker Pro App

A fully customized readout screen is also available with maps, times, or graphs. It also syncs with your favorite music for your workout as well as Google Maps, so you’ll always move in the right direction. It also incorporates a native camera function so that you don’t need to close out the app when setting up your selfie while cycling.

2. Rider State

One of the best cycling apps, Rider State is an amazing social game app that lets you have fun while cycling.

All you need to do is install this app and start riding. While you ride, your GPS allows the RiderState to track your complete activity status such as your speed, distance and with help of various algorithms it decides your final score.

Rider State
Rider State Cycling app

You can then compare your score with your friends and if you beat them then you become the governor of the district.

How cool is that?

The motive behind this social game is to promote greener planet and motivate people to prefer cycling. The app is available for both Android and iPhone users.

3. Cyclemeter

This app is currently not available for Android but it can turn your iPhone into a cycle computer for $4.99 and is really useful when you mount your smartphone to your cycle’s handlebars.

Cyclemeter App

It helps you to configure audio alerts for heart rate, time, and distance. You can also set up a training program with intervals, and heart-rate zones. Cyclemeter allows you to enter your age, weight, and gender to accurately determine calorie burn statistics.

To start tracking a ride, you just need to touch the app’s “Stopwatch” icon and you’ll see a customizable screen with route name, speed, and fields for ride time. You may also directly access accumulated training log data by days, weeks, months, and years under the app’s history tab.

Livingit TIp
The app is available in 5 different languages and also tracks running, walking, skiing, and other sports.

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4. Endomondo

It is one of the best cycling apps that’s available for free for both iPhone and Android smartphones.


It allows you to easily analyze your training by keeping track of duration, calories, and cycling speed, and can be easily used with a heart rate monitor.

You can also sync Endomondo with other apps and wearables; get your calorie and nutrition information from MyFitnessPal, connect with Google Fit to add your workout data, and use wearable devices such as Pebble, Android Wear, and Garmin to track your performance.

5. MapMyRide

It is a free app, with the premium version containing more advanced tools and mapping, available for Android and iPhone.

Map My Ride - top cycling apps for fitness lovers
Map My Ride

It is equipped with tracking your rides along with your nutritional needs and weight. You can save and upload your workout data to where you can view your cycling route workout data, and comprehensive workout history. Other important features include photo uploads, iPod support, and Twitter integration.

6. Fill That Hole

Say goodbye to potholes with Fill That Hole app!

fill that hole -top cycling apps for fitness lovers
Fill That Hole

Obviously, cycling and potholes don’t go hand-in-hand and you can report potholes from the roadside with this free app for Android and iPhone. You can photograph the hazard with your smartphone’s camera, map the location with your phone’s GPS, and Fill That Hole will contact the highway authority to get it fixed.

7. Strava

This is one of the go-to apps for every cyclist!


It is a free app, compatible with both iPhone and Android, although a premium service is also available. It allows you to create routes and follow them, as well as keep track of your distance covered, pace, speed, calories burned, and elevation gained.

You can create goals and compare them with your friends to keep yourself motivated. Its premium service costs around $5.12 a month and offers many advantages with features such as “Fitness and Freshness”, that can be used with a power meter or heart rate monitor.

The graph output gives a basic analysis of your fitness, form (freshness) and fatigue levels. It also has a feature called “Power curves” that is specifically meant for power meter riders to assess performance. It got “Training plans” that will make you feel like you have a coach.

8. Google Maps

This is a free app, available for both Android and iOS, and you might have this on your phone already. The latest version of Google Maps offers instructions on bike paths and bike-friendly routes.

best cycling apps
Google Maps

It integrates audio “turn-by-turn” instructions and allows you to check on road closures and traffic in an area. It offers specialized maps just for cyclists; you just need to enlarge the cycling map feature to see the bike path indicators after you have marked your cycling route.

Livingit Tip
Customized maps for cyclists are also available on the Google Map app.

9. Wahoo Fitness

It is a free app available for download at Wahoo Fitness for the iPhone or Wahoo Fitness for Android. You can pair this app easily with Bluetooth sensors including heart-rate monitors, progressive power meters, and speed sensors.

best cycling apps
Wahoo Fitness

It offers eight customizable pages of data on heart rate, power, and speed and an added advantage is the availability of a GPS map.

The app lets you select the statistics most relevant to you which are displayed live on your phone’s screen, so you don’t have to concern yourself while cycling.

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10. Bike Gear Calculator

Do you love numbers? Then this app is designed just for you!

This is another best cycling apps that are ideal for those who want to optimize their bike’s gearing for riding style.

best cycling apps
Bike Gear Calculator

You can calculate speed and cadence figures from tweakable virtual drivetrains. This app gives gears facts on-the-spot for cyclists to improve their overall experience. You can create tables and view essential information at a glance regarding gain ratio, gear inches, speed, and more. It is a free app for iOS and Android based smartphones.

