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Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill and Fitness

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Adventure cycling involves self-discovery without involving much thought over the location, budget and specialist equipment. What you really need is time, self-motivation, a bicycle, and the zeal to see where the road takes you. The only necessity involved is to know how to ride a bicycle, something which most of us learn as children!

While some people like to take a short trip, others choose to go further such as cycling from Europe to Asia, crossing the mountain ranges or going from Egypt to South Africa. With adventure cycling, you can interact with nature in the best possible way including reading a book by the riverside. Get inspired by Göran Kropp: The Man who Cycled from Sweden to Everest and Back!

Adventure cycling offers you the power of speed and mobility through pedaling; in the words of Tim Barnes, founder of the online Adventure Cycling Guide, ‘An easy way for ordinary people to experience extraordinary adventures.’

Reasons to Take Up Adventure Cycling

Great Form of Exercise

It energizes you both physically and mentally. It will save your wallet the cost of a gym membership. According to a study conducted by the National Forum for Coronary Heart Disease in the US, cyclists enjoy a fitness level that equals people who are 10 years younger than them.

Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness

Lift Your Spirits

This part of the adventure cycling can’t be denied. Pedaling through miles will lift your spirits. In the words of Dr., chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, exercise releases natural feel-good endorphins to make you happy and relaxed.

Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness

Healthy Body and Mind

Adventure cycling boosts the body’s basic metabolic rate, burning a higher number of calories and fat. It is super friendly to those who are limited by back pain as most of the weight is balanced by the saddle. No awards for guessing that your lungs work better when you pedal and your cardiovascular system gets strengthened as well.

It’s Free!

Yes! You can just go to places without lightening your wallet and you also contribute towards environmental sustainability by emitting zero pollution. You will also have awesome stories to narrate as you will find places that you have never dreamt of visiting in a car.

Feel Independent

Do it for the quality ‘you’ time. Irrespective of the reason‒ work stress or everyday challenges‒ adventure cycling will give you the much-needed fresh air and mental clarity. It will enhance your creativity by giving you breathing space away from the muddle of everyday life.

Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness

See More of the World

Whether you pedal up the hills or sweat along the coast, adventure cycling will allow you to explore the world. It is surprisingly a very social sport as it is a great way to meet new people from different cultures. You can check out the local adventure cycling clubs in your area to make new friends.

Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness

Rules to Follow For Adventure Cycling

You need to follow some basic rules to deal with the conditions that you might face while doing adventure cycling.

Pick the Right Bike for the Job

There are different types of bikes available in the market depending upon your requirement; lightweight vs. heavyweight, on-road vs. off-road and low budget vs. high budget. Some commercial bikes available in the market are Adventure Flat White 2017, Revolution Country 1 and Ridge back Tour 2017.

Choosing a bike – Things to remember:

The choice of bike is important for the success of the adventure cycling. Several factors should be considered:

  • How much money you are going spend

First decide how much money you are ready to spend. If you are on a tight budget, consider renting a bike from a local cycling club. Buying an expensive bike in the hope of saving money later is not always a feasible option.

  • What kinds of terrains are you going to ride on

The type of surfaces like unmade roads or gravel tracks require bikes with strong frames and wide tyres in contrast with paved roads, which require lighter frames and thinner tyres. So, it will be a big decision maker.

  • How much weight are you going to carry

This depends on you ‒if you want to travel with full camping gear, then you will require an expedition bike. On the other hand, if you are planning to carry minimum lifesaving stuff, a lightweight mid-range bike will do.

Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness

Inspect your Gadgets and be Prepared for Mechanical Breakdowns

You can easily enhance your mechanical skills that are needed during adventure cycling. To know more read: Tips for troubleshooting your bicycle!

  • Never forget to carry some essential tools such as a pair of cone spanners, pliers, set of allen keys, free wheel remover, chain breaker and small wire brush. Equally important are bearings, spokes, broke cable, pump washer and cable ties when you are planning to visit remote areas.
Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness
Essential Accessories To Improve Your Biking Experience ( Source )
  • Cycling gloves are necessary to protect your palms on longer rides. Check handlebars, buy proper sports shoes and compass for direction before hopping on. Other items which you may need are sleeping bags, tents, clothes and torch.

Also read in detail about: Essential gear for cycling long distances!

Check the Weather before you Leave

This is one of the crucial factors in adventure cycling as it directly affects your health. High temperature can lead to sun burns or heat strokes; on the other hand, cold weather can give you cold feet. So, check the weather condition of a place before you start and dress appropriately accordingly. Carry sunblock and stay hydrated.

Enjoy the experience

Quoting adventure cyclist Tim Barnes,”Don’t panic if things go wrong. Strangely, your most precious memories will be of hard hills, bad weather and equipment problems that somehow came right.” Make some preparations beforehand; focus on your fitness, learn how to pedal a fully loaded bike and take it easy.

Adventure Cycling: An Amazing Combination of Thrill & Fitness

Enjoy it, it will give you memories to cherish forever.

Adventure cycling is all about traveling to offbeat and rough terrains. You can experience several benefits along the way such as being self-sufficient, physically fit and able to see the world differently, obviously in a more positive way. So, choose a date, get a bicycle and start pedalling. We guarantee you pure bliss!

So, choose a date, get a bicycle and start pedalling.

We guarantee you pure bliss!

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