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6 Skills to Survive Urban Cycling

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Cycling is fun, isn’t it? A sense of activity across your muscles, an amazing balance system and a presence of mind; it’s more like getting introduced to your body all over again. Moreover, the excitement that the activity brings along, it’s unbeatable! Well, the thrill is good, but then so is staying safe and alive. Apart from a body fit for the activity and an excellent balancing ability, cycling demands a smart mind and manoeuvrability. Additionally, biking in urban areas comes with its own set of challenges. Well, here are some tips and necessary skills to survive Urban Cycling that you can use to survive the hitches of urban cycling:

6 Skills to Survive Urban Cycling

Learn How to Deal with Traffic :

If you consider traffic congestion to be a good time to relax during your ride, think again. Traffic jams bring the highest possibility of getting doored, blind spotted and unpredictable starts/stops. The easiest thing to do is avoid bustling streets during peak hours. If that’s not feasible, it is necessary to stay alert throughout your ride.

Know the Law :

Law is what saves you when you fall prey to traffic mishaps. Know the Law and traffic rules at the tips of your fingers and obey them sincerely. Doing so reduces the possibility of accidents.

Wear Appropriate Gear:

Precautions are always better than cure. Keep yourself protected with proper cycling clothes and gears. To ensure your safety, never leave your home without a helmet, gloves, riding glasses, sunscreen, etc. When riding at night, opt for reflective gears.

6 Skills to Survive Urban Cycling
Take proper safety measures ( Image Source )

Be Visible and Vigilant:

Amidst heavy traffic, large vehicles and speeding cars, a cycle conveniently goes unnoticed at times. Your job as a cyclist is to make yourself visible. That’s one way of staying safe. Ride on the safe lanes, shout at times (horn of your cycle may just merge in the louder car horns), use your hands to signal, be alert and think smart. Keep a track of all directions and decide the best route and techniques.

Stay Calm:

Commotion can make people cranky at times. As a cyclist, you may even have to face some part of the ill-temper by other drivers. What you must do in such times is, stay calm. Unnecessary arguments will only lead to chaos. Remember, your aim is to cycle efficiently. Cycle to motivate others to manoeuvre correctly around you. Maintain a courteous attitude towards fellow commuters. Cooperate with them, for them to cooperate with you.

6 Skills to Survive Urban Cycling
Stay Calm and Composed ( Image Source )

Ride Safe:

When riding in urban areas, don’t imagine yourself participating at an international cycling event. Avoid unnecessary speed and stunts. Ride on the safe side of other drivers, especially at night. Find for safe positions during traffic, to avoid blind spot behind large vehicles. Remember, red lights signal a halt and not the Olympic starting line.

It may take a bit of practice, and definitely being alert. But it is a smart move, we’ve even got 10 points supporting our argument: Top 10 Reasons Why Cycling is Better Than Driving.

Now that you know these 6 skills to survive urban cycling its time to master them. Fundamentally, recollect everything that you have learnt about riding a cycle before leaving your house. Every errand teaches you something new for the future, but only if you keep each lesson in mind, you will gracefully ride from a beginner to an expert and a professional too!