You can create tables and view essential information at a glance regarding gain ratio, gear inches, speed, and more. It is a free app for iOS and Android based smartphones.

11. Bike Doctor

Yes, your bike too needs a doctor! This app will save you the cost to rush to the mechanic!

Bike Doctor
Bike Doctor

Although this app is not free and available for $5.11 on iPhone and $2.29 on Android, it’s still cheaper than visiting a bike shop as it provides step-by-step instructions for fixing any mechanical problem of your bike.

It is easy to use with clear instructions that even a beginner can follow. It gives you 42 guides for 42 common problems avid bike riders will come across. It covers everything right from wheel punctures and squealing breaks to more advanced stuff such as bleeding disk brakes.

12. MTB Project

MTB lets you explore the unexplored trails and is one of the best cycling apps for the wanderlust!

best cycling apps

Available for free on iOS and Android platforms, MTB Project allows you to find the hidden trails, either near your current location or in an area you search for.

You can download maps for the city you’re visiting, zoom in to see the local trails, and compare the difficulty ratings of the trails. Also through this app, you can keep an eye on new trails that you’ve missed. You can enjoy high-resolution photos and detailed topographical trail maps.

13. Elite HRV

This is an app that can detect your grumpy mood as well as your happy mood!

As the name suggests, HRV allows you to monitor your heart rate variability (HRV) or your level of fatigue and is free of cost for both Android and iPhone.

best cycling apps
Elite HRV

It features guided breathing meditations to keep you calm and composed and evaluates your performance in terms of mood. You can log information about how you’re feeling on a scale of frowny to smiley faces. Other cyclists’ friendly features include improved the user interface, signal cleaning, secure backup, audio and visual breathing guides, and live HRV visual display.

14. Dirt School

It is available for download for $7 for iPhone; unfortunately, not available for Android users.

best cycling apps
Dirt School

It is specially designed for mountain bikers and contains video examples to demonstrate the mountain cycling techniques. It has 11 fundamental techniques covered in the videos. You can import your own riding using an in-built camera from your camera roll to compare your riding against correct techniques and common mistakes.

15. Rain Alarm

Let this amazing app guide you with the accurate weather forecast so that the weather doesn’t hamper your ride!

best cycling apps
Rain Alarm

This app is free and provides you hourly and daily details of weather conditions; precipitation, snow, rain, or hail. You may log in to check the weather forecast before getting dressed for a ride. It uses real time data to warn against approaching rain on the horizon. It incorporates simple and easy map overview.

16. ViewRanger

It’s the ultimate outdoor activity free app for both Android and iPhone users. As you can browse cycling routes from all over the world, view route information on digital maps, and save routes to your phone to use offline – this stands out as one of best cycling apps.


You can view your exact GPS location as you cycle, navigate free street maps, terrain maps, and aerial images. Additionally, you can view statistics and graphs for each cycling adventure and share it with friends and family through social media.

17. 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs

The popular book “100 Greatest Cycling Climbs” has been developed into an app for both Android and iOS and is available for $7.66. One of best cycling apps and is loved by cyclists all over the world!

best cycling apps

This app locates the closest climbs near you and once you sync this app with Strava, it will then be able to keep a log of which climbs you’re knocking off, and how fast you’re riding up them. The app is loaded with all the essential facts; length of the climb, maximum gradient, height, and profile of the ascent. It will help you to increase your fitness level for cycling.

18. B.icycle

We bring one of the best cycling apps that have a feature which many apps miss out!

The B.icycle is a paid app, you would have to invest $10 to use its exceptional feature. The smartphone GPS gives access to the app which helps it to decide your time, distance, speed, altitude and guess what even calories!


The coolest thing about the app is that it has auto pause feature that pauses the stopwatch when you are at rest! Also, it uses OpenCycleMap that transfers your saved tracks through the mail. this app is available for both Andriod and iPhone users.

19. Cycle Watch

It is one of the best cycling apps compatible with iOS 4.0 and later and turns your iPhone into a powerful fitness computer.

It is cheaper than its competitors and is a budget friendly app. It includes all the must-have features for an ideal cycling app such as calculation of distance, speed, time and elevation, display of all cycling routes on a map, and time comparison to previous outings on the same route.

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20. MyFitnessPal

Eat healthy stay healthy is the motto of this wonderful app!

If you are trying to maintain your ideal cycling weight, then this free app for both iOS and Android can help you to improve your diet. It puts the world’s largest nutritional database in your pocket. You can count your net calories to lose weight or to evaluate your eating habits and it also has a recipe counter for tracking homemade meals.

Truly, smartphones have revolutionized cycling. With so many cycling apps available at the tap of your finger, you can experiment with a number of features to make your ride interesting, safe, and a lot of fun!

If you have used any one the above cycling apps then do share with us your experience. We would love to read them.

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