About Us


Livingit, is a global platform for finding the best products for your outdoor experiences.  We understand that sometimes the plethora of choice available can be overwhelming and requires a ton of research before you can take the final buying decision.  By using a mix of Artificial Intelligence tools and content curation by our researchers, we aim to reduce the time required for you to research the products and help you take the buying decision quickly.   

Our scoring system takes into account the variation of data available per product and uses statistical methods to balance the variations to arrive at a fair score for the products. 

We are also part of major affiliate networks which allows us to show you great deals and the best price for your chosen gear.  We earn a small fee from the e-commerce websites whose price we have listed which allow us to cover our costs, without any extra cost to you.  

On the site you can also find content like how-tos, experiences, buying guides, destination guides, interviews etc. around the following passions – Running, Cycling, Trekking/Hiking, Motorcycling, Angling/Fishing and Photography (more passions will be added as we grow).