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9 Reasons to Take Up Cycling This Year

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Experience the joy of exploring new avenues through cycling, feel refreshed after a fun ride with friends, relive the memories of your childhood back when cycling was your favourite past time and start cycling once again with new zeal. Cycling is an activity which can be taken up at any age. The positive impact of cycling is evident in the way one looks and feels after regular riding sessions. Read these reasons to take up cycling this year and take up cycling to experience the joy of exploring new avenues through cycling and to feel refreshed after a fun ride with friends. Relive the memories of your childhood when cycling used to be a favourite past time and start cycling once again with new zeal.

Reasons to Take Up Cycling and Re-invent Yourself

The reasons to take up cycling stated below will give you that much-required nudge to engage in the sport.

9 Reasons to Take Up Cycling This Year - Livingit
Take up cycling to re-invent yourself ( Source )

To Get Back in Shape

If you were a sports pro once upon a time and a couch potato now, cycling is the ideal exercise to slowly regain your former glory. Cycling is a great cardiovascular workout to get yourself back into shape at your own pace, hence not over-exerting yourself. This is actually also one of the Top 10 Reasons Why Cycling is Better Than Driving.

It Helps Reduce Stress

Cycle away from the doldrums of your busy schedule and enjoy the rewards. In addition to health benefits, the fresh air and the ‘me’ time you get are priceless. It’s a sure shot way to reduce stress and feel more at ease. Along with that, the physical exercise releases endorphins in your body, adding on to your good mood.

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To Save Gas Money

If your office is within a comfortable cycling distance, you can ride your cycle to the office daily. This will help you save money on monthly travel expenses, vehicle maintenance, petrol/diesel charges etc while also reducing your carbon footprint as an individual.

To Kick-Start Metabolism

Even though we all know that eating junk food and not maintaining a regular diet will wear our bodies out, we rarely pay much attention to it. However, cycling acts as a compulsive reason for you to change your diet plans. To improve performance, you will have to stick to healthy food, which also proves helpful in watching your weight.

9 Reasons to Take Up Cycling This Year - Livingit
Eating healthy is essential ( Source )

It Improves Lung Function

Cycling on a regular basis will improve the function of your lungs which is good news for people suffering from disorders or diseases such as bronchitis, asthma etc. Avoid roads which are frequented by motorized vehicles to escape from the effects of pollution and find a quiet greener path to explore.

It Increases Your Muscle Tone

Feel the difference that cycling does to your body, in terms of stronger leg muscles and good mobility for the joints of hips and knees. The toned muscles of your legs and thighs will be a confidence booster and a motivating factor to keep cycling.

For More Adventures

Explore every nook and cranny of your hometown by cycling around. This adventure plan is cost-effective and lets you experience the beauty of your surroundings at a leisurely pace. It’s hard to truly be aware of your surroundings other than the road when in a car, and one doesn’t get very far on foot. So a cycle is the perfect in between. The hard-core cyclists can also try exploring new paths, to get that extra surge of adrenaline.

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Get Quality Time for Yourself

Hit the pause button to all the activities happening around you, go cycling and cherish the time you get to enjoy life. Be in perfect sync with the rhythm of cycling and let all your worries melt away.

9 Reasons to Take Up Cycling This Year - Livingit
Cherish the time you get ( Source )

To Protect Your Heart and Joints

Among the many health benefits of cycling comes a healthy heart. Regular cycling can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Take up cycling gently and increase your endurance step by step. Those who are troubled by stiff joints will find some relief after regular cycling as it doesn’t put as much pressure on to your ankles and knees as running would but still keeps them in motion.

These reasons to take up cycling should encourage you to take up cycling as it is a low budget, easy to pick up and simple sport; a pleasurable activity for people of any and all ages. Doesn’t matter what level you’re at, whether beginner or returning to the hobby, cycling is always a smart choice. With so many benefits for the mind and body, it’s high time you invest in a bicycle and get back on the saddle. Get outside, start something new and start living it.

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