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5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India

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Cycling has been the go-to sport for many people around the world for a long time now. Not only does it capture the fun and passion of travel but it also combines the health benefits of daily exercise and the tryst with nature. Although cycling trips have been conventionally trivialized around the world, it has recently been gaining importance over the years. It has now become a worldwide sensation with an increasing number of groups, conventions, trip planners, websites, and blogs. Cycling trips in India were restricted and rather stiff in the past.

Know about How Cycling Became Popular in India

However, people today have accepted it with growing fervor and enthusiasm. Cycling trips in India have become essentially common with various groups organizing trips around the entire country covering several terrains.

5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India That You Can Plan

With the growing popularity, here are a few locations you can consider while planning your next road trip.

1. The Back Roads of Kerala

5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India
Coastal Diaries in Kerala ( Image Source )

Kerala, popularly known as “God’s own country”, is adorned by the backwaters, tropical forests, and stretches of spice plantations.

The cycling trip on the beautiful back roads of Kerala can begin in Kochi and the trail follows Periyar River, Munnar, Alleppey and ends in Kochi again.

The breath-taking ambiance adds on to the entire experience of cycling through the roads. You can pick between joining popular travel groups and experiencing the bliss of solitude.Most groups that take the cycling road trips include hiking through Periyar National Park and a ride through the famous plantations across the route. The average time to complete this trip is 14-15 days costing you about Rs.4500-5000, which includes all the expenses of the travel.

Most groups that take the cycling road trips include hiking through Periyar National Park and a ride through the famous plantations across the route. The average time to complete this trip is 14-15 days costing you about Rs.4500-5000, which includes all the expenses of the travel.

2. The Tea Trails of Sikkim

5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India
Sikkim – the paradise for cyclists ( Image Source )

Sikkim rests comfortably in the Himalayan ranges, promising the best view of the mountain to the traveler.

However, Sikkim’s appeal is more than just aesthetic in nature. The culture, food and the locals enrich your entire experience refreshing your perspective on life and everything else in between. This cycling trip includes the entire landscape of Sikkim with diverse terrains. Be prepared to experience the rocky and steep mountain passes and the comfort of the valleys.

The trip begins at Bagdogra and follows the tea trails of Gangtok, Siliguri, and Kalimpong before bringing you back to Bagdogra.

It takes approximately 10-12 days to experience the sheer beauty of the landscape. The travel groups help you explore the tea plantations and monasteries along the way. The price varies largely, according to different groups, ranging from Rs.6000-14000.

3. The Himalayan Trip

5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India
The Himalayas is one of the most difficult routes in India ( Image Source )

This trip begins in Delhi and follows all the way up to Leh before touring back to Delhi through a different route.

The Himalayan cycle tour is the longest and the hardest, owing to the rocky terrain, but at the same time, it is also one of the most beautiful experiences for an avid cyclist. On the way, you cover the landscapes of Himachal Pradesh and Srinagar before you progress into the spectacular scenes of Leh.

You can cycle through the Himalayan mountain passes with the mighty ranges in the background.

The cycling trip can cost you around Rs.30,000-50,000 requiring about 10 days out of your schedule, helping you experience the magic of the cold mountains. Brush up real good on your cycling skills before planning this trip because this is one the most difficult routes in the country.

4. Mysore to Goa

5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India
Mysore to Goa ( Image Source )

The trip begins at Mysore and progresses towards Hassan, Chikamagalur, Lokavalli, Banavasi, Gokarna before finally reaching Goa.

Goa is the go-to party destination in India, especially for the youth. However, in the midst of all the party, Goa houses the most remarkable scenic beauty consisting of waterfalls, beaches, and just simply roads. Goa is one of the most beautiful locations of the Indian sub-continent.

The tour from Mysore to Goa captures the most epic locations allowing you to fall in love with nature all over again. Chikamagalur and Gokarna are famous for their waterfalls and the green stretches of land. This trip requires around 8-10 days with varying costs.

Mysore to Goa is one of the most favorable trips for the solo-cyclist.

While you’re on your way, remember to stop and explore the historical exquisiteness of Mysore before heading out on the incredible journey.

5. The Rural South

5 Incredible Cycling Trips in India
Experience rural India ( Image Source )

The rural landscapes in South India offer you an astonishing blend of culture, history, and scenic beauty.

This cycling trip begins and ends in Kochi, covering the rural roads across the southern states. The major attractions include the fort of Kochi, bird watching in Thattekad Forest, cycling across the backwaters of Kerala and the dusty village roads.

Other than the obvious landscape, the daily life of the villagers and an insight into the culture of the southern villages that vary contrastingly across the states definitely spice up your trip further.

The trip takes around 8-10 ddays andhe trails vary depending on the tour guide. The entire trip will cost you around Rs.8000-9500 depending on the route you take and the agency you pick.

Other than these, you can also consider cycling trips from Rameshwaram to Chennai, from Shillong to Cheranpunjee and Bagdora to Kabi. Cycling trips, whether in groups or solo, can be one of the most life-altering experiences in an individual’s life. While planning your trips, make sure you decide and gather all the facts in advance, especially if you’re traveling alone. Perform a thorough research on the traveling agency if you’re going with a group. Over all, don’t forget to enjoy and have the best time of your life.

These were the top 5 cycling trips in India to plan for . But if you’re looking to tackle one of the mountainous routes, check out our article on 8 Tips For Uphill Cycling .

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Get set and explore these cycling trips in India!