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10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should NOT Miss!

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Cycling has been an integral part in the domain of sports for centuries. Although rather trivialized and unappreciated in the beginning, cycling has slowly grown to become a much-esteemed sport and a leisure activity. Cycling has come a long way in India – from being the poor man’s mode of transport to the hobby of the elite, to an exercise for the elderly, before finally progressing to a full-blown professional and competitive sport and a passion for the voyager. Cycling, much like other sports, requires a disciplined approach. Picking out cycling gear, especially for a beginner, can be a slightly challenging task. However, with the rapid growth of internet and acceptance of online shopping, it is more than just easy, to shop for the perfect cycling gear for yourself.

Tips to Pick the correct Cycling Gear

Cycling is so spread out in the domain of sport, travel, and leisure that its scope and area is far-reaching and varied. It skillfully combines sport, health and travel bringing a rather new flavour to the entire idea. While picking the cycling gears, especially as a beginner, there are certain things you have to keep in mind.

  1. Pick things you are comfortable with.
  2. Consider every option before finally buying.
  3. Don’t pick out something extravagant, that you would eventually regret.
  4. Have an idea of what exactly it is that you’re buying. Do a thorough research.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories Every Cyclist should have

With this in mind, here are some must-have cycling gears for everyone who’ve grown to love the sport:

1. The Safety Gear

This includes all and everything, required to save you from physical injuries in case of an accident. You must have already considered a helmet, but other necessary items like knee and elbow guards often go unnoticed. It is also important to pick out something comfortable yet sturdy while you pick your helmet, for obvious reasons of better protection. The same rule applies while choosing the knee and elbow guard. These items should be considered as a necessity more than an option, especially for the mountain bikers and individuals picking out rough terrains. This is the most essential gear to possess before you actually begin your cycling experience. Make sure you choose something light weight so it doesn’t weigh you down and make you uncomfortable while at the same time not compromising on the safety measures.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Ensure safety when cycling by using helmets ( Image Source )

2. The Shoes

This might look like a trivial aspect, but it’s important to consider picking out the correct shoes before setting off on your bike. Consider the fastening system, the width of the shoe, the length and the sole. Do not buy something uncomfortable for you, no matter how professional it seems. Several online merchants specifically sell bicycle gear. Before buying anything, visit the websites and consider every option and do your homework on it based on your personal needs. One of the coolest shoes made for cycling are the Retrofitz Cycling shoes by Converse, which has a cavity at the bottom in the shape of the pedal to allow proper grip.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Built for cycling ( Image Source )

3. Handlebar Mitts

These are by far the most amazing things to own, especially during winter. The handle bar mitts cover your handlebars and your hands when you grip them, allowing you to stay warm and cozy even in harsh weather conditions.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Stay warm and cozy even in harsh weather conditions ( Image Source )

4. The Toolkit

This is probably an essential part and even experienced bikers seem to ignore it, more often than not. The bicycle breakdowns can always be simply handled. Most definitely carry an inner tube, tyre levers, and a pump when travelling for longer distances. Your toolbox should also contain a flat bladed screwdriver and a chain-link extractor, just in case. These are readily available at hardware stores as well as online on multiple websites. Do plan a checklist before finally completing your toolbox.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Toolbox is essential for every ride ( Image Source )

5. Clothing

Now, picking these out can be essentially tricky because most of the outfits being sold that are professional looking per se, aren’t exactly comfortable in the first place. Pick clothes based on the weather conditions and the region you live in. The quintessential bib shorts and short-sleeved jersey of similar material. These can also be replaced by full-length pants and jackets. Make sure your clothing gear is lightweight and soft to prevent your skin from shafting and becoming sore due to friction. Certain clothing brands offer a collection of commute, office and travel wear at the same time available at showrooms and online. You can also add in knee and arm warmers in case of chilly weather or rain jackets for the monsoons.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Clothing gear should be lightweight and easy to wear ( Image Source )

6. Cell-phone Mount

The cell-phone mount can be helpful to mount your cell phone on the handlebar. It is essential in case you’re travelling to unfamiliar locations, especially for mountain bikers. While you should be concentrating on the road, it can be a handy device in case you’re using GPS.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
A handy device for cycling long distances ( Image Source )

7. Security

The security equipment for the bicycle has also taken a step towards modernization with the advent of technology. The traditional locks have been conveniently replaced with higher security computerized locks. Most of these locks are operated by passwords and are safer in comparison to manual locks. Certain bicycle locks can be operated using your smart-phones and are equipped with alarms.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Certain bicycle locks can be operated using your smartphone ( Image Source )

8. Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated during cycling is quite a challenge. While embarking on a cycling trip, especially if it covers a large distance, ensure that you have a sufficient hydration pack consisting of minimum two water bottles, both filled with adequate amounts of either water or other energy giving drinks. Failure to maintain such hydration in your bodies during cycling will compromise your performance or can result in severe exhaustion, fatigue and can be cause you to faint.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Staying hydrated during cycling is vital ( Image Source )

9. Visibility Markers

Cycling is a time-consuming activity and it can take you to places with insufficient lighting, especially in the countryside and particularly at night. Hence, is important that you should place or attach visibility markers on your bike so that other vehicles that pass by, can take note of you and thereby, avoid any mishaps.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Attach visibility markers to avoid any mishap ( Image Source )

10. Seat Covers

Every cyclist knows the struggle that accompanies the first couple of rides. They are not exactly strangers to the bruises, sores and blisters. Seat covers are your saviour in that scenario. It provides comfort and enables the rider to experience the ride restfully without concentrating on the pain inflicted by the seats.

10 Cycling Gear and Accessories You Should have
Seat covers provides comfort ( Image Source )

Other than these as cycling gears, you can consider riding gloves, storage units, water bottle mounts, LED lights, tire pumps, indoor exercise pumps and winter clothing gear. Consider upgrading your tires and investing in a good cover for your bicycle. Keep an idea of what exactly you want out of the cycling experience and pick everything accordingly. There are multiple bloggers and websites categorized into different domains that advice about specific gears based on the need of the rider. The prices of these cycling gears vary based on cities, websites and brands. Pick out the ones best suited as per your needs and comfort and invest accordingly.

Cycling can be one of the best experiences of your life. And the best experience of your life deserves the perfect gear. Choose your bicycle accessories and cycling gear as wisely as you choose your bicycle.

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