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First-time Cyclist? 9 Cycling Guidelines for Beginners

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For many people, the childhood memory of riding their first bicycle is often filled with joys and struggles. However, it is never too late to learn. As an adult, you have the advantage of choosing your bike, gear, and riding techniques. Regular cycling is not the only key to a healthy you but also an effective way to save our planet from the evils of global warming. So, here are some cycling guidelines for beginners that will help you be safe while riding.

9 Cycling Guidelines for Beginners!

Cycling never fails to leave you with a thrilling and refreshing experience, irrespective of whether you use your bicycle for travel or just recreation. Cycling is not restricted to a specific age and we all know for sure that cycling is better than driving . You can be 15 or 50 and enjoy cycling equally. Some cycling guidelines for those who are venturing into and thinking of starting cycling on a regular basis.

9 Cycling Guidelines for Beginners

Choose your bike: Ensure that the bike you select suits your body type. If you’re not comfortable while riding, you will end up with soreness and body pain. Make sure that you pick an appropriate bicycle seat. Before purchasing or renting a bike, take a few test rides and do a research to understand your requirements.

Know your road: Cyclists, almost always, must share the roads with other vehicle drivers (unless you are in a city that provides separate cycling lanes). Therefore, it is good to obey traffic rules and provide hand signals whenever necessary. This ensures your safety while riding.

9 Cycling Guidelines for Beginners

Clothing: There is a wide range of clothing available in the market – the easily affordable ones and the exorbitant variety. Whatever you pick, make sure that it keeps you comfortable while cycling. Wear a helmet and sports glasses while riding.

Food and drink: Keep yourself hydrated. Sweating leads to dehydration, and this can lead to cramping. Carry sports drinks, fruit juices or water with some added salt and sugar to keep you hydrated. You need to maintain your stamina while cycling. Include foods high in energy, such as bananas and cereal bars, in your diet.

Know the riding rules: Understand the riding rules of the area. This not only ensures your safety but also boosts your confidence to ride in that area.

Riding technique: Make sure that you follow the appropriate riding technique. Join a cycling club or ride with a group of friends to make it even more enjoyable.

Cycling Safety: Avoid footpaths and be alert while riding. Watch out for pointed metal pieces, broken glass or potholes on the roads that can lead to flat tyres and accidents.

Bike maintenance: Timely maintenance of a bicycle ensures that you enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Inspect the chain and brakes before every ride. Lubricate the chain with an appropriate lubricant, whenever necessary.

9 Cycling Guidelines for Beginners

Don’t ride with headphones on: Avoid using headphones while riding. You need to be alert when riding. There are a lot of vehicles on the road that might be passing you. You need to be aware of signals that indicate the movement of the vehicles.

Follow the above cycling guidelines for beginners and feel the charm and excitement of cycling invigorate you. Share your first cycling experience with us in the comments section.

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