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5 Signs you are in the Wrong Cycling Position

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There is no better way to explain the importance of cycling in a correct position than to feel it yourself. There are some days when we enjoy the rides the most, reason being, the right cycling position.For achieving this, there are various ways to find out if you are riding in the right or wrong cycling position; but the most precise is by judging yourself. Your body gives you signs about what you are doing wrong.

We have mentioned here signs to find out if you are riding in a correct cycling position or wrong cycling position.

5 Signs of Wrong Cycling Position

Knee pain

Knee pain is the most common and easiest way to find out if you are riding in the wrong cycling position. Knees play a very important role in cycling as most of the body weight is paddled by the strength in your knees; therefore, they are the first body parts that get affected during any injury.

5 Signs you are in the Wrong Cycling Position

The correct way to paddle is by tracking your knees in a straight line downwards when you do a stroke. By doing this the force transfers from thighs to knees rather than by ligaments in the legs.

Secondly, your seat should be straight and not bent either forward or backward to ensure that the load is taken by the thigh muscles.

Back pain

Backaches are a common trouble faced by almost all the cyclists after a long ride. This occurs only because of not riding in a correct saddle height. Saddle height is the height of the seat from the bottom most part of the pedal when the cycle is stood up straight.

5 Signs you are in the Wrong Cycling Position

Saddle height correction involves simple steps and can be done within few minutes. When the saddle height is too high, your back takes an arch shape and therefore causes lower back pain. And when it is adjusted too low, a lot of strain comes on the upper back part causing pain.

Hence, fixing your saddle height will ensure that you will not get back aches in future.

Numb fingers

If your fingers get numb after a long ride, chances are that you are putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders, arms and finger joints. When you cannot support your body weight by the core strength, the body automatically puts the force on arm joints and fingers, thus causing numbness.

5 Signs you are in the Wrong Cycling Position

Professional riders often use their upper body with core strength instead of taking a support from arms and shoulders. Therefore, their fingers do not get numb even after very long rides.

You can avoid the finger numbness by taking off the force you apply through arms and deviate it by using your upper body, which also increases your core strength and flexibility of your body. Adjusting your handlebars may help you neglect the pain.

Saddle sore

Saddle sore is mostly experienced by naïve and beginner cyclists. If you find yourself struggling with saddle sores, it might be because of a few reasons. Firstly, wear shorts with a sufficient padding to avoid the sores. Secondly, your saddle positions maybe the reason of this uneasiness.

5 Signs you are in the Wrong Cycling Position

So, make sure that your saddle is placed at a correct distance from handlebars, as seating position is the major reason why people get saddle sores. If your handlebars are very far from the saddle, your position is totally incorrect and you might get an injury as well.

Also, adjust your saddle position in such a way that you occupy the whole seat and do not only take a rest on the tip of the saddle as it makes the ride uncomfortable and strenuous.

Know how to find your ideal saddle height , here!

Not comfortable

If your cycle rides do not feel relaxing and easy you are probably not cycling in a correct way. To make your rides comfortable there are a few things that you can do like making adjustments on your cycle to modify it according to your body type and cycling position.

Always opt for buying cycles that can be easily customized according to the requirements and can be adjusted very easily. Make sure the frame of the cycle fits you before taking off to the roads. If the frame doesn’t fit properly you will never be able to adjust the saddle height and handlebars according to your body.

5 Signs you are in the Wrong Cycling Position

Start with adjusting your saddle height as it is the key to a comfortable ride. Find out your correct distance between handlebars and saddle and make the necessary changes.

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Cycling isn’t going to be a discomfort anymore. In fact, it is one of the healthiest sports, and if done right, it can help you preserve the fitness equivalent to that which comes along with hard hitting exercises. Now that you know the signs of a wrong cycling position, you can measurably take the necessary steps to avoid the unpleasant aches caused by the long rides.

